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Daniel McFadden Memorial Gallery

Click the image below to see the currently smallish gallery of works by and photos of Daniel McFadden. Keep sending them in folks. I intend to put them into a nicer flash gallery format once it’s completed.

Daniel Mcfadden Memorial Gallery

Daniel McFadden R.I.P.

UPDATE: According to Sally in the comments below, Danny’s funeral will be held in Cooma at St Patricks Church on Friday 15th Aug at 2pm and afterwards at the Raglan Gallery in Lambie St, Cooma where some of his art work will be on display.

Word has reached the Culturazi indesk of the passing of one of Canberra’s characters. Daniel McFadden apparently passed away on Wednesday evening, found by his cleaner in his housing flat.

Daniel McFadden

McFadden will be well known to many Canberrans, although in recent years his appearances in public have dwindled and I personally can’t recall seeing him for several years. But in days past McFadden was an ever present figure around Civic, despite having been flung out of his many haunts one by one. One of those, The Phoenix, sister pub to Filthy McFaddens which was named after Daniel, tolerated him, even patronised him for many years. For several of those, he had his own ‘studio’ there, a cupboard under the stairs to some, but a place for him to work and sell and hold bizarre court with the Phoenix flotsam.

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The Rat’Lympics


Carny Immortalised in Song?

My mate John over at RiotACT has had the terrific idea of asking local musos to enter a song writing competition called ‘The Ballad of Todd Carney’. The only flaw I can see is that most musicians (and most sane people) have no idea who Todd Carney is, notwithstanding RiotACT’s relentless coverage. References to ‘doing a Carney’ and ‘going all Carney on yo ass’ etc. initially had me bemused. Were they talking about carnival folk?

Rather it appears to be another hopeful attempt to raise into the lexicon a phrase derived from the name/deeds of a sporting moron. A recent(ish) contender, ‘the Hopoate’ – to poke your finger up your mate’s anus, doesn’t seem to have taken hold, perhaps for the lack of occasions suitable for its use. ‘Doing a Carney’ could mean all manner of moronic behaviour, the champion footballer apparently being quite a dick when he’s drunk, but the RiotACT are pressing for it to assume the meaning ‘to urinate’ or ‘to urinate on people’, I’m not sure which, although the allegation is that Todd was responsible for some unscheduled irrigation works at Old Bald Nun recently. Here’s my entry:

Put away your penis mister

You’re not in the dunny, that bloke’s not the pisser

That girl’s not a girl and you shouldn’t have kissed her

But thanks for the John Hopoate

AFP Capers

We moved in to our new house here in January. A few weeks later an AFP officer arrived at the door looking for a bloke. We’d received a letter misaddressed to the fellow, but otherwise had no knowledge of his existence. No worries, off he goes, saying he’ll make a note on the file. I’ve a guilty disposition around cops and it took a little while for the old pumper to return to normal.

A few weeks later, a different AFP officer arrives looking for the same bloke. We already told you guys he doesn’t live here we say. No worries says he, he’ll make a note of it on the file. Off he goes and some time later I’m back down to 70 bpm.

AFP officers three and four came in successive months. Funny, but despite the uniform they all look like thuggish petty crims. By number four paranoia was really kicking in. Had they got wind of my plans to assassinate Karl Stefanovic? Or was it, I wondered (my unflappable cynical self rekindling), merely a case of pedestrian administrative blundering? Did each grunt go back to the office at the end of the day and simply forget to update the file? Is this the sort of thing the cops are up to all day long? When do they find time for dealing, protection and capsicumming drunks? Next time they come I’m considering telling them I found out the bloke lives at the house of someone I hate, besides Stefanovic.

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Canberra Musicians Club – Update

Some of you may have heard wind of the formation of the Canberra Musicians Club, and some may be hungry for details of: what the hell it is, what the dickens it’s for, what by crikey we have done so far and what we plan to do in the future… by gum. If so, this article is for you and, by the end, should you deign to read that far, you’ll hopefully have all your queries answered.

