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Haunted Attics 6 track self titled EP

by Kandy A

Sorry about the delay in sending this in, would’ve been good to have it in before the cd launch at Transit bar about a month ago. I’ll make up for it by posting half a page worth of simpering praise for these young talents.

Haunted Attics' selftitles cd

Formerly the Lavans, the HA’s understand pop music, and these 6 tracks are full of classic pop hooks that made listening to it over and over a pleasure. Rich innovation, emotive vocals and the depth that comes from having a 5-piece rounds out these songs, many of which show the lendings from bygone eras of pop brought to the fore.

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The Veebees ‘Get it in ya’. A Review

by Kandy A

The VEEBEES have released a new album, sort of.

Employing their new, unfathomable marketing tactic of putting out their 1st 2 cds on one cd, making their new cd their old cds, not to be confused with their newsest cd (“crack us anotha”2007) which is now also their old cd.

Also, this is the old Veebees lineup – before Simo left Tommo and Glenno, and Glenno and Tommo got Davo and Norro.

Now seems an appropriate time to point out that both “Get it in ya” (2001) and “Fair dinkum rock ‘n’ roll” (2001) which are put together on the new release are mastered by Kimmo (Kimmo Vennonen, of KV Productions – Ed). There is a bonus track (“no worries”) engineered by Gordo.

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The Amazing Haunted Attics EP Giveaway

Haunted Attics EP

I feel I was a bit remiss in not making a hoo ha in yesterday’s edition of Culturazi about the imminent release of Haunted Attics’ self-titled EP, set to be launched as part of next Thursday’s Live from the Underground at Transit Bar. What can I say? I was drunk, it was late and I had to go to work early in the morning so didn’t really proof it that well.

Anyway, I’m going to somewhat amend the oversight by mentioning it here. The main thing I want to say is that I have five copies of the EP here in my hot little desk shelf unit, the which the band gave us to do with as we will. Which is to give them away to people. But not without the usual strings attached, ie. you have to write down some of your thoughts about the album for everyone here to read. Or at the very least give me a back rub.

Those not acquainted with Haunted Attics might like to de-unacquaint themselves via Podcast #19 of Insatiable Banalities from way back in 2005 when the boys were known as The Lavans (a much better name I reckon, but whatever). Or from their myspace. We’re fans of their music and think the EP’s great (only criticism, too short), but we don’t want to review it, prefering to let you, our dear readers, do it for us.

Email us at youshouldknowtheemailaddy@loadedog.com and we will get you a copy somehow.

CD Review: Rafe Morris. ‘It’s not as Shit as it Looks’

by Kandy A

Rafe's CD

Obligatory disclosure: I’m already a certified badge wearing Rafe Morris fan.

You might have seen him singing and playing up swirls of fun times with Dahahoo, or laughing through his swag of solo songs, in which case you are probly a fan, too.

This entirely accurately titled cd, ”not as shit as it looks”, contains a bunch of Rafe’s recent efforts. Despite the… minimalist artwork, there’s a lotta music packed into these tunes, with most of Dahahoo poping in here and there, obligatory Dan Kempers (what do other cities do for drummers?) and a few other fine friends too, so that this cd is Rafe+.

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