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Bush Visits Iraq

Bush and Soldiers

President Bush, during his recent visit to Iraq, posed with US soldiers including America’s sole two-headed enlistee(s), Ptes. Lindy and Mindy May.

Clitoris Lickers Unite!!

Find something worth living for (how? why?)
or find something worth dying for
or else just fuck about like the rest of us

Foggy Morning. Mt Ainslie

Many years ago I experienced the great joy of winding up a night of drinking in such salubrious nightspots as the Uni Bar and the Manhattan with a dawn trip up Mount Ainslie with two young ladies. As the sun rose we were treated to the wonderful spectacle of Canberra submerged in an ocean of fog, the only visible sign of habitation being Black Mountain Tower, the rest looking much as it would have to earlier inhabitants.

Ever since I’ve wanted to relive the experience and capture it and so, with me many winters older and the approach of yet another one, I asked my old mate, who rises early and has big windows, to give me a call should there be a big fog.

Foggy Morning Mount Ainslie, Link

(the link above wasn’t working because some fool forgot to actually publish the photo page. It has been rectified)

Thus it was that at 7am this morning the phone rang and a quick glance out the window confirmed there was indeed a big fog. So big, thought I, that it must envelop the whole town, mountains and all, but nevertheless we gave it a go and, lo and behold, as we climbed the last few metres to the top, we emerged from the gloom into a brilliant golden dawn. Freezing bloody cold it was too.

Mission Accomplished?

Mission Unaccomplished

Police Harassment?

My mate Chris sent in this photo, photoshop tamperings clearly evident, which I think has something to do with this.

Police Targeting Carney

Giant Cock

Giant Cock

Dirty Old Birds On Tour ’07

Dirty birds on tour

Employment Wanted

Depending on which way you approached it, there were two subtly different wordings in the employment ad seen on Bunda St, Civic, the other day. Personally I’d choose working with the slightly insane over the somewhat unusual anyday.

Employment ad

Employment ad 2

The Flies of Autumn

Below are some photos, possibly the first ever taken, of a fly with its head stuck in the tiny grid of flywire, taken at our back door yesterday, but first a lengthy preamble…

Autumn is one of my four favourite seasons in Canberra, and this autumn has been a standout, exhibiting a steady tendency towards lower (and more comfortable) temperatures with a seemingly uninterrupted series of cool nights opening to warm, sunny days played with gentle breezes.


The only drawbacks are the worrying lack of dam-replenishing rains and the house flies which seem to be having a bumper year. Our house has poor defences against insects and has recently been infested with a flock of irritating but otherwise harmless flies, vomiting and ingesting on every surface and occasionally driving one to distraction.

[


Would it be possible to make a penis enlarger ad more unappealing?

penis enlarger spam

More hail pictures: The Aftermath

Link to Hail Pictures

UPDATE: We have received photos of the mayhem in Civic last night and this morning via email from an anonymous photographer. They’ve been added to the above gallery. If the photographer would like credit, please contact us.

UPDATE 2: Some more photos have been added to this gallery, some of which are.. not safe for work, involving nudity (male, sorry guys) and gratuitous snow-angel activity.

Star Spotting

Seen in Civic this morning while surveying the hail damage, one of the Mario Brothers, possibly Luigi.

Mario Brother

Mario brother

The Weather’s Getting Weirder

Canberra’s week of bizarre tropical weather, with thunderstorms every night for a week and green grass threatening to erupt even on our front dirt patch, reached its climax tonight with a hail storm of epic proportions. Back in 2005 I posted some pictures of a weird hail storm here in Canberra. Tonight’s effort beats that one hands down, if not in the intricacy of the shaping of the stones, then definitely in its ferocity and duration and the volume of material that was left behind.

Hail stones

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Somewhere in the Inner North…

German House

…there is a little haus.


I swear I didn’t put it there

Spiderman on Dumpster