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Mikelangelo & TheTin Star Review

Mikelangelo and the Tin Star @ McGregor Hall, Friday 14th May, with Fire on the Hill
by M

Can’t believe I hadn’t yet ventured into McGregor Hall for a CMC gig, or any gig for that matter. I like the uncomplicated nature of the place…

Got to see some people I missed, and to see Fire On The Hill, one of Canberra’s best bands.

Aaron and the boys hadn’t played for several months, and it was good to hear them again. There where strange things afoot with the P/A, though Fire On The Hill soldiered on with the grace and poise of contented souls.

The P/A issue made it difficult to hear the lyrics, but what are you gonna do? Complain like a spoilt child about, and without any regard for, those endeavouring to find the fault until they make you happy?

Well, it seemed appropriate for Mikelangelo and The Tin Star, well actually just Mikelangelo. He carried on with needless disrespect, and put down the very people who were there to support him. It was ugly unnecessary stuff. Maybe he was trying to be humerous? Ok, he was a little, when he apologised falsely for being a c***, but the crux of it was just nasty, unnecessary, and a poor example for anyone who might find themselves at the whim of their emotions while unable to be in control of a situation.

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Heath Cullen CD Launch

with Jackie Marshall, Fire on the Hill and Chanel Cole

Gig Review – Tin Star

Mikelangelo and The Tin Star @ McGregor Hall, Friday 14th May, 2010
with Fire on the Hill

Good morning,

A review of the gig last Friday night.

Fire on the Hill.

I have heard these guys before,
smooth and groovy with a bluesy feel,
1st song ‘Evening news’,
light guitar licks,
great vocal harmonies, and slide guitar.
The music had a swing to it !
Feedback and some harmonies like from the 70.s

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A Show to Make you Smile

Fucking Motherfucker

I’ve refrained from writing about the recent sex abuse scandal rocking the Catholic Church (and, admittedly, pretty much everything else… trying… hard… to… get… it… uh… whimper), feeling that their own disgusting behaviour speaks for itself without any assistance required from such as I, but I can’t resist this little gem on the subject from Tim Minchin. Beware, extremely fucking bad language makes up most of the motherfucking content.


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Drummer wanted for touring/local gigs.
Local 3 piece needs a new drummer. I have a new, world class EP I’m keen to tour. We’ve just got a potential booking agent for the South Coast region who wants to book us in for gigs in that area. We have gigs lined up in the ACT and surounding areas. We’re looking at playing at the various folk festivals around the country. We need someone who likes the tunes (roots, country, reggae, blues, folk rock stuff). We need someone who is really willing to practice and form a totally solid set. Maybe somone who has a day job but is willing to slowly move over into full time band work as we build up momentum. Please call Matt on 0412102668.

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Jazz Manouche (Clankenstein, Wim Glenn, Ewan MacKenzie) @ The Front, Wed 1st Apr, 2010
by Jacqui D

Having arrived late and been asked to do a music review at the door, I wasn’t exactly prepared.  However I sought a vantage point and started listening, both to the music and to the people around me.  It’s 7/8 timing that makes Romanian gypsy music, I was informed by the reliable sources around me. Write that down. Yeah, get that down. And yep that’s a hammer dulcimer or cymbalom, that table thing that fella is playing.

(more text and a small picture gallery after the jump)

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Gertrude’s Diary #145 – Meditations

As I sit here at my desk by the window, with the sky glowing an empty blue through the trees outside, I’m struck once again by the fact that I have no idea what I will write about.  Also, that it’s rather early in the morning to be awake considering that I don’t have to go to work again for 5 days. What drives me to wake with the dawn? Why does the sound of currawongs and cockatoos seem to be the only alarm clock I need? Why do I get such a thrill from seeing the moon set in a pink and purple sky, the darkness fading in the glory of day? How did I come to sound so up-myself?

Turning my gaze from the window, I cast idly around for inspiration. Perhaps it will be in the directions to a farm near Taralga, written untidily in a gold gel-pen on the notepad next to me. Is the incronguity of the golden words and their quotidian purpose a subject on which I could base my blog? I wonder. I doubt.

Frucken hell. How do people keep this crap up? I would want to chop my fingers off if I wrote like this all the time.  John and The Editor are right; I do only have one voice.  How am I ever going to break into the literary world if all I can muster is this earnest and sometimes wryly humorous style?  Maybe I shouldn’t give up blog writing after all.

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Live Music Outside in the Afternoon

Around 100 people turned up at the top of Mt Stromlo yesterday afternoon to see Hashemoto and the Ellis Collective play in the burnt-out hull of the Yale-Columbia Telescope. Click a thumbnail to enter the image browser.

