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I am liking this song by Sigur Ros. The video is also pretty cool, but possibly not safe for work.

Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook

Take Your Medicine

Medicinal Sunday, The Front, Sunday 26th July, 2009

by Alice Russel-Wallace

Sunday evenings are apt to become lost in a maelstrom of organisation and regret: between backwards glances to the weekend past and dubious anticipation of the week ahead, the quiet time that is Sunday soir can get lost. Wouldn’t it be lovely if there were a tonic for this? If some traveling medicine man could provide a cure for your aching head and a salve for your overwrought nerves?

Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen. Lookee see what I have here. For you, yes you Sir with the impending deadline. A dose of my fine Medicinal Sunday Patent-Pending Cure-All Tonic will do you the world of good! And you, Ma’am, with the dark eyes that speak of a stomach churning thanks to yesterday’s hangover and tomorrow’s 8am meeting. I guarantee that a tablespoon of this will get you bright and bushy tailed before Basil Brush can say “Boom Boom”. Yes indeedy, my fine tonic, Medicinal Sunday, will unfurrow that brow and throw your cares out the window. Step right up, ladies and gents, to skip your way back out into your world…

But this is Canberra, and in these parts that medicine man is known as Min Mae. On Sunday she soothed our collective brows with Medicinal Sunday, a tonic comprising in equal parts the talents of The Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders, Alice Cottee and Fifi Noir.

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Casual Projects: Time

Local band Casual Projects sent me a little note advising they’ve released a video for their song, Time. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s good.

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The Feldons: Down on Time

James Montgomery, singer, guitarist and, if they follow the usual pattern, manager, promoter, roadie, graphic designer and fluffer of local band, The Feldons, felt compelled to send me this item, which I presume is their latest video. If you like good electric guitar pop, random band performance shots in black and… dark grey interspersed with purloined vintage footage of a drunken circus freak party, and who doesn’t, you may well find this worth three minutes and ten seconds of your time.

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Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens: Looking in from the Outside

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Dr Stovepipe: Recognised

Here’s the result of the recently touted Dr Stovepipe video filmed out at Tuggeranong Homestead

Zwish Video Clip: Toy Boy

Mildly amusing video clip from local band Zwish. Warning! Don’t watch if you are offended by Lego character nudity and sexual references.

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The Cashews. A Music Video

Somebody with a UTube ID of Qednet has put together this rather good video of The Cashews playing at Sunday’s Walk Against Warming here in Canberra.

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Tom Woodward: Drinking the Dregs.

Another addition to our local music video collection, this one hot off the press from Tom Woodward. Filmed at the legendary Masquerade Ball at Albert Hall, it features lots of dark, blurry images of people in masks and bosom-enhancing bustier-type things.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/Cb12Mw_CehY" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Barrel of Monkeys – Physical

Adding to our small and slowly growing collection of local bands’ music videos, this track from Barrel of Monkeys, their cover of Olivia Newton John’s version of the song ‘Physical’.

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Little Smoke: Rocker

Little Smoke have produced a music video for their song ‘Rocker’

Zwish: Hey You

Local band, Zwish, who were guests on Insatiable Banalities #63, sent me an email yesterday advising they have completed a music video for their song ‘Hey You’. It involves mainly gratuitous pole dancing and car washing scenes. Unfortunately for facile male viewers like moi, the ‘talent’ is not that attractive, and the ladies in the band, who are definitely spunks of a high order, make only a cameo appearance.

On the other hand, credit to them for not stooping to the lowest common denominator. And on the other other hand, how about I just shut up and you play the video. Just quickly however, I’ve decided to make a new category called ‘Music Video’, which this post, and any others featuring local bands’ music videos will go in. We’ll scour the airwaves for what’s available, but if anyone would like to submit a video, feel free.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/NCwJkT8er0c" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

VB Drops in Strength: The Veebees to Blame?

Localish band, The Veebees, who we plucked from obscurity into relatively less obscurity in Podcast #47, may soon find themselves joining Boony, Botham and other similarly rotund sportsbastards selling Australia’s iconic booner sportsbeer, Victoria Bitter (v.4.8%).

Hot off the news wires comes the not-so-surprising news that the boys are to have their recently produced music video for the song ‘Drive-Thru Bottlo’ aired on the forthcoming series of Blokes World, which insiders kindly describe as ‘a 30 minute VB ad with its tits out’. Other songs from their two albums will also apparently play throughout the series (scroll down to view video).

As exciting as that may be, it’s not really a surprise because: I’m pretty sure we discussed the idea during the podcast (15th minute), they are named after the major sponsor, they play a ‘lager’ phone (though I believe they are considering upgrading to a bitterphone) and they are genuinely funny bastards with no intellectual pretentions whatsoever. In short, they are the perfect booner boofhead band for a booner boofhead beer advertorial.

Norro, the band’s energetic singer and lagerphone maestro (lagophonist to be correct) said of the recently concluded negotiations:

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