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Beautiful. Strange. Eerie. Visceral. Hypnotic. Luminous. Watch it (slightly NSFW). PS. Found it here.

Seven Days with Seven Dogs

Seven Days with Seven Dogs

Braidwood filmmakers Billie Dean and Andrew Einspruch of Laughing Owl Productions are set to release their latest film, Seven Days with Seven Dogs (A Dog-umentary), with an invite-only launch at Canberra’s Dendy Theatre on Tuesday 11th Dec at 11am. Would you like to join Loadedog in attending the premiere (we’re going on the basis one of our songs is embedded in the film)? Andrew has kindly offered two tickets to Culturazians (that I forgot to add to Culturazi on Thursday) which you can win simply by emailing us here, subject ‘Going to the dogs’.

Alternatively, Andrew and Billie have secured a second, public screening at Dendy for Saturday 16th Dec at 6.30pm to which you are all cordially invited.