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Vietnam Letters #75

Postmark 2nd August, 1970

2nd August 70

My Dearest Sandra,

Well here we are back at the Dat but not for long. Got in this morning about 10AM and will be going out to-night ambushing around the village and back in the morning. I don’t think we will see much more of the jungle before we go home, I think we will be ambushing around the villages for the rest of the tour. It’s not to bad coming back to camp every day as we can have a shower and put dry cloths on. Yes it’s still raining over here and seems to be getting colder in the nights. How did the wedding go yesterday. I hope  you didn’t have to much to drink. Got a letter to-day from Bert Cullen to-day, seems he has been sick or off colour lately. Haven’t heard from you for a few days now but I guess you’ll write when you get back home. Am sick and tired of this damn place over here and am just busting for the day to come when we will be heading home, more so, so that I can be with you Sandra, I am missing you. Well dear not much to write about so will finish up for now.

Lots of Love,

Jock. xxx.

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Vietnam Letters #74

Postmark 29th July, 1970

25 Blacket Street,
Downer ACT
, 2602
(Tues) 28-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

So sorry for not writing these last few days but I have been fairly busy. I did go to the social on Saturday night at the Golf Club with Wally, Betty, Kerrod & Maureen. Barbara & Sandy & Pat & Margaret were with us too. I can’t say that I enjoyed myself, but it did me a lot of good just to get out. While I was there I felt so lonely for you & at times I had to stop my self from crying, for I kept remembering the wonderful time we ad to-gether up there before you left, and there was the same band there & they played mostly the same tunes that they played the night we were there which made it worse. I tried hard to look happy & to seem as though I was enjoying myself as the others were all trying there best to make me enjoy myself. Wally, Sandy, Kerrod & Pat all took turns in dancing with me. By midnight I was very tired & would have loved to have gone home, but it was about 2 AM before we left. Julie baby sat for me and she also stayed with the boys the next morning while I went to Mass. It was 8AM Mass & I must say I didn’t feel much like getting out of bed, but I made it, luckily. Mum & Dad arrived in Berridale at about 1PM that day, & Jeanette & Chris & Jim came over that afternoon & Vernon & Neil came about tea time. Then it was late when they left & even though I wanted to write to you I was so tired that I could hardly keep my eyes open. Then the next morning (Mon) after I got packed up we left Berridale at about 11.45 & we stopped in Cooma for a while, Dad put his watch in to be fixed & I hope you don’t mind but I lent him yours to wear until he gets his back.It is really best for it to be worn as if a watch or clock is not going the oil dries up in it, and being automatic you can’t wind it to keep it going. I used to give it a shake every day, but it would only go for about 10 to 15 mins. We arrived here about 3PM on Mon & then by the time we got settled in I was just to tired last night to write too.

Aunty Zerephy  has been sick with the flu for a while & Mum had been trying to get her  to see a Dr. but she wouldn’t. But this morning at 6 AM we got a phone call from a friend of hers in Bungendore to say that the Ambulance had just taken her to hospital. Mum rang the Dr. at lunch time to-day to see how she was, & he said that she has been improving with the treatment they are giving her, & he is not sure whether it is the Hong Kong flu that she has or not.

Dads brother Leo & his son Evan are staying here to-night they had been around at Ron’s, but Rosemary’s parents came to-day, & as they haven’t got enough room or all of them, Uncle Leo & Evan came around here to sleep.

I must close for now Darling as it’s 11.40PM. You have all my love forever my Dearest,

Yours always,


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Vietnam Letters #73

Postmark 25th July, 1970

James Street,

(Fri) 24-7-70

My Darling Jock,

How are you Honey? I hope they haven’t sent you out bush again yet. Margaret called up again this morning to say that Mum had rang her last night to say that they will be coming up here on Sun & will take us back with them on Mon. So I have only got about 2 days to get ready to go now.