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Backyard Backanalia, 27th March, 2010

A few shots of Saturday’s Backanalia. Click a thumbnail to open the image browser gallery.

Update: More pics added by David Howe.

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RIP Qirkz

Don’t it always seem to go…

I heard about Qirkz (pronounced quirks) from my daughter, who was taken there recently for a show by her grandfather and loved it, though falling for the violinist may have contributed. An underground venue in Sydney’s inner west, it began as a rehearsal space for Monsieur Camenbert and evolved into an informal performance space running 3-4 nights a week. Housed in an old warehouse and decorated with an eclectic collection of bric-a-brac, Qirkz sounded right up my alley so I hounded my ex-father-in-law for a contact. An email address was provided but an enquiry produced no result, however it allowed a google search on the idiosyncratic spelling leading me to this myspace page which advised:

QIRKZ has just been CLOSED DOWN by council, effective immediately. But…the show must go on! So…thanks to the friendly folk at the Macedonian Club on the corner of our street, FOR NOW we will be moving many of our shows there! Introducing… QIRKZ @ 103! 103 Railway Pde, Marrickville

Fuck! Fuck, Shit, Fuckin Shit Fucker!

Check the myspace page for a 2CN interview, James Valentine (apparently an habitue of Qirkz) chatting to the aggrieved and the Mayor of Marrickville. The similarity to our own situation here in Canberra, where the pollies express all sorts of supportive platitudes while allowing the bureaucracy to stifle any grassroots culture, is depressing.

Truckstop 23

Truckstop Honeymoon @ McGregor Hall, 10 March
by Amy

Truckstop Honeymoon, an American husband (banjo/acoustic guitar) wife (double bass) duo, could be dismissed as a band best left to the true believers – and by that I mean loyal adherents to hillbilly music – if not for two things.  The first is that they reek of authenticity.  Somehow genre music is so much more digestible to the average punter when it feels like the style is natural rather than an affectation.  Truckstop Honeymoon not only look the part but have the back story to match: even the band’s name is drawn from life.  Secondly, they inject a decent dose of gentle humour both within and between songs.  Songs such as Nobody Asks Me (if I’m Married no More) and (White Collar Worker With) Blue Collar Blues – the latter particularly poignant in this city – are just a couple examples of the understated humour that peppers their show.

The merits of McGregor Hall have been sung elsewhere on this website and so I will only second those sentiments here and add that a more suitable location for this gig could not be found this side of Lafayette.  The audience too was extremely healthy, both in terms of quantity – nearly 200 on a Wednesday night – and diversity, and all in a demonstrably good mood.

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Who let the dogs in?

The Wedded Bliss, Space Party, Mikelangelo & the Tin Star. MacGregor Hall, Friday 5 March 2010
by Zeke

The endearing and dishevelled surroundings of MacGregor Hall provided the perfect venue for a wonderfully coherent mix of country, blues, and surf and western music on a rainy March night.

The Wedded Bliss were first up with a short and lovely warm-up set that showed, once again, why they are one of Canberra’s finest outfits. Their effortless charm is a real joy and for this brief show they performed as a drummer-less trio – a combination that made it easy for them to eventually vacate the confines of the small, but unreliable, stage.

When Randall Blair announced that the stage had holes in it they simply moved to the vacant dance floor and finished their set there. In a small hall with a timber floor and lots of bare surfaces this was no problem, and we could all hear them without any trouble. All too soon, it seemed, they were done.

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Jim Conway, Review

Jim Conway’s Big Wheel (Folkus, Friday 11 December 2009)
by Zeke

Three big wheels

The Karismakatz, DJ Gosper and Christo Carlsen, opened the evening with a set showcasing not only their musical skills but also the depth of their songwriting.

In late 2009 DJ was named Best Female Vocalist of the Year by the Canberra Blues Society, her song Baby Rose was named Best Song, and their recent CD, Hot Flush Blues was named Best Album.

DJ was immediately on form, and her harmonica solo in Go With The Flow was a wonderful, soaring introduction to an excellent performance. Other song highlights included Baby Rose, with the haunting guitar melody supplemented by guest Dave O’Neill’s violin part.

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Paverty Reunion

Paverty 35th Anniversary Reunion Concert, Folkus Room 30 October

Thinking about the year 1974. It seems so long ago and so far away from the vantage point of 2009 (ahem… ’10 – Ed.). Remember 1974? It was the year of Cyclone Tracy, Watergate, Abba’s Eurovision win AND the birth of Franklyn B Paverty, Australia’s bush band of renown.

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