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Traces of a photographer

There’s a crush of people crowding around the complimentary wine and cheese while next to me a flash gun fires. Its early but already the small gallery space at the Front is crowded to get a glimpse of Beth Jenning’s first solo exhibition.

My attention is drawn to a stop sign that imposes itself on a brilliant blue sky. It’s a little crazy and very impulsive. Why take that picture? Next to it is a forlorn collection of wicker chairs on a Baltic beach bereft of their human cargo but still showing the unmistakeable signs of summers past. On another wall, isolated from the rest are a pair of well worn blue armchairs that haunt an empty room.

The work is deliberately ambiguous and although the brief explanations offer some relief they do little to inform the viewer. There are glimpses of other places yet they resonate easily in the Lyneham gallery, images that transcend the barriers of place and culture.

And it almost didn’t happen. Beth relates a story of how her plans to shoot stock photographs unravelled while travelling in Italy. Amid the visual splendor Beth stopped taking photos and took some time to ask herself what would she really like to capture. The journey that traces the impressions places and people make on each other began.

Beth’s technical proficiency is grounded in old school film techniques nurtured in the Lake Ginninderra College program and given room to grow during a crazy world tour across four continents to shoot twenty different families. Her images aren’t just a snapshot of some time and some place, they are moments in the eye of the artist.

[singlepic id=210 w=320 h=240 float=center]
leaving traces – A photography exhibition by Beth Jennings
14 to 27 April 2010 @ the Front Gallery

World Naked Bike Ride Canberra 2010 – Pics

click ‘Read more’ below for more pics.

On Sunday past, around a hundred brave individuals, yours truly included, took part in Canberra’s World Naked Bike Ride. Beginning with a mass body-painting session in a marquee down by the paddle-boat hire place, the ride meandered over Commonwealth Bridge, up to Parliament House, through the vintage car show near OPH, past some wedding photos at Commonwealth Place, over Kings Ave Bridge and thence through Commonwealth Park back to the starting point.

It was two hours of gentle cycling for most. Personally, my choice of vehicle and passenger was a tad ambitious and having to ride the damn Johnny Loco home to Downer straight after for another engagement was torture indeed. Halfway home, however, the Johnny Loco partially redeemed itself when I, having totally exhausted the last stringy muscle fibres in my spindly legs, could pause in the shade for a little nap in the caboose.

The police, also on bicycles, accompanied us the whole way, partly to ensure we obeyed the pre-arranged rules regarding exposure of genitals etc. and partly to escort us through intersections. In general they were a benign if not helpful presence. Despite fielding a number of complaints from members of the public, they did no more than hurry us away from the offendees.

There’s a video posted by Nic Welbourn on Facebook if you’re interested, and a gallery of photos below, some taken by me, some by my passenger. [Read more →]

The Fortunes of Nigel

While we’re on the subject of strange items bearing my name, I thought I may as well post this piece of strangeness found in a local bookshop and given to me by a friend a couple of years ago. Nice enough to have a book title bearing my name (to go with the XTC song, ‘We’re only Making Plans for…), but hit the jump to see the kicker of an inscription (which will make more sense to you if you know my partner’s name). Spooky no?

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Bandpics 10

A few photos from the Phoenix, taken at Captain my Captain and The Bootleg Sessions last week. And a tip on the use of the gallery format. If you click on one of the thumbnail images, you can navigate through the photos with the direction keys. Once all the large images have downloaded, holding down the right arrow key will make the whole gallery fly by like a movie. Enjoy.

Bandpics 10


I’m in the midst of my annual battle with the house fly, wherein I vainly attempt to murder as many of the little bastards as I can with my lethal swatting skillz. If you follow the previous link, you’ll find pictures I took a few years ago of a fly that got it’s head stuck in the flyscreen. This year I think I went one better with an expert swat which, rather than splatting the fly’s blood and guts all over the wall, had the following rather unexpected result. Click the images to see a bigger pic.



The Last Cashews Guerilla Gig – pics

Like a couple of naughty school children, The Cashews have now been separated from each other, not to opposite sides of the classroom but to opposite ends of the eastern seaboard. Their last naughty act was a final guerilla gig which, fittingly, they performed on top of Mount Ainslie, the site of their first ever such show. Joined by Hashemoto and around 50 friends and fans, it was a lovely evening of song, silliness and sadness as the sun set on an unforgettable era of local music.

Cashews on the Mountain

Fringe 09: Pics

Fringe 09 is over and, despite a little of of a brouhaha about ‘unsuitable content and nudity‘, nobody got hurt (although I did hear a rumour someone’s foot got cut off paddling in the fountain), lots of people had a lot of fun (including me, paddling in the fountain amongst other things) and the unseasonable cold snap wasn’t enough to stop a decent amount of lovely man and woman flesh being on show. I think it unlikely any young minds were despoiled. More probably they were amazed to see how good and entertaining and fun the (mostly) local arts scene can be. Pictures, click below.

Fringe 09 Pics

Captain my Captain @ The Phoenix, 4th Jan 2009, the pics

Wedfest Pics

Last weekend I had the honour and pleasure of attending a lovely wedding cum music festival held at Mystery Bay on the south coast of NSW. Full credit to Alison Procter and Dan Kempers for conceiving and organising a beautiful weekend, based around but by no means dominated by the actual nuptuals. Click the pics below to see the galleries.

Wedfest Gallery One

Wedfest Gallery Two

The Band Broke Up #3 and #4 – pics

The Band Broke Up #3 & #4


Brilliant and moving set of photos of Obama by Callie Shell, had to share, click the pic below.


Whose Bum is This?

I wasn’t sure what the hell I was looking at when my friend Alison sent me this pic recently, it being very dark and grainy. But I raised the light levels a heap and was surprised to see a man’s bum, and in the background my own band, recognisable by means of an unmistakable Beth, her snare drum and my kick drum.


Halloween Capers

Last year we got this, this year we got this:


Once again, a beer each was sufficient booty. I noted it was pretty expensive toilet paper. High class mummies these.

Tableaux Vivant @ The Front: The Pics

Some of you may have heard about Tableaux Vivant, a show at The Front last Friday week, which promised such risqueness as partial nudity, nearly naked people, performers semi-disrobed and some music by Andi and George and band (including the famous golden pants). It all sounded very exotic and erotic and adult oriented, a rarity around these parts (outside the industrial zones) where casual nudity in public is as common as swimming in Lake Burley Griffin.

Loadedog couldn’t attend, but fortunately a friend went and took pictures (in ignorance, until it was too late, of the edict) and, more fortunately still, we’ve been able to obtain the permission of the principle characters to show them to you here.

Three girls

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Happy Birthday Fluffy