I received a parcel & a letter from Mel to-day she sent me up a very nice dress & a blouse, that someone had given her  but were too big for her. The dress & blouse are both Navy blue with white trimmings & are very nice. They said that they had received your card and they had a good laugh from it, & they said to give you their love & thanks.

This afternoon at about 4 I brought some wood in & got the clothes off the line, & I decided that while I was out there I would put the car in the shed & lock the doors, & then I left the boys watching TV while I went & had a shower & washed my hair, & I had only just started my shower when someone knocked on the door, & I heard Michael tell them that I was in the shower, & so they had to wait outside until I got out of the shower to let them in, and it was Kerrod & Maureen & they had Elizabeth & James with them. It’s funny but any time that I do lock the doors early someone always calls. They came up on Wed. & are going back on Sun, they are staying up at Wally’s & guess what, they are engaged. They got engaged about 10 days ago.

Just a minute ago Wally & Kerrod called & asked if I would like to go up to the social at the Golf Club to-morrow night, & I said that I didn’t know whether I would go or not, as I don’t feel well & I have a lot of packing to do, to go to Canberra & Dubbo. But they are going to call around again to-morrow to see if I will go or not. I don’t really feel up to going, but I guess that it would probably do me some good to get out. I have a lot of washing & mending of the boys clothes to do, that I want to take with me, but I guess if I don’t get it all done before I leave here I can take it with me & do it in Canberra. It never rains but it pours, everything seems to happen at once.

Well I guess I had better close now Darling & force these poor old wiery bones to do some work, before I go to bed.

I shall be loving you forever Darling,

Yours Always,

Sandra. xxxxxx

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Vietnam Letters #72

Postmark 23rd July, 1970

James Street,
N.S.W. 2628

(Wed) 22-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

It was great to receive another one of your letters to-day, Honey. I also received one from Shirley thanking me for the steak knives I sent her & to say that she won’t be needing my gloves o your suite for Ken. She has bought her dress & veil. The dress id worth $89 & the veil $10 but Ken’s mother is a good friend of the lady who owns the shop & she got the dress & veil for $51, & she has already borrowed a pair of gloves, & the boys are hireing their suits for the day. They have got a house which they are renting for $15 a week & it is fully furnished.

She also sent me a list of things that she has already got in her box & some things which she is being given for wedding presents (in case I was wondering what to get her) & she is being given an iron & a frypan a toaster & a dinner set. So there goes the idea of the frypan. I have got a set of steak forks to match the knives I sent her. After I sent the knives I was thinking that I should have sent the forks too. So I have decided to give them the forks & a cheque for $30, & they can buy whatever they need with it. For I remember how handy those cheques that we got for our wedding were. She said that Mum & Dad had asked what she wants & she is going to tell them a set of double bed blankets.

I have felt a bit better to-day & so I got in & did some work for a change, but by tea time to-night I had just had it & after the boys went to bed I just sat & watched the movie & then did the washing up after it was over. I haven’t received a group certificate or tax stamps from the army yet, have you?

I haven’t seen Wally about the flash for the camera yet, as I think I will take it with me and take some photos of the wedding. If I can work it that is. I think I will come home from Dubbo on the Wednesday after the wedding by train, or I may even be able to get a lift back with someone, who is going up for the wedding from down this way. It may be best if you don’t address any of my letters up there, as they may not get there until after I leave, as the mail has been pretty iregular lately, & besides it will be an excuse for me to come home. For if they try to talk me into staying longer I can say that I am busting to get home to get your letters.

Well as usual it is getting late, so I must close now Honey just remember that you have all my love & thoughts always.

Your everloving & faithful wife,

Sandra. xxxxx.