The most important thing for you to know is a date. The 2nd of August, 2008. The 2nd of August, 2008. Now you’ve read it twice, it should be quite firmly ingrained in your mind. And possibly inserted in your calendar, along with the words ‘Canberra Musicians Club Launch’. It’s going to be massive. It’s going to be spectacular. It’s going to be more fun than rabbits nibbling your toes (more on that later). It’s very probably going to be at the Albert Hall.

Any more details are superfluous at this stage, so just open up your calendar and put that date in there and don’t even think of doing anything else (it’s not too late to change your holiday/party/wedding plans), just make sure you’re free on that date, are cashed up, alert, happy and ready to dance/sing/play/drink/eat and be moved by the splendour of the local musical community. You will be very sorry if you miss it.

So that’s the launch, you know the date, you know you’re going to be there in some capacity or other, but what are we launching exactly? Good question. The Canberra Musicians Club is an incorporated non-profit association whose goal is, broadly, to promote local music/musicians, ultimately (but not only) by establishing and running a permanent venue/club house for the purpose of hosting musical performances as well as providing facilities for rehearsal, recording, tuition and technical training (sound engineering, staging, lighting, event management etc.).

In the meantime, ie. until we have some bricks and mortar, we intend to run the club as a mobile affair, utilising such facilities as are available/amenable, to provide a movable feast of the best and brightest that the Canberra musical community can pull together, starting with the launch at Albert Hall and continuing who knows where ie. we haven’t thought that far ahead (except for way ahead, when we have a lovely venue like your second loungeroom, a haven, a place to meet people, learn, appreciate music etc.).

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The Canberra Music Industry

Canberra being blessed with many natural advantages, not least a well-heeled and culturally literate population and a plethora of talented musicians, it perhaps seems strange that there isn’t a viable music industry here, but sadly it is so and each year adds to the litany of good local acts that have left for hopefully greener pastures in Sydney or, these days, mostly Melbourne.

Such music as there is in this town is largely a semi-amateur affair, run as an adjunct to selling alcohol. Frequently sound quality, in terms of acoustic architecture, p.a. capacity and operator skill, leave much to be desired. For the most part, acts that get well paying gigs in popular ‘meatheads’ style bars are imitative cover bands playing songs from the radio.

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Local television station, Prime, has launched a web site which, with stunning originality, they have named iPrime. It is one of the clunkiest beasts I’ve ever had the displeasure of visiting. By clunky I mean slow to load and hard to navigate. A lumbering megapod of a site on my ‘broadband’ connection, it would be a zone of slow death for dial-ups I would think.

It’s a ‘media enriched’ site, which means you can watch lots of ad-enriched videos, mostly Prime weather and news. There are also gig guides, tv guides and horoscopes and shit. And there’s polls, like this one.

iPrime poll

I wonder if the people who never vote on internet polls amounts to zero?

One good thing on iPrime is VigilanTV, a weekly two minute segment looking at the local music scene, and I say it’s good not just because I have appeared in it a couple of times (including this most recent segment focusing on the Backyard Backanalia). The presenters are spunky, the camera work suitably ‘hand-held’, the editing choppy, it won’t be long before these guys are on real tv.

Young and Desperate

Surprisingly The RiotACT isn’t on to this yet. From the ABC 666 site:

A 12-year-old boy has been arrested after allegedly trying to rob a man at knifepoint at Mawson in southern Canberra. Police say the boy approached a 27-year-old man walking on Mawson Drive last night. He threatened to rob him, carrying what appeared to be a knife. The boy attempted to pull a backpack from the victim, who suffered a cut on his arm. Police later found the alleged offender hiding near a tree with a pair of scissors buried nearby.

Gertrude is a colleague of the victim. At first they heard he had been ‘stabbed’. Being cut by scissors wielded by a pre-teen packs a bit less of a punch, but still…

As per Gertude’s comment, more info from The Brisbane Times.

