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Reading Brick #1

We introduce Reading Brick, a weekly or thereabouts summary of and link to the stuff we read and think you might like to read too.

Kicking Bush when he’s down is fun:

Is ‘Worst President Ever’ a sufficient epithet for Bush?

Even little kids are serving it up to him now.

Premature? Withdrawal? Will Bush interrupt his Coitus Iraqius? Nup.

And there’s always Olbermann.

Climate Change:

Fitting in nicely with my article (Climate Cops) below, Climate Change: The Heart of the Matter.

Much ado about the Climate Change Swindle.

Those naughty scientists are always feathering their own nests.

The Home Front of the GWOT:

David Eastman (AFP chief, Colin Winchester’s supposed murderer) kept his flat (just up the road from here) for years, may have it still for all I know, at the ACT Govt’s expense. Dr Mohamed Haneef is getting evicted after just one week. Advising that it is not their responsibility to look after the accommodation of detained persons, the police apparently also said that ‘releasing Dr Haneef would make it more difficult to monitor his movements and who he talked to, in Australia and overseas.’ … Probably true.

I must say, Haneef must be a computer wizard to have hidden any evidence on the multiple computer devices the cops have seized. Perhaps there’s an alternate career waiting for him. Unless he’s innocent of course. And by the way, is this really the only photo of him available?