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Vietnam Letters #71

Postmark 20th July, 1970

My Dearest Sandra,

Well I don’t know if you are getting my mail or not, but I am not getting any thanks to all the strikes back in Australia. It’s six thirty < and raining like mad, water everywhere, has been raining heavy all night. Saturday was a compleately a day off for us, the first day we have ever had off since I have been over here. There was a show on that day too, it wasn’t to bad but not as good as some that come over. Had to work half day Sunday but we had most of it off also. Got to the P.X. yesterday and got watches for the Cassilles, but there wasn’t much there as they are waiting on a new shipment of stores. The kids watches cost $9 each and are ok for kids. I guess I will get them posted sooner or later at one at a time as to avoide duty. The fry pans were only a few dollars cheaper than they are at home so I decided not to get one as it would cost quite a bit to post it home and may even be dearer than what it would cost you. Hell I wish I were home with you Sandra, I love you and am missing you more and more every day, I am just longing for the day when we will be to-gether  again my love. Well Sandra I shall finish up  for now. I love you and you are allway with me dear in my heart.

Loveing you always,

I love you.

Jock. xxx.

10th Apr 70

Hi Darling,

Just a few lines to tell you, if you ask Pat, Ron’s wife for a film reel of his movie projector to run this tape on to play it as I don’t think you will have the other one before you get this tape. I love you and will always love you Sandra.

Loveing you forever. Jock. xxxx.

PS You might have to change the speed on the tape recorder, if you don’t know how to do this ask Sandy. I love you always. Jock. xxxx.

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Vietnam Letters #70

Postmark 17th July, 1970

James St.

(Thurs) 16-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

How are you Darling? I guess that if you are back in  camp now, you are beginning to feel much better, after having some good meals & clean clothes & showers, & not having to sleep in wet clothes & on the wet ground.

I had a letter from Mel to-day & they are all well down there. I was talking to Jeanette on the phone to-day, we have a date at 2.30PM every Thursday on the phone now, as she can ring here for a local call. They aren’t going up for Shirley’s wedding.

Mr. Robinson died on Tuesday night (the fellow who had cancer) & he is being cremated at Canberra to-morrow, & Sandy & Barbara are going down for it, & I am going to mind Richard for them. I will have to be up earlier tan usual in the morning as they will be bringing him around at about 7AM as the service starts at 9.30 AM. I hate the thoughts of getting out of bed at that time, as the frosts we have been having lately are just terrible. I don’t have the trouble of waking up in the mornings now as I used to, as the tonic I am on, is to keep me alert & I usually wake up, from about 7AM onwards but the thought of getting out in the cold is the worst. Even the boys stay in bed now of a morning until I get up. Usually the cold doesn’t worry them, & they used to get out of bed of a morning & run around with out their slippers on or dressing gowns on, until I kept telling them to put them on. So it must be cold for them not to want to get out of bed. Even Sydney has been haveing temperatures of about 38 or 39 degrees in the mornings lately. Our daily maximum temperatures here lately have been between 44 & 48 degrees. it’s supposed to be the coldest winter since 1886. How about sending me over some of that Vietnam heat, & I will send you a big box of ice & frost to cool you down.

Gee, I miss you Honey I wish that the time could go by quicker than it does. Although the days seem to go by too quickly as I don’t seem to get all the things done that I want to get done in a day, but yet it seems like years, since you went away. But yet we have got a god part of the time over & done with, we only have about another 4 months at the most to go now, only I pray that it is less than that. I love you so very much Darling, I love you with every part of me & with every little feeling that I have in my whole body, and I shall always feel that way about you, nothing could ever change my love for you my Dearest.

Well my love, I must finish up for now & get ready for bed, I only wish that you were here sharing our nice comfortable bed, instead of sleeping in an old bunk in the camp or on the wet & miserable ground in the jungle.

May God bless & protect you Darling,

Yours Always,

Sandra. xxxx.

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Vietnam Letters #69

Postmark 16th July, 1970

James Street

(Wed) 15-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

I was very pleased to receive your letter to-day, & hear that you were out of the jungle & had had a shower & a good meal. I guess by now you are back in Nui Dat.

