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Gertrude and Kandy A return from their recent hiatus for a meeting with the legendary Konrad Lenz, who appeared in Insatiable Banalities #10 and returned to play some more music, to fill us in on his new job and to give us the benefit of his wide ranging intellectual pursuits.There are seven songs in this podcast, five played live, four of which are Konrad’s own compositions, plus two pre-recorded tracks featuring members of his band, The Spirits of the Dead (although he might have changed the name of the band by now, not sure). The recorded tracks (Silver Bullet Shrapnel and Even God Must Feel the Weight) were made by Konrad (alone) and Konrad and James Nichols respectively and the latter mastered by Geir Brillian.

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Canberra’s Dirty Heart

The most common complaint about Canberra is that it lacks “heart”. Resembling Kim Beazley”s famous lack ain”t no advertisement for a city, or town if you prefer, but with Beazley’s heart, the truth may well be that he, and we, haven”t found it, that most semiotically overburdened of organs, as yet.

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Queen E’s Visit a Disappointment

Some years ago I chanced upon a busker setting up for a show at Circular Quay. It was an elaborate and lengthy procedure, designed, I suppose, to draw a crowd, and through it all he kept up a stream of one-liners that kept the gathering audience highly amused.

We waited about 15 minutes until it seemed the show was about to begin when, without warning, the busker, noticing a slight drifting away from sectors of the throng, threw a mini tantrum and started to pack up, stating that there weren’t enough people there to waste his time with a show.

I was reminded of this bit of circus interruptus when, up at Parliament House the other day, the Queen went sailing past the assembled royalists (standing, I might add, in an increasingly frigid and unseasonably chilly breeze) and straight into Parliament without so much as a wave or a how’s your father.

From our position at the bottom of the forecourt, we didn’t even get a glimpse, bar a tiny flash of white as she exited the Rolls. By we, I refer to yours truly and City Girl who insisted on coming along and even made a sign for the occasion.

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INSATIABLE BANALITIES #38. Barrel of Monkeys

With Gertrude and Kandy A still away, Johnboy and Jim Boots are alone with Barrel of Monkeys, being Chris Guilt, Ben Crawford, Marc Robertson and Timus Hart (who didn’t show up).

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Chiffon #7

Many people have wanted to interview me in an effort to unravel the many mysteries that make up me. This is very important so you can gain strength from me. Before you get too concerned, it must be pointed out that I am really the best person for this job. Without further discussion I accept this position. I know there are some jealous ones among you, jealous because of me. To you I say GET OVER IT.

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Old Fogey Attends Indyfest

I made my first visit to Indyfest this year, which in its 2006 incarnation was a one day affair, hosting 36 local bands on three stages without all the ‘industry’ forum type stuff which is probably a good thing. The Greenroom in Phillip was the main venue, with O’Shea’s downstairs hosting stage two and another stage set outside in the cul de sac.

I wasn’t able to do the whole marathon, something like 16 hours if you stayed the course. I had one of those hangovers where being anywhere but in bed in the dark is a form of torture, but I persisted for about 4 hours in the afternoon and got a decent feel for the structure of the thing.

Overall the organisers deserve a big pat on the back for producing a well run festival. The promo was good, the venue was capable, the sound engineering was above adequate, the adult/all ages thing (upstairs and outside were all ages/alcohol free during the day) was sensible and the quality of the music was, at the least, on the good side of average. I’ve heard they made a small profit in the end, so good on them and may it return next year, possibly not bigger, but hopefully better.

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With Gertrude and Kandy A on sabbatical, Johnboy, Jim Boots and Sharkie are left to deal with One Way Fare, creating in the process the shoutingest pod ever, with much laughter, much yelling, six songs and even some intelligible conversation.