And finally, the RiotACT treatment.

Fuck “nothing ever happens in Canberra” – Here”s Corinbank!

This message from the good people of Corinbank.


Dan Watters (of Rat Patrol Oz fame) and his father Merrick (the owner of that awesome Canberra icon Corin Forest) are taking a big leap and putting on a three day music festival at the adventure playground!

Due to kick off on the 29th of February until the 2nd of March 2008, the festival aims to draw crowds up to Corin Forest to experience the festival theme: Music, Arts, Immersion.

Dan Watters says the idea of the festival is to provide enough music and activities so that festival goers lose sense of where they are and totally immerse themselves in the festival.
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Blazing Knife

Local artist Stephen Harrison displays his impressive skills with the ‘blazing knife’.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/LuY0-T0BNpQ" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Canberra’s Date with Democracy

Local Get Up volunteers have organised a public meeting as part of the Save Our Senate campaign during which ordinary folks can meet the Territory’s Senate candidates and have them answer questions. For the first time in many a year, there is actually some interest in Canberra’s Senate election, there being an outside chance that the usual one-Lib-one-Labor fait accomplis may be upset by the candidacy of former Green MLA, Kerry Tucker, who will be appearing along with the two well known incumbents and Professor John Warhurst.

Questions must be submitted in advance when you RSVP with Get Up here.

Also worth a reminder, for those that are unregistered to vote or need to register a change of address, the time to do so is now. If you want to vote. And you should.

Bombs Away

No word in the media yet about two large explosions heard in, around or possibly above Ainslie yesterday afternoon. At approximately 4pm, the first explosion occured. One witness advised they had seen a puff of smoke in the air above Tyson St. Shortly afterwards a number of police vehicles were seen converging on the area from Civic. Within an hour, a second explosion was heard. Anyone got an explanation?

UPDATE: Also noted at RiotACT.

UPDATE 2: I rang the local (City) cop shop and was advised police had been unsuccessful in locating the source of the explosions.

UPDATE 3: Locals have apparently located the source of the explosions, home made bombs being let off in the back yard of a well known business proprietor. This could be a bit of a scandal if somebody revealed the name.

Squeegie Man R.I.P.

Loadedog has received an unconfirmed report that local ‘Squeegie Man’ and former independent candidate for the Senate, Dave (The Jew) Edwards, has committed suicide just short of a Federal Election that he was expected by some to contest. Edwards was apparently found hanging in his residence by a friend.

Edwards’ ‘patch’ was the corner of Northbourne Ave and Ipima Street, Braddon. There, in a distinctive fedora, he washed car windscreens for gold coins, an unusual springboard to a political campaign that produced, predictably, a negligible result at the ballot box.

A brief web search has elicited little of Edwards’ policies, but if this is anything to go by, it seems he may have appealed to right wing nutjobs, of whom there are apparently at least 885 in Canberra.

This should be good news for Samuel Gordon-Stewart who is destined to be a lightning rod for nutjobs of one variety or another and who has just announced his candidature for the Senate. Samuel, a teenage blogger whose main interest is talk radio, stands poised to inherit Edwards’ demographic. We wish him well.

Brave New Venue

In the ever-fluctuating fortunes of the local live music scene, it’s a good day when we can announce the opening of a new venue, so it’s with pleasure and some trepidation that we note a brave new venture by the former co-ordinator of the Merry Muse Club, Bill Arnett (a.k.a. the Big Fat Fairy).

Bill explains:

The Folkus Room will be operating out of rooms at the Serbian Cultural Centre & Club, 5 Heard Street Mawson ACT. The venue was chosen after again considering several options. Mawson is no more than 30 minutes drive from anywhere in Canberra and is a transport hub for those who do buses. It is handy to all major arterials and is very close to the geographical centre of Canberra. It also serves southside patrons who have been deprived of a quality live music venue for many years.

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