I also received a letter from Mum to-day & a lottery ticket which they bought for you for your birthday, they called it “Happy Returns Jock”, but it was not quite lucky enough, it was $18 of $20. They are leaving for Dubbo on Fri morning 31st July, the day before the wedding, & she asked what day I would be down there. Well I guess I’ll go down on Wed 29th. I don’t know whether I should take the car down without getting the bearing in the wheel fixed as Wally said it would be alright to drive with it around here, but he wouldn’t advise going on a long trip. To-day in Cooma I enquired about the price of train fairs & it would cost the boys & I $3.74 to go to Queanbeyan by train, which would probably be cheaper than getting the car fixed. And it will cost us $26.66 to come home from Dubbo to Cooma by train, which is cheaper than I expected really. Mum & Dad suggested that we go with them on their trip in the Caravan, they are going for about a fortnight out west to Bourke & along the Darling River. But I won’t be going with them as I can imagine what it would be like travelling around with the boys.

[

Vietnam Letters #68

Postmark 14th July, 1970

James Street
N.S.W. 2628

(Mon) 13-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

I received two letters from you to-day, & it was just great to hear from you again. I love you & am missing you terribly Darling. Oh, how I wish you were home here with me. My life is just so empty & meaningless without you, & how I look forward to the day when we are to-gether again.

I called in at Barbara’s this morning & she said that a letter had come from you fo Sandy, & I was anxious to get home & see if there was one there for me & was very happy to find not only one but two. I am going into Cooma on Wednesday, as I have to get some more of my nerve tablets, & Barbara is going to mind Brian for me, which will be a great help as the twins on their own are quite well behaved, & Brian on his own is well behaved too but put the three of them together & they are just uncontrollable.

I bet you are all looking forward to getting back to camp for about 10 days break, & especially to going on R&C.

Well I must finish up for now Darling hoping this finds you well & not too wet & cold & tired. May God Bless & Protect you,

Yours Always

Sandra xxxxxxxxx

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Vietnam Letters #67

Postmark 9th July, 1970

James Street

(Fri) 10-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

How are you my Darling? I hope that you are well, & feeling much better than I do.I haven’t felt the best to-day & I have been feeling so cranky with myself for being sick. It just seems so long since I have felt completely well & fit. I decided to-day that I just going to say blow the work & only do the bear necessities, when & if I feel up to it & I’m going to get as much rest as possible. To-day I went to bed when the boys went, & lately I have not had much of an appetite but I have been forcing myself to eat & especially plenty of good food such as fruit & vegetables & eggs & things & I just had an egg flip which I intend to have everyday. So I hope to be able to build myself up and maybe I will have a bit more energy & not feel so tired & weak all the time. Sometimes I feel as though I would like to go to bed & stay there or better still I would love to go to hospital for about 6 months, well maybe not for that long, but just the thought of it sounds very relaxing.

I hope that the ink cartridge for your pen, that I sent the other day didn’t burst on it’s way over, in the letter. But it seemed such a small thing to make up a parcel for. If it did, then let me know & I will send another one & make a parcel out of it this time. I love you & miss you very much my Darling & it will be so wonderful to have you home again, & I hope that day isn’t very far off. Brian told me to-day that when you come home he is going to give you a big hug & a kiss, and you can be sure that there will be plenty of hugs & kisses in store for you from all of us, when you come home.

I’m pleased that the days are going a bit quicker for you now since you have had your promotion, but I guess you must get very tired too, with the extra work & worry. When you come home you can join me in my health building diet & rest.

Well speaking of rest I guess I had better hit the sack or I will never wake up in the morning. Lately I have been getting the boys to come & get into bed with me of a morning to wake me up. John & Mike take it in turns, it s John’s turn in the morning. For I sleep so heavily lately that I just can’t wake up of a morning.

Bye for now my love, hoping this finds you well & not too lonely.

