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Fifth Anniversary of the Backyard Backanalia

Would it rain? Perhaps everyone was heading to Majors Creek who decided to host their festival on the same weekend. Still it was summer(ish) and the moon was full although a little late in rising and the time had arrived for another fabulous Backyard Backanalia.

Warming our cockles and tickling our underbellies began with a surprise blackboard appearance by Beth’n’Ben who seemingly go from strength to strength. Maybe it was the matching jeans, vests and sunglasses or maybe it was the plastic carnations that graced Ben’s manly frame, whatever it was the dynamic duo managed to fire up the appreciably large early crowd and set the stage for another musical feast.

And what a feast it was! Rachel Armstrong blew everyone away with her poise and music. Sidney Creswick, recent ACT winners of the campus band comp partied with the younger set and the lettuces in the garden. Owen Campbell, after months overseas, popped in to give us a taste of his brilliant slide guitar and rasping blues while men with ridiculous hats and even more silly capes, Nozl, closed out the louder part of the evening.

The entrees and main courses greedily consumed, it was time for dessert. Despite having to lug her piano by bicycle all the way back from Majors Creek, Bec Taylor managed to get back in time for Hashemoto who enchanted us with another vintage performance.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Baccy without The Cashews. Playing from the balcony they tossed around another helping of nutty goodness aided by an impromptu table dance from Dr Jim Boots.

As the moon got higher the party wound on. The faithful gathered around the fire basking in the afterglow of yet another awesome Backyard Backanalia. Who knows if it really was the last, but it was sublime.

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Backyard Backanalia, 27th March, 2010

A few shots of Saturday’s Backanalia. Click a thumbnail to open the image browser gallery.

Update: More pics added by David Howe.

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Stateline Clip

For those of you still searching for the Stateline piece on the Backyard Backanalia, Guerrilla Gig and Bootleg Sessions, here’s the youtube clip, thoughtfully recorded and uploaded by Johnboy at The RiotACT.

Backyard Backanalia, 2nd March 2009

Saturday evening last saw the final Backanalia of the 2008/9 season, held in its new location in deepest darkest suburban inner north Canberra. By all accounts it seemed to go off very nicely with great performances by the aptly named Fun Machine, Julia and The Deep Sea Siren, Simone Penkethman, The Wedded Bliss and Dr Stovepipe (with a little bit of Fireside Revelry thrown in gratis). Also, no complaints from the neighbours.

Backyard Backanalia

It was back to the Backanalias of old, with lots of kids amongst a broad age range present, a pleasantly packed house, beautiful weather, crackling fire bins and a general ambience of bon homie. Or so I felt it. I hope the Stateline cameras were able to capture some of that feeling, they having partially inspired the staging of this Backanalia as they wanted to film local ‘underground’ music in action for a segment possibly airing on Friday. So we’ll see. They also filmed the Guerrilla Gig the next day and The Bootleg Sessions at the Phoenix on Monday, both of which were great gigs in their own special way.

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Backanalia Tonight

The weather is simply gorgeous and tonight’s Backyard Backanalia is subtitled Obamanalia. Three days later the ‘Free World’ gets a new leader, a man who has so many people’s hopes on his shoulders that we should probably all get used to a sense of profound disappointment, but in these last few days before the advent, hope springs eternal and in that spirit we’d like to dedicate this Backy (as it’s affectionately known), not so much to Obama as to that spirit of hope, the hope for a better, kinder, saner, fairer, more sustainable and more musical world.

CMC members only, 7-11pm (doors 6pm), members only + one guest each)
Entry is free, there will be a free sausage sizzle, everything else is BYO and we will pass around a hat for the musicians who will be, in no particular order:

The Fuelers, The CashewsFire on the Hill, Lachlan Coventry, Johnny Huckle, The Bluffhearts.

Ding Dong Her Work is Done

Ding Dong

We are bemused to announce that Margaret of Ainslie, our neighbour, who single-handedly fought the good fight to rid our street of any signs of life and culture, has done so even though she fully intended to up and leave a few months later. Such selflessness. Such benevolence. The neighbourhood will perhaps be dismayed to learn that there now stands nothing between them and a complete outbreak of lawless merry making, nothing that is, except for the fact that we also are leaving, our lease being up and the landlord apparently moving in.

Is it possible that Margaret, who admitted on 666 ABC that it was she who complained to our real estate agent (who then issued a cease and desist letter regarding the Backyard Backanalia), has also been involved in our dismissal? I guess we’ll never know, but fans of Margaret can cherish the possibility that her final gift to the neighbourhood was to rid it of us for good.

