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Coffee Bitch #81. Blue Heron Cafe, Moruya

Coffee Bitch

three bean

Blue Heron Cafe, Moruya

With an upmarket kind of look, the Blue Heron follows through with quite a decent coffee.

A rich, decorated crema gives way to a coffee that is not boring on the palate. Cherry and sour cardboard lilt to it.

I’m here on a quiet day but I have seen this place busy on Saturday with the markets adjacent. Situated on a corner, with a couple of outside tables, smoking is probably frowned upon in a foodie kind of way.

Coffee Bitch #80. Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, Belconnen Mall

Coffee Bitch

three bean

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, Belconnen Mall

Talk about wait a long time for a coffee. About ten minutes.

I thought I should check out the coffee situation at the new expanded mall and came across this place.

What goes on here apart from coffee is chocolate worship. The coffee is smooth and woody which speaks of good milk. Slack crema. Slack delivery. At least there is also outdoor seating so you can have a smoke while you wait.

Coffee Bitch #79. Sandy Foot Café, Malua Bay

Coffee Bitch

one bean

Sandy Foot Café, Malua Bay

The surf isn’t too good today and neither is the coffee, however being able to appreciate both is a bonus.

Operating on Malua Bay time, I’m given a number and asked to wait. I’d just about turned to stone before my coffee arrived.

Transporting my order across the street to the beach, I’m looking at the thin foam racing up the sand and looking at the top of my coffee and there isn’t much difference. Some bland stale grounds, indifferent staff, and what do you get? So close to civilised and yet so far.

Espresso on the beach can be a good thing, a great thing. Here however, a sad thing.

Coffee Bitch #78. Red Rose Café. Moruya

Coffee Bitch

two and a half beans

Red Rose Café. Moruya

It doesn’t particularly matter what I spray this café with; it won’t change the fact that it is open at dawn. And that rocks.

The coffee is passable but the milk work sucks. The Red Rose resides upon Moruya’s main drag. With a spattering of white plastic chairs outside.

It is a fish caff really, doing burgers and fish & chips, as well as wraps and cakes. In Moruya early in the morn you can wander down, buy a newspaper (in shorts and thongs) and sit with it at the Rose and have espresso. Can you do that in your hood? However, no hint of courtesy ashtrays, the coffee takes a while and the crema sucks. The street outside is also the coastal highway, sporting number plates from all over as well as the obligatory huge motor boats being towed past and frequent streams of motorcycle rallies.

Coffee Bitch #77. Logans Cafe, Bungendore

Coffee Bitch

four beans

Logans Cafe, Bungendore

This cafe is in the street with the pubs. The best thing about is that it’s open.

A reliable source of espresso in a country town can be a big ask. As it is Logans provides a vital link in the espresso route to the coast from Canberra. You can pull up and cruise away with a coffee that should keep you busy most of the way to Braidwood.

The service is snappy and the coffee bearable. Logans is a cosy eaterie that is popular with the locals. On this occasion rock videos are playing and I think they offer internet. Freshly roasted would improve things a lot here, but being open 5pm Friday is a good start.

Coffee Bitch #76. My Cafe, Manuka

Coffee Bitch

three and a half beans

My Cafe, Manuka

Real estate agents call it the “Parisian cafe look”, which means the cafe has outside tables. And is snobby.

“My Cafe” nestles in the crutch of Manuka with views of a pedestrian crossing. Which means it’s in a slow spot. So is my coffee order. So it doesn’t matter that it is smooth, flavour ridden, with a good crema; it took longer than three minutes, it doesn’t pass.

I’m not offered water but there is an ashtray. Plenty of pedestrian action, pigeon action, and passing traffic make it prime rubber-necking turf.

“My Cafe” is a favourite of many locals, but the staff aren’t exactly savvy and you may be asleep by the time your coffee arrives.

Coffee Bitch #75, Wattle Coffee Lounge, Phillip

Coffee Bitch

one beans

Restaurant 2602, Ainslie Shops

This is one of your classic workers’ cafes. The coffee is terrible, a watery mess. The potato cakes are probably better.

Things are looking bad when I’m served with a plastic spoon. Something like dishwater bubbles is where the crema should be.

Classic snackbar decor with orange plastic chairs, brickwork vinyl floor, Copper Art range-hood. Truly revolting.

It’s a shame really, places like this were among the early outposts of espresso in Canberra. You got your cappuccino from the Greek coffee lounge. Pretty much nowhere else.

Coffee Bitch #74. Restaurant 2602, Ainslie Shops

Coffee Bitch

four beans

Restaurant 2602, Ainslie Shops

The coffee would be good enough by itself but it comes with a small pile of mini M+M’s. This is the signiture presentation of the place apparently. Kitch.