Your everloving wife,



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Vietnam Letters #66

Postmark 9th July, 1970

James Street
N.S.W. 2628

(Wed) 8-7-70

My Darling jock,

I received your letter to-day & it was wonderful to hear from you again, after 11 days of disappointment, as I watched the mail go past without stopping.

I hope that by the time you receive this you will be back in camp out of the mud & wet. I’m sure you must be really fed up with being out in the jungle for so long. The boys were very happy & excited to recieve a letter all of their own each from you. Michael has been reading his off by heart to himself & John &  Brian keep coming to me to get me to read theirs to them.

Well I got the big job of cleaning the stove done to-day, I expected that it would take all morning, but it took all day. I got the stove cleaned & washed by about 1:30, but after lunch I was washing up & washing the Canisters & the tops of the cupboards until about 5PM. For you know what a mess the soot makes everywhere. Boy was I pleased to have a shower after I had finished. The stove is going well now, & not smoking, thank God. I got up in the ceiling & banged the flu & a lot of the soot fell down, but when I tried to take the plate off the flu inside here (just above the stove) the nuts or bolts or what you call them wouldn’t undo, as they seem to have rusted, but I tried very hard to undo them, in fact too hard, as one of them snapped right off. I’ve still got a lot more cleaning up to do after it. I haven’t dusted on top of the fridge or down the other end of the room, & I have to wash the floor, yet, but at least I’ve got the worst part of it over.

I have got a date with Jeanette on the phone up at your mother’s place tomorrow at 2.30PM. As she can ring Berridale direct from over there, but from here it is a trunk call. So we are going to have a bit of a chin wag to-morrow, & knowing how long Jeanette can talk when she gets on the phone it could be quite a long chat too. I have known her to talk for about 1 & 1/2 hours or more on the phone.

I will close for now my Dearest, you are always in my thoughts & prayers my Darling, and I will be loving you forever.

Yours Always,

Sandra            xxxxxx

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Vietnam Letters #65

Postmark 7th July, 1970

James St
N.S.W. 2628

(Mon) 6-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

Well here it is the end to another lonely day, without you, but yet it is one day closer to being with you again. Poor John has been very sick today, although he hasn’t got the Diarrehoa as he had yesterday, but he is very pale & all morning he just sat in the chair & didn’t go out to play with Mike & Brian, & he has hardly eaten a thing for about 2 1/2 days, I have been trying to get him to eat some bananas as they wouldn’t upset his tummy, but this morning it took him about 1 1/2 hours to eat 1/2 a banana, & at lunch time he managed to eat another 1/2 a banana, but after he got up from his sleep this afternoon he has seemed much better & he had a plain dry biscuit & had 1 banana for tea to-night, but he does seem to be much better, so maybe to-morrow he will feel like eating again. Mike & I are over ours now, & it is good to see some colour back in Mike’s cheeks, he had really rosy cheeks to-day & is as right as rain again. But Brian wasn’t the best to-night so I guess it is his turn for it.

Mother was to come home from Hospital to-day, but I didn’t go up as I wouldn’t like her to catch this wog, but I will probably go up to-morrow after the boys go to bed. How are you anyway Honey, I hope you haven’t had any more of your headackes & I hope your ear hasn’t given you any trouble. I guess you have got about another week to go before you will be back in camp, & I bet you are looking forward to that too.

I love you very much Darling and I am always thinking of you. I often think about things we have done to-gether & about how happy you make me. I love you Jock & just being with you is all the happiness I could wish for. You have been a wonderful husband to me, and a good father to the boys & they love you & miss you too. They talk about you often. Hardly a day goes past & they haven’t mentioned you at least two or three times. Like yesterday there was one piece of bread left in the packet after lunch & Mike said “We will leave that piece for Daddy when he comes home.” They are always leaving something for you when you come home. Like if I have given them some biscuits or lollies & one of them askes for more & I say no that they have had enough, then one of them will say to the other “You can’t eat them all or there will be none left for Daddy when he comes home.” Our thoughts & love are always with you Darling.