As Margaret told us during our pre-emptive visit to discuss the Backanalia with her (which she denied ever happened, to the Chief Minister no less), she was desirous of moving to ‘a better area’ of Ainslie, so we can’t accept credit for having moved her on. Residents of ‘better areas’ of Ainslie can only hope that Margaret and her charming maltese terrier are heading their way.

Backanalia Cancelled Again

Sorry to those of you who were planning to attend, and those who were going to play, but we have decided to cancel tonight’s Backanalia due to persistent gusty wind and the threat of rain. It was a tough decision but the good news is all the infrastructure is in place for a show and we may well just do the same line-up next Saturday, 20th Dec, depending on everyone’s availability of course.

Backanalia Cancelled

Sorry folks, we’re pulling the plug. The confluence of big angry clouds and a small, possibly justifiably, angry woman, has given us the willies. Hope to see you at the next first one in December at the new location. Also, if you want to see how these things play out in the public domain, check this.

Frockanalia Pics

Frockanalia Pics

Frockin “ell

Frockanalia, Backyard Backanalia, Sat 21st Jun, 2007.

by Charlie

Well my my…. it”s amazing the things that can happen when you put on a dress…strange gestures…accentuated S”s…. the words “Sweety” and “Darling” instantly take up %50 of your vocabulary and you start using words like “ensemble” in order to describe an outfit.

Last Saturday was indeed a Grande Affair at Loadedog Headquarters for the first winter backyard gig… Frockanalia!!! Many of the menfolk scared the punters at the North Ainslie Primary fete as they decided to frock up instead of paying the $5 penalty and it was quite a sight when they all lined up at the front of the stage for photo ops. Such a sight we had to attach a pic. I think you”ll find a clear winner in the purple ensemble.

There were some stella performances with Tabatha Omaji, Ashley Walsh, Cathy Petocz and the Glaciers springing out. The wine flowed, the food may or may not have done the same and once the official music was done with there was much singing around the campfire. To think the Gods almost ruined it with bad weather, then pulled glorious sun and blue skies out of the bag at the last minute.

Frockanalia is go

I tell ya I can’t believe our luck . It’s one of those beautiful, crisp, sunny, Canberra winter days! Perfect for sitting around in a back yard listening to music.

Get thee to the Frock! In a Frock. And have a frocking good time!

Frockanalia Weather Watch

The Frockanalia, previously rated a 50/50 chance of going ahead, has much brighter prospects following a revision of the Bureau of Meteorology’s forecast:

Forecast for Saturday
A fine, mainly sunny day with light to moderate southwest to westerly winds.
Precis: Fine, mostly sunny.
City: Min 2 Max 14
Tuggeranong: Min 2 Max 14

Chance of rainfall: 10%.
Winds on Lake: Southwest to westerly winds 10 to 20km/hr

A final announcement will appear here by 9am or so.

Electionalia Pics

Late, these are, because the person who took ’em, the charming Pling (who has graciously allowed them to be posted here – thanks mate), delivered them just a week or so ago. It then took me till now to remember how to”bejigger the folder so the gallery would work. So that’s why the hell I’m posting now these photos,”from way back in November 2007, of”the infamous Electionalia, a combined Backanalia/Election Party. It proved to be”a fabulous way to send off John Howard and co. Gee it seems like a long time ago now…

Electionalia pics

PS. One thing I like about these Simpleviewer galleries is, once all the large-sized”images have loaded, and after you’ve clicked on one of the thumbnails, you can scroll through just by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.”If you”do it really fast it looks sorta cool.

Backyard Backanalia Goes Nuts

Backyard Backanalia

The above picture is a view of the Backyard Backanalia, taken from ‘The Gallows’, during Earth Hour. We didn’t turn out all the lights as you can see, safety being a factor, but the majority of lighting was extinguished for approximately an hour at approximately 8pm as the crowd, at that stage numbering around 250, was entertained by Andi and George and crew in an acoustic drum jam.

The official door count at the end was 310 but the Ladies (and child) of the Door advise this was an underestimation (it’s difficult to remember to do a tick for every single entry), not to mention that kids weren’t counted, nor band members, nor a motley assortment of freeloaders who have mastered the art of sweet-talking.

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Backyard Backanalia, 23rd Feb 2008

Backanalia Review part 1 [