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Beautiful. Strange. Eerie. Visceral. Hypnotic. Luminous. Watch it (slightly NSFW). PS. Found it here.

Assemblage and Collage

Something in the Air, Canberra Art Gallery and Museum
by Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

Went to the art gallery located in Civic Square to have a look at an exhibition of works by local artists. I have had previous insights into some of these artistes works before this day and it was a delightful afternoon spent reminiscing with their works. I dont profess to be a leading authority on art, especially when it comes to assemblage and collage, but I was grateful to be able to benefit from the little blurbs with all the works which I guess were the artists statements pertaining to their works.

I found it all to be visually rich in symbols and metaphors, utilizing all ready found items that the artist has given new life to, quite often by its association with other objects but always by providing a new environment in which to view the objects. Some of the artists include David Watts, Michael Taylor, Rosalie Gasgoine (a long time local artist who has since passed away leaving a legacy of works very local and area orientated with an appreciation for the little delights which define Canberra), Alex Ashe and Marianna del Castillo who continues to humble me with her very South American style of in your face.

There are to many artists in this exhibition for me to cover every panel. I can only encourage you the reader to whip down and have a look, it does not cost anything and it is equipped with a lovely café and smack in the middle of the C.B.D. A great break from the tedium which is our city. Thank you artists of Canberra.

Continues to 10th Oct.

Traces of a photographer

There’s a crush of people crowding around the complimentary wine and cheese while next to me a flash gun fires. Its early but already the small gallery space at the Front is crowded to get a glimpse of Beth Jenning’s first solo exhibition.

My attention is drawn to a stop sign that imposes itself on a brilliant blue sky. It’s a little crazy and very impulsive. Why take that picture? Next to it is a forlorn collection of wicker chairs on a Baltic beach bereft of their human cargo but still showing the unmistakeable signs of summers past. On another wall, isolated from the rest are a pair of well worn blue armchairs that haunt an empty room.

The work is deliberately ambiguous and although the brief explanations offer some relief they do little to inform the viewer. There are glimpses of other places yet they resonate easily in the Lyneham gallery, images that transcend the barriers of place and culture.

And it almost didn’t happen. Beth relates a story of how her plans to shoot stock photographs unravelled while travelling in Italy. Amid the visual splendor Beth stopped taking photos and took some time to ask herself what would she really like to capture. The journey that traces the impressions places and people make on each other began.

Beth’s technical proficiency is grounded in old school film techniques nurtured in the Lake Ginninderra College program and given room to grow during a crazy world tour across four continents to shoot twenty different families. Her images aren’t just a snapshot of some time and some place, they are moments in the eye of the artist.

[singlepic id=210 w=320 h=240 float=center]
leaving traces – A photography exhibition by Beth Jennings
14 to 27 April 2010 @ the Front Gallery

Gertrude’s Diary #140 – From the Collected Letters of Gertrude

c/- Culturazi.com

Mr Ron Radford, AM
National Gallery of Australia
GPO Box 1150
Canberra ACT 2601

Dear Mr Radford,

I am writing to thank you for hosting Masterpieces From Paris.  That such a marvellous exhibition should make it’s way here is an event to be celebrated.

Entering the presence of those paintings was an unforgettable experience.  The variety of tone and texture.  The clarity of colour.  The details leapt out with such great veracity, as though I could reach out and hold them; which I could in fact do, because I’m actually talking about the backs of people’s heads and shoulders which is pretty much all I saw.

May I humbly suggest that you hold a special event viewing for people 165 cm or less?  I think that is the only way to alleviate the discrimination against the small of stature, as pointy stilleto heels or stilts are not the sort of footwear that should be encouraged in crowded galleries, lined as they tend to be with hard flooring and dazzled art lovers.

I trust that the Gallery will give this matter the consideration it deserves.

Yours faithfully

Images @ BCC


Paris, Masters Exhibition. National Gallery, Parkes. December to April
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

I attended the National Art Gallery, paid my sixteen dollars entry and went in to  see what the fuss was all about. Initially one is confronted with the daunting and large works by the flag bearer for the post impressionist movement, Claude Monet, who provides us with an insight into this exhibition, in as much, as this collection contains private, personal and what I consider to be the essence of the relationship between artist and subject the application of paint, brush strokes, basically the construction.

Not having taken advantage of the guided tour (a volunteer service), I twoed and froed between Vincent’s starry night and Monet’s ballet dancers. Just quietly, I am  an avid lover of art, especially of this period and these particularly tormented souls. Tears welled within, tears of joy, appreciation, as I beheld these insights into these artists. Another thing that strikes me about these paintings is their casualness, in as much as they could be a random page ripped out of the artist’s personal  diary.

[

Can we get more people to choose the stairs by making it fun to do?


Gallery Four

Mariana del Castillo, Limbo Mania. Gallery Four, CMAG
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

It was overcast. It was going to rain.

This exhibition quite exemplifies the trend of needing to make a statement and stating the obvious that seems to preoccupy the artists of today. [Read more →]

Border Life etc. @ CCAS, Gorman

Rock Paper Scissors @ CCAS Manuka

Three Shows @ CCAS, Gorman House

A Winter’s Journey – Yass

Tableaux Vivants

Akin 2 @ The Front

On the eve (nearly) of Min Mae’s latest Tabeaux Vivants, I thought it might interest some to see how they do these things in New York (click the image below).

Tableaux Vivant New York Style

Brian Hincksman @ The Front

Brian Hincksman @ The Front

Desert Devils @ ANCA

Desert Devils @ ANCA