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INSATIABLE BANALITIES #34. Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens

On this week’s show, the Christmas/New Years special, we are joined by Julia Johnson and Yo (who also plays with Atlatl) from Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens (JDSS), a relatively new Canberra band based around the song writing, singing and guitar playing skills of Julia, a very talented and willowy young woman.

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Chiffon #4

What an excellent weekend I had. But it was not without its worries. As I have already told you my car is broke and I have to find money so I can bail the bugger out before she goes to maximum security. And then my music she is stuck so there is much quietness in my world.

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Gertrude’s Xmas Message

Gertrude's Diary

As everyone knows, the Festive Season is a time for celebrating, a time for getting dressed up and making an impression. It is also a time of year when we can be subject to insecurities about our appearance. For those of you who may be experiencing doubt about your attractiveness to the opposite sex, I include here a few handy tips for feeling good about yourself.

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Podcast 33 – Johnboy, Jim Boots, Kandy A, Gertrude & Sharkie on Black Tuesday.

We don’t have a guest band this week so, unfortunately, we talk a pile of it, but do manage to play some music, and did I mention the witty (drunken) banter (crap)?

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Chiffon #3

I am getting into this telling of my day, however, if my day is up the creek you must handle it I hope.

Today was a bastard I broke down today first thing. This morning. It is going to cost lot money, a whole lot of spending money. POOP!

Now I am not very happy but who cares, who gives a care in the world, perhaps I am depressed but this could then mean I am bi-polar. I wonder if perhaps I say that the T.V. is telling me things that would do it.

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Go Sing it on a Mountain

Local band The Cashews have previously shown an ability to adopt and adapt clever and unusual methods of presenting their music, being one of the only bands in Canberra to try the ‘backyard’ gig and jumping on the Insatiable Banalities bandwagon before we’d even got the wheels properly attached.

So when I heard they were doing a ‘Guerilla Gig’ at an undisclosed locale in Canberra I was intrigued and kept my ears peeled for the announcement, given just an hour before the gig started, of the location. Cleverly (on the Cashews part again) my peeled ears only had to await the dulcet message tones on my mobile phone which advised the gig was on top of Mount Ainslie, about a kilometre up the hill from my place. [Read more →]


Our special guests are Changeable Dan, back from a short hiatus and ready to terrorise the dance floors of live music venues around the Nation’s Capital, a town that singer/guitarist Sandy Meischke compares to Melbourne with the charming simile of a fair compared to a morgue (Canberra being the morgue of course). Also present were the Dan’s manager Bruce Ryan, Katina Curtis and the full cast of regulars.

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Chiffon #2

Hullo, and welcome to the second edition of my opinion.. An article consisting of things I have seen and heard and believe me what I have not done is probably not worth me doing. The thing, The vibe needs input, my input.

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Canberra’s Alt.country outfit THE LENDERS join us on 29 Nov for IB 31 and bring us lots of their songs, both live studio and cd tracks (from the CD ‘Wire’) this podcast. The Lenders bake a soulful country pie that just seems to taste right.

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