I will close for now Honey hoping this finds you well, just remember that I love you more than anything in all this world my Darling, may God be with you always,

Yours forever,



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Vietnam Letters #64

Postmark 5th July, 1970

1st July 1970

My Dearest Sandra,

So sorry my dear for not writing in these last few days, but it has just about been impossible, as it has done nothing but rain, and we have been out in the bush amoungst it all. If you are not wet then you are covered head to foot with mud. We were in the rubber for a week ambushing but nothing came along, so we have been sent back into the jungle. Everybody is starting to feel the strain of the weather now, blocks are going down all the time with the heat and humidity. Since I have been made up I have no time to myself, all the time doing some thing or another and orginiseing things that have to be done, I think I would rather be a baggy arse again with all the time in the world, but there is one good things about it, it keeps my mind occupied all the time and the days seem to be going by much quicker. At the moment we are on a ridge blocking the Nogs from an exit while A&B coys are on the other side, the <illegible> have been droping shells in for about an hour or so now, won’t be long untill A&B coys start there sweep through towards us, and may be drive a few Nogs in towards us.

It’s near hell here when it rains, there is just no way of keeping dry, the ground is that flat, that when it rains the ground is covered with 2 or 3 inches of water. The last week or so all I have been doing is sleeping on my pack and <illegible>, at least only half my body is in the water that way. The shells are droping in much closer now, the blast is near deafening, just blast after blast, I sure wouldn’t like to be out there. Anyway so much for me and my troubles, how are you getting along, I sure hope everything is going OK for you dear, how I would love to be there with you, but it’s like you say it’s half over now and won’t be long untill it’s all over for us anyway I love you Sandra.

[

Vietnam Letters #63

Postmark 2nd July, 1970

James Street
N.S.W. 2628

(Wed) 1-7-70

My Dearest Jock,

Well here it is the beginning of another lonely month for the both of us, & many more like us. I just hope that it doesn’t go by too slowly. I suppose that it is better to think that another month has ended, rather than another one beginning, which means that we are one month closer to being together Darling.

I eventally got around to writting to Mum & Dad to-day. I guess that, that is a good thing about me not feeling well, as I can catch up on some letter writting when I don’t feel up to doing any work.

I was telling you about yesterdays strong winds in last night’s letter, well to-day the wind has been even stronger & even though it was very windy yesterday, it wasn’t very cold, but to-day has been quite cold & we have had a bit of snow & rain with the wind, & to-night I had to put the electric heater on as well as the stove & the wood heater. Even though that electric heater doesn’t get very hot it has made a difference to the room temperature.

Remember I told you in one of my letters that I had lost my copper ring, well I found it the other day, I remember now that I took it off one day when I was washing my hair in the shower, & I put it on the middle shelf of the soap rack in the shower, & I found it the other day, when I put my washer on the same shelf  & then when I picked my washer up the ring fell down so I hadn’t lost it after all, it was just my absent mind that had forgotten where I had put it.

Well Corpral how are things going for you? I hope you are doing well in your new position.

I miss you very much Darling & I am always thinking about you. To-day I was thinking about the first time we met, & I had my hair in rollers. It’s funny how things work out isn’t it? I didn’t like the idea of going down town with my hair in rollers that day, but if I hadn’t have, we wouldn’t have met, & we have Slim & Rennie to thank for that. But most of all I thank God. I always thank God for giving you to me, as you are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, & you are my whole life & I love you very, very much. The boys are always thinking of you too & they are always talking about you, like to-day, when Brian didn’t want to eat his dinner John said to him, “if you don’t eat up your dinner you won’t grow a big boy, & when we grow big boys Daddy is going to take us out in the bush & teach us to use our gun, Bert gave us.” Well I must close for now my love, hopeing this finds you well, & may God Bless & Protect you,

Yours Always,



[

Vietnam Letters #62

Postmark 1st July, 1970

Myack St

Monday 29th

Dear Corpral,

Just a few lines to let you know how things are going. Haven’t been doing much for the last week because I have had the bloody rotten flu, but feeling much better now. The weather over here has been quite good, a few heavy frosts but nice fine sunny days.

