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Um, Yeah, Right

News reports that Noah’s Ark has been found in Turkey have rounded out a bizarre week or so of news in which archeologists in Poland have uncovered the remains of Jack’s beanstalk, a herd of unicorns (what is the collective noun for unicorns?) was discovered in remote New Zealand and the New York Times exposed the truth behind speculation that Barack Obama is actually a foreign born Muslim intent on destroying America.

Oh. Seems it was a hoax. No, really?

Spong Does Canberra

I’d never heard of Bishop Spong, but when a dear friend told me a bit about his teachings and that he was coming to town, I felt strangely compelled to go, possibly partly because I harbour unclean thoughts about my friend, as you do. For the similarly uninitiated, John Shelby Spong is a retired Anglican Bishop from New Jersey and liberal theologian.

Reports that the Sydney Anglican Bishops were quietly frothing about Spong’s appearance at the Commondreams Conference spiked my non-conjugal interest in the affair, and so it was that I was whisked off to the Albert Hall on Tuesday night, the moon midway through Zeus’ ring of fire… or something like that, and me having neglected to take a cigarette lighter with me.

Ordinarily this isn’t a problem as there are normally a few smokers around to give you a light, and approaching the entrance I was comforted to see quite a few people standing outside like smokers do these days, only to realise on closer inspection that they were all staring at the sky… and not a glowing fag end in sight!!

Bishop Spong

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