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Queen E’s Visit a Disappointment

Some years ago I chanced upon a busker setting up for a show at Circular Quay. It was an elaborate and lengthy procedure, designed, I suppose, to draw a crowd, and through it all he kept up a stream of one-liners that kept the gathering audience highly amused.

We waited about 15 minutes until it seemed the show was about to begin when, without warning, the busker, noticing a slight drifting away from sectors of the throng, threw a mini tantrum and started to pack up, stating that there weren’t enough people there to waste his time with a show.

I was reminded of this bit of circus interruptus when, up at Parliament House the other day, the Queen went sailing past the assembled royalists (standing, I might add, in an increasingly frigid and unseasonably chilly breeze) and straight into Parliament without so much as a wave or a how’s your father.

From our position at the bottom of the forecourt, we didn’t even get a glimpse, bar a tiny flash of white as she exited the Rolls. By we, I refer to yours truly and City Girl who insisted on coming along and even made a sign for the occasion.

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City Girl’s Diary #2

Sorry for not writing for so long. Since my last entry I’ve been so busy. Loadedog have had me on a really punishing schedule. Even though it was them who chose me, they seem to think I need a lot of work to be up to their standard, you know, like grooming and deportment and stuff.

Last time I wrote, you will remember that I asked if anyone knew of a place in Canberra that did endermologie and cosmecanique (I love French sounding things, don’t you?), and someone kindly wrote back to tell me about La Bella Vita. I’ve been in there almost every day since, and the results have been amazing, as you will see in the photos below.

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City Girl Diary Entry #1

Hi everyone. It’s very exciting to finally be here in Canberra. We had a great time at our first party here last Saturday. We were so happy to meet so many of you that night, and hopefully we’ll meet the rest of you later, as time allows.

It was great to be able to sit in with the boys (Slim Pickens and Round John Virgin – Ed). Even though I didn’t have any idea what I was doing, it all seemed to sound good and there was a smattering of applause for the occasional song, so it can’t have been too bad.

City Girl

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