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Chiffon #6

Hello, well after much pressure, I have to tell you this thing about how I come to be writing this where I am writing it. Let me start. Not long ago, maybe a year or two ago, I was living in the bush, on a old acreage and as I had a number of animals I was not lonely. Toward the approach of autumn I received a call from one of my many friends, and she informed me of a young gentleman who was in need of manure for a gardening project and asked whether I would allow him to clean my many animal pens in order for him to have a load of manure. This I was only too glad to do. I expected him the next day.

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It”s Kandy A, Gertrude, Johnboy, Jim Boots and Katina in residence, with special guest Hugo Kelly from Crikey, our only guest ever to have a Wikipedia entry. Unfortunately (or not, as the case may be), Hugo left Crikey a few days after recording this show (more details here), evidence of a IB curse perhaps?

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Sophie Haviland, Alex Asch, Mitchee the kid and Sharkie join regulars Jim Boots, John Boy, Gertrude and Kandy A, bringing a bag of Sophie and Alex’s songs, performed in-pod with collaborations aplenty. As usual tho, there’s plenty of banter.

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