I am still pretty busy with the wood. I’ve been getting some down at Les Reids at Dalgety but it got too boggy there so I’ve shifted back up here in our range paddock cutting off all those stumps. I got the loan of a dump truck thing off Tony Buljian. She a beauty and can get into all the rough places with it.

My old mate Georgey Freebody gave his arm a pretty bad gash with the chainsaw about 3 weeks ago down at Les & had to take him to Cooma Hospital & get him sown up. It was bad luck but the silly bugger wasn’t in a hospital benefits & no insurance. Now I’m back on my own again but suppose he come back when he gets right again.

I went a got myself a accident policy the other day. Only cost $26 a year & covers me 7 days a week & I get $30 week if I get hurt.

Well I bought myself another truck a bedford the one Lecks had at the garge at Dalgety. She’s not bad but the motor in it s a little bit dicky. Cost me $500. I was going to keep the old one & put the motor out of it in this one but I took her down to Sighters Sale & got offerd $290 for her so I let her go not a bad price. His sale wasn’t too bad everything brought a good price but he had a bloody lot of junk in it. She’s still having a good old spree & been to Sydney the week that you went back. Wayne Cullen wrote & told me that she got rolled up the Cross & went up there to get his clothes washed & a few dollars to get back here again. He lives up here now opp. your place. I went down to help Darcy Scheafer bring his gear up. She’s just bundled it into a few old boxes & pack saddles & threw it on the truck pretty bloody rough moving. I seen him the other day fairly well shot & he reckons he moving out, over to West Aussie bulldozer driving he probaly go but don’t reckon he last too long. Seen Sandra & boys the other day all well & she told me of your promotion. Charles thinks it is pretty good. I suppose more pay now & be able to throw the weight around telling the other poor bastards what to do.

I’ve been to Cooma today to take Mum to see Dr. West. She has had a bad leg & he put her in hospital for 4 or 5 days for some treatment but I suppose it will soon get better.

Barbara & the man are pretty good they had the cold too but the man is OK getting into the shed & one day came out all covered in paint & grease. He sure can get into bloody mischief.

All the rest of the family is OK. Hope you didn’t get too shot on your birthday. Did you get the card I sent you? I’ve been waiting & watching the mail all the week for a present, but hasn’t arrived EH!!! I had quite a quiet day. Went down & had a few ales at Lorna’s that night.

Last week the sheep judging was on we got 1st prize for the team of hoggots & Roy Hedger won the ewes.

Well better close now no more news to tell you. Hope your fit & well & hoping to hear from you soon. SOON.

From Sandy.

[

Vietnam Letters #61

Postmark 29th June, 1970

James Street, Berridale

N.S.W. 2628

(Sun) 28-6-70

My Dearest Jock, Well I guess you are out bush again now, but I hope it isn’t for too long, & I hope you are able to receive some mail while you are out. There was 8AM Mass on here to-day, but I went back to sleep after the alarm went off & miss it, so we went into 6 o’clock Mass in Cooma to-night, & the boys played up all the time during Mass & especially while I was at Holy Communion, I could hear them laughing & talking at the top of their voices, & when I got home to-night I took them into the bedroom & pulled down their pants & made them bend over the bed & I went along & gave each of them 2 smacks each on the bear bottom, & then stood them in the corner. I think there will have to be a lot more of it too as they just won’t take any notice of anything I say to them & even a good hard spanking with my hand doesn’t make any difference either. The treatment they got to-night seems to be the only thing that takes effect. They just seem to be becoming completely out of hand lately. [Read more →]