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Memoirs of a Suburban Drug Dealer, Part 2

Loadedog finally came through with the second payment, so here’s my next thousand words”

As you may recall, I left Canberra for Sydney at the age of nineteen. Almost immediately I hooked up with a dealer I knew from Canberra who had moved up some time before. He was a crazy Indian guy, possibly the most annoying dealer I ever had. He always wanted me to hang around when I went to buy, then he would assault me with his twisted logic. His pet hate was fags, something that always made me wonder about his own persuasion, though he’d left a wife and two kids in Canberra.

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Memoirs of a Suburban Drug Dealer. Part 1

First I have to say I don’t know why Loadedog wants to publish this stuff, or who would want to read it, but he’s paying me pretty well so I really don’t give a rat’s. It’s much easier work than some of the other stuff I do.

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