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The Way Hip Antelopes and Changeable Dan. The Phoenix 28th Oct, 2004

Way Hip Antelopes

With some members living interstate, The Way Hip Antelopes have not played together for a year, and before that maybe another year or more. So it was with much anticipation that a small horde crowded the Phoenix last Thursday night for a gig that was only organised the week before.

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Gertrude’s Diary #2 – Habits of Canberrans, and their sheds

Gertrude's Diary

Went to the 2XX Fundraiser on Friday 1st October. Bit of a poor turn-out, I”m afraid. What”s really sad is that there were more people watching the Karaoke in the club lounge than there were listening to the fine line-up of Canberra bands performing in the auditorium. Shame, Canberra, shame!

I guess in all fairness I should point out that it was a wet night. That”s one of the problems with living in a very dry climate; a bit of rain and everybody seems to think it”s the apocalypse. They”re all doing 120km along the Tuggeranong Parkway to get home and get the ration packs out.

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Gertrude’s Diary #1 – Dad vs Telstra

Gertrude's Diary

My father phoned Telstra

Dad: ‘I want to report some nuisance calls.’

Telstra: ‘Certainly Sir…’ etc. (I am, you are, we were Australian). ‘Now Sir, do you know who’s been making these calls?”

Dad: ‘Yes, it’s Telstra’.

They’ve stopped hassling him to give them his business. One down, only several thousand telemarketing companies to go.

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