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INSATIABLE BANALITIES #14. Tom Woodward et al

Recorded on Sunday 19th June, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #14’s guests are Zoe (from Crazybrave), Tom Woodward and James Nicholls (from The Henchmen, Konrad Lenz and The Lenzmen [not this Lenzmen) and, recently, Hand Pallet Jack) and Sky (from The Lenzmen and Blame it on the Moon). All songs in the ‘cast are recorded live.

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Gertrude’s Diary #10

Gertrude's Diary

Some months ago I endured the tedium of an afternoon of intensive sales pitching aimed at sucking people into an overpriced vacation club. They employed all the tricks; pretty pictures, personable sales people, mock-up hotel rooms, instant finance; and for the pi”ce-de-r”sistance, an audio-visual presentation of a tackiness I”ve rarely seen, complete with cheesy image spins, screen splits and other home-made effects. [Read more →]

Memoirs of a Suburban Drug Dealer, Part 3

For a while I couldn’t find anyone to supply me with hash or pot to sell, and in my personal life things weren’t going so good, so I was pretty much open to anything that came along. The household I was living with down by the railway track in Enmore fell apart a bit, and I lost this job I had in an office packing financial reports into boxes.

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Recorded on Tuesday 14th June, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #13’s special guests are The Cashews, Alison Procter and Pete Lyon. The music is beautiful, gentle and sweet with gorgeous harmonies and clever interplay between the two guitars. The songs are local in inspiration, with references to local landmarks like the Tuggeranong Parkway and Sullivan’s Creek, and universal in appeal. All the music in this show is recorded live during the podcast.Scroll below to see the track list and a summary of the insatiably banal topics of conversation. [Read more →]


Recorded on Sunday 5th June, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #12’s special guest is Katina Curtis, journalism student and editor of one of University of Canberra’s three student rags, ‘Now UC’.

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Gertrude’s Diary #9

Gertrude's Diary

This news just in. Schapelle Corby is a pretty girl in an unfortunate situation. Indonesia is not Australia. Cultural imperialism is alive and well.

And isn”t the response just marvelous? Powder flying everywhere through the mails of Australia; thrilling really, living in the national capital. One never knows just which noxious biological agent might turn up; anthrax, unidentified bacterial spores, Avon talcum powder. What with the new vigilance, an unmarked packet of laundry detergent is cause to evacuate a building. Could be a good thing to keep in mind when you”re having a particularly bad time at work and you”ve run out of sickies. [Read more →]

Bootleg Sessions @ The Phoenix, Monday 4th June, 2005

Some may think I’ve already done enough reviews of the Bootleg Sessions at the Phoenix, or just written enough about the Phoenix full stop. Of course in some respects the criticism is valid, because there’s a wide world out there and to concentrate so much energy and attention on such a little and ostensibly non-descript microcosm within it is to ignore some of the wonderful, bizarre and truly tragic things that occur outside thereof.

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Recorded on Tuesday 31st May, 2005, Insatiable Banalities, podcast #11 sees regular crew Johnboy and Jim Boots host the other members of Jim’s band Caution Horses: Graeme Bayles, Leo Rose and Beth Tully.

Scroll below to see the track list and a summary of the insatiably banal topics of conversation.

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Memoirs of a Suburban Drug Dealer, Part 2

Loadedog finally came through with the second payment, so here’s my next thousand words”

As you may recall, I left Canberra for Sydney at the age of nineteen. Almost immediately I hooked up with a dealer I knew from Canberra who had moved up some time before. He was a crazy Indian guy, possibly the most annoying dealer I ever had. He always wanted me to hang around when I went to buy, then he would assault me with his twisted logic. His pet hate was fags, something that always made me wonder about his own persuasion, though he’d left a wife and two kids in Canberra.

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