There is also a pub at these shops which is good. 2602 makes a pretty good coffee. Served in under 3min (just). It is strong coffee with layers of flavours. Desirable. No water is offered but one table has an ashtray (outside).

This is actually a restarant but functions well as a cafe. You’d think a restaurant would serve water. You are at least assured of a busy view of the shops if you sit outside. What is it with dogs and Ainslie? They’re everywhere.

Coffee Bitch #73. Curtin Milkbar, Curtin Shops

Coffee Bitch

three and a half beans

Curtin Milkbar, Curtin Shops

Another town square. There has been a milkbar here as long as anyone can remember.

The coffee is superb. I did ask for a strong one, but, wow!
Full bean flavours that can only come from fresh beans.

Maybe I got lucky, I really wasn’t expecting this kind of quality.
You can sit inside or outside in the bustling centre of Curtin Shops.You can get a milkshake in a steel container.
However I would recommend the coffee (you won’t get water or much table service).

COFFEE BITCH #72. Kingston Grind

Coffee Bitch

four beans

Kingston Grind

Things are looking up when I’m immediately supplied with water. The coffee takes too long to get to me, however my palate is slammed with an elegant cup of fresh coffee.

I’m slightly surprised, having recently been served a $4.50 cup of witch’s piss. My faith is somewhat restored. A rich liquor with caramel tones begins to stain my teeth.

Green Square was one of the first areas to sprout cafes like pimples in the early nineties. They are supported mostly by the large numbers of unit renters in Kingston. Saturday mornings are busy. While I supped I was inspected by two magpies and a pigeon, the charm of the park square cafe.

Coffee Bitch #71. The Muffin Shop, Mossy Point

Coffee Bitch

four beans

The Muffin Shop, Mossy Point

I’m hearing some retro funk but it’s kinda being drowned out by the Wattle Bird. Nice.

A good part of the clientele here are local grey nomads who are not currently being nomadic. However, in season it can go fully yuppy with a sea of Volvo 4wds.

This was the cafe that had to happen, and it’s been busy since it opened in the 90’s. Much loved by the locals, it’s seen as a bit posh. Previously a coffee desert, Broulee/ Mossy Point was saved.

The coffee itself is good with a stand up flavour on the smoother side. The milk was teased to perfection, best crema for a while. Good barista. It arrived under three minutes although the table service was slack, and I enjoyed my coffee amongst the remains of someone else’s meal. Gross.

The atmosphere is beach casual, with chunky timber furniture. What’s really notable about this cafe is that it is totally al fresco. All the tables are outside. It works because some are under cover.


COFFEE BITCH #70. The Coffee Club, Belconen Mall

Coffee Bitch

two beans

The Coffee Club, Belconen Mall

Malling it. I sit down and don’t enjoy a beautifully made stale coffee. Still it is somewhat a miracle of C21 culture that I can get a coffee, in a shopping mall, after 5pm on a week day.

Possibly worse than the joy sapping coffee is the decor. A chainstore nightmare of woodgrain laminex, chrome and vynol, spray booth Finnish chairs. The lighting is particularly gross, but where these people really outdo themselves is with the price of the tired looking cakes.

All in all not the most pleasant experience but one up from McDonalds and it’s open.

COFFEE BITCH #69. Cafe Essen, Garema Place

Coffee Bitch

four beans

Cafe Essen, Garema Place

“No point in avoiding the popular, so I thought I’d have a shot at Essen.

Though busy, the staff remain within reach, and my coffee arrives on the nose of the three minute limit. Impressive.

Even more impressive is the coffee. Incredibly full bodied, rich in flavours. Serious coffee. It is well that water is provided. Heaters outside are a bonus here.

Pretty boring, but there’s not much out of line here at all. Since opening next to Gus’ years ago, Essen has gained a strong following and is a meeting place in Canberra culture.

It is nice not to be disappointed with the coffee for once.

Coffee Bitch #68. Rolfs Patisserie Stall, Moruya Market

Coffee Bitch

four beans

General Store, Moruya

Down by the river at the market can actually be quite a balmy spot on a wintery Saturday morning, a nice spot to perch on some granite with a coffee, a pause in your marketings. So it really sucks to find the coffee expensive and worse, bland. This coffee machine and patisserie stall combo is on the riverside of the markets. There is a coffee van covering the southern side of the markets. Both have queues. [Read more →]

Coffee Bitch #67, General Store, Moruya

Coffee Bitch

four beans

General Store, Moruya

This one’s a bewdy. With one massive reservation.

[