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On Nudism and Pedophilia

‘5.30 till 6.30 “David Lord” Magician Extraodonaire (sic). His magic is so funny it’ll make you laugh.’

Well thank goodness it wont make you shit your pants. The above was taken from the programme of the Elephant Rock First Annual Nude Performing Arts Festival which is happening 22nd-24th Jan near Brisbane somewhere.

Strictly a ‘naturist’ event, rather than a leery pervy event, only adult couples are allowed to go and cameras are banned. More info at nude-aus.org where we also learned that on Jan 29 the Free Beach Association of Queensland is holding a dinner at a winery. Strangely it has a fancy dress theme. They offer the helpful advice – ‘bow-tie at least’. [Read more →]

Who’s Penis is That?

We just had a few more hours sleep and feel almost recovered after a weekend that set new standards in debauchery and sleep deprivation. (Formerly Bonkers) Bunny’s birthday party was the main event, and we’ll be posting some pictures from it later. To set a couple of racing hearts to ease, we wont be posting a picture of the girl flashing her breasts at us (unless she says we can), nor the shot of those two people who were in our bed early in the morning.

There is one naughty picture we’re going to post though. It was rather a wonderful coincidence really. The camera had been misplaced for a while. We found it at about seven in the morning, and we were idly discussing what we thought could become a new social phenomenon of people temporarily stealing people’s digital cameras, taking some lurid photos, then returning them.

To digress a little, it reminds us of a wedding we went to where, as seems to be becoming common, throwaway cameras were provided to all the tables. This was the beginning of our interest in taking photos of women’s armpits, quite a few of which were taken that night. [Read more →]

City Girl Diary Entry #1

Hi everyone. It’s very exciting to finally be here in Canberra. We had a great time at our first party here last Saturday. We were so happy to meet so many of you that night, and hopefully we’ll meet the rest of you later, as time allows.

It was great to be able to sit in with the boys (Slim Pickens and Round John Virgin – Ed). Even though I didn’t have any idea what I was doing, it all seemed to sound good and there was a smattering of applause for the occasional song, so it can’t have been too bad.

City Girl

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Odd Hail Stones

We just had a brilliant hail storm in two bursts here. The first was fairly average: pea size stones accompanied by torrential rain for 10 minutes. Then we had a lull. The next installment was heralded by the arrival of a small number of much larger stones, about the size of a twenty cent coin. At first they were normal white, roundish stones, but as the deluge increased, other, stranger shapes appeared.It was fun watching them bounce off the trampoline.

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The Day After Tomorrow; A Review

Gertrude's Diary

Subtitled: Oh, why don”t people listen?

If you would like to see this movie, then don”t read this review. It”s a spoiler. If you have already seen it, or feel sure that nothing could induce you to watch such execrable rubbish, then read on. [Read more →]