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Soup Kitchen Review #2

My second soup kitchen review is of Northbourne House, situated at Forbes St Turner. With the sun shining and the weather at a balmy 21 degrees, I couldn”t think of a better thing to do than grab a snack.

Northbourne House has a slight rustic feel to it, positioned under several towering oaks that litter the north side; one is privy to a feeling of serenity and calm.

The distinct aroma of BBQ sausages greeted me as I approached. I was served immediately, and asked only for my name in return.

A side salad with water or cordial to drink was also available with the sausages. The salad was crisp and tangy, providing the perfect accompaniment to the char grilled snags.

After lunch I made my way inside where I found a piano, should anyone want to play it. The walls were adorned with various newspaper articles to provide some light reading while eating lunch.

Northbourne house is open Monday ” Friday, 12.30 ” 4pm

Soup Kitchen Review #1

This series of soup kitchen reviews begins at “The Blue Door Drop-in Centre” situated at Ainslie Village. Located only a stone’s throw away from Limestone Avenue, one is immediately greeted by an overwhelming sense of tranquility upon entering the village.

I wandered slowly toward “The Blue Door Drop-in Centre” where I was welcomed by several patrons relaxing casually on the verandah. After I made my way inside I sat down for what I hoped to be a delicious meal.

No table service here, instead food is lined along the wall allowing patrons to choose for themselves. For my lunch I decided on soup and bread; admittedly they were the only things available but nevertheless they both looked very inviting. Soup was served in a polystyrene cup with bread laid out beside it. The soup was surprisingly warm even though I had arrived toward the end of lunch. Delicious and chunky were two thoughts that sprang to mind when dipping my buttered bread into my soup that was littered with fragrant and tasty chunks of meat.

It”s hard to go wrong with instant tea and coffee and “The Blue Drop-in Centre” is no different. The coffee was hot and sweet, which is good enough for me.

Also located at Ainslie Village is “The Lodge” which is where most of “The Blue Door Drop in Centres” patrons come from. Funded by the ACT mental health services through ACT health and community care, their aim is to provide long term residential support to males over 18 years of age who suffer from dual diagnosis including mental health and drug and alcohol issues.

The drop in centre is open for lunch everyday from 9am -2pm Monday ” Friday and 12pm ” 3pm on Saturday