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Jazz Manouche (Clankenstein, Wim Glenn, Ewan MacKenzie) @ The Front, Wed 1st Apr, 2010
by Jacqui D

Having arrived late and been asked to do a music review at the door, I wasn’t exactly prepared.  However I sought a vantage point and started listening, both to the music and to the people around me.  It’s 7/8 timing that makes Romanian gypsy music, I was informed by the reliable sources around me. Write that down. Yeah, get that down. And yep that’s a hammer dulcimer or cymbalom, that table thing that fella is playing.

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Live Music Outside in the Afternoon

Around 100 people turned up at the top of Mt Stromlo yesterday afternoon to see Hashemoto and the Ellis Collective play in the burnt-out hull of the Yale-Columbia Telescope. Click a thumbnail to enter the image browser.

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Bike Naked Ride World

I rode my bicycle, completely naked, over Kings Avenue Bridge today. I wonder how many people have had that pleasure? Halfway across, the AFP, who had been casting an inhibiting shadow over us since we convened in Glebe Park, cruised past and turned into Wendourie Drive near the Carillon in an apparent attempt to intercept me. I thought it apt to put my boxers back on at that point and, approaching, decided it was equally apt to proceed directly towards the copper heading from the car in my general direction.

‘Just keep those on’ he said. I thanked him for being very reasonable, especially considering he failed to mention my absent helmet. And despite maintaining a vigilant watch on such activities as were readily accessible via car (what, no bike patrol – perhaps they were reticent to appear part of the parade?), and despite making it clear that this naked bike ride wasn’t going to have any actual nudity involved, the cops were fairly amiable and even seemed to quite enjoy themselves at times.

There was a bit of nudity nevertheless. Besides my own miniscule effort, another fellow removed the last remaining piece of his clothing, a ragged scrap of muslin, for a naked mile in front of our august lakeside institutions, and a number of the ladies appeared seemingly miraculously (out the bushes) in Glebe Park clad only in bottom undergarments (and helmets) but daubed with colourful non-toxic paint on their bosoms which is apparently where the ‘law’ draws the line at ‘nudity’.

Thus the first ever Canberra edition of the World Naked Bike Ride came and went, without quite reaching critical mass, without altering the status quo or ending our reliance of petrochemicals. Nor were many feathers ruffled. One lady, sitting on the edge of the castle in Commonwealth Park, remarked loudly that we all looked disgusting. She wasn’t much of a looker even with her saggy bits covered, and she was also in the minority. Most were at worst bemused and at best delighted.

Naked Bike Ride

The Band Broke Up #2 – pics

The Band Broke Up #2

The Band Broke Up #1 – Pics

The Band Broke Up

The Band Broke Up @ The Front, Tuesday 14th Oct, with Alison Procter, Alice Cottee, Pete Lyon, Teddy Conrick and host Matty Ellis. Also check video report on RiotACT here.

The Band Broke Up

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Roadside Sign Story

Road Side Signs

Pasha’s Lounge

For whatever reason, only about 50 people turned up for the CMC’s second show (following the resounding success of the Cashews cd launch the week before it was bound to be an anti-climax), but Pasha’s was still a great evening (I reckon, and yes, I admit bias) and the CMC will be hiring the DNA Studio again in the future.

Lounge was the operative word for the evening, with the RiotACT crew going so far as to bring their own futon and bedding. That some of them took the opportunity to catch a few z’s was more a reflection of their drinking habits combined with soporific cosiness than any reflection on the music which was outstanding (out of modesty I exclude my own band from that comment). I took a few pictures, just a small selection because I was too busy unfortunately, but we do have (single camera fixed) video and a multi-track recording of the whole show which might see the light of day one day. Click the picture to see the gallery. And more pictures at RiotACT here.

Pasha's Lounge

Electionalia Pics

Late, these are, because the person who took ’em, the charming Pling (who has graciously allowed them to be posted here – thanks mate), delivered them just a week or so ago. It then took me till now to remember how to”bejigger the folder so the gallery would work. So that’s why the hell I’m posting now these photos,”from way back in November 2007, of”the infamous Electionalia, a combined Backanalia/Election Party. It proved to be”a fabulous way to send off John Howard and co. Gee it seems like a long time ago now…

Electionalia pics

PS. One thing I like about these Simpleviewer galleries is, once all the large-sized”images have loaded, and after you’ve clicked on one of the thumbnails, you can scroll through just by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.”If you”do it really fast it looks sorta cool.

Music pics #9

Yep, another collection of local music pics.

Band Pics #9 Link

Corinbank Pics

Again as promised, a few photos from Corinbank, admittedly a fairly paltry collection.

Corinbank Pics

UPDATE: I added a dozen or so images from the other memory card that I forgot about, including the one of Alison Procter kissing Drummer Dan. Also check out some other Corinbank pics at Lushpup Images.

Band Pics #6

A new gallery of photos has been installed in Music Pics. It includes shots of The Cashews and Meatbee playing at the Celebrate Canberra thingy at Stage’88 as well as shots of Little Smoke, Scission, Magic Rob, Udo, Rays Train, Julia and the DSS, Alice Cottee, Katyusha, Lettuce Play and more.

Band Pics #6

More hail pictures: The Aftermath

Link to Hail Pictures

UPDATE: We have received photos of the mayhem in Civic last night and this morning via email from an anonymous photographer. They’ve been added to the above gallery. If the photographer would like credit, please contact us.

UPDATE 2: Some more photos have been added to this gallery, some of which are.. not safe for work, involving nudity (male, sorry guys) and gratuitous snow-angel activity.

Six Women Against a White Wall

I’m afraid I seem to have missed the Multicultural Festival almost entirely, but I did get to see a bit of the Fringe, being called upon to video a friend’s bands for a promotional video. The Fringe seemed reasonably successful. Wearing my photographer’s hat, the best thing on show was Six Women Against a White Wall (apologies if that’s not quite correct) which involved six women on plinths making scary faces and writhing.

It doesn’t sound like much, I’ll admit, but the ‘audience’ was transfixed. They, the audience, were encouraged to touch the lovely ladies, and many did, though when my pal got up and started hugging one of them, he was shooed down, despite the fact that Jorian Gardner, Director of the Fringe, had done the same thing a minute before. Oh well.

Six Women Against a White Wall

Finding Comet McNaught

Click above to see large scale pics.

People of the long-toothed variety will recall the giant dud that was Halley’s Comet, which created a massive sense of underwhelment in 1986, cruelling astrology as a popular science for decades, and being the single most common excuse people cite for the telescope in their cupboard to this day.

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