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Simpsons Theme A Cappella

Had to share this.

Email Vulnerabilities


Users of Facebook’s friend finder may have noticed a newish facility, pictured above, which allows Facebook to find friends of yours already on Facebook by riffling through your email account’s contact list. They say they won’t store your password or contact anyone without your permission. It is ‘the fastest and most effective way to find your friends on Facebook’. Awfully convenient what?

It reminded me that I recently received the following email from a friend’s Hotmail account:

Subject: Urgent Request
Date: 16 August 2008 2:02:42 PM

[

Pimp My Text

Over on the Concat, my mate john has been ravinmg about the iPod Touch, Apoles new version of the iPod with an iphone-like touch screen and web browsing ability. He has been quick to defend the Touch’s tyoe-writng facility which apparently overcomes the sloppy flailings of fat human fingers by ‘predicting’ what the hell you’re trying to type by the proximity of the keys you recklessly foindle to those tyhat could conceibcably be a part of actual wordss, then fixing it up for youi. My question is, when are they going to add this facility to normal keyborards?

The iPod Touck. Photo by john Griffiths

Photo by John Griffiths

The New Black

For quite a while I’ve been having an argument with myself about the colour scheme on Loadedog, wondering if the black background is off-putting or hard to read or whatever. I look at white sites and feel like they’re so clean and wholesome and good. Opening them up sometimes it’s like a heavenly choir sings a sacred chord. But not anymore.

I just received an email from a buddy telling me about a fellow called Mark Ontkush who wrote an article speculating that, if every Google search page was rendered in white on black rather than black and blue on white, the energy savings world-wide from CRT monitors using approximately 20% less energy would amount to 750 megawatts a year. Interestingly, Google has responded with a black version, called Blackle, which lacks all but a basic search, but is very black.

For my own part, having a black site has probably saved the world around 50 watts or so, and counting, so nyahh to all you pristine, energy-hogging, white sites. Nyahh!

UPDATE: Then again, maybe it’s all a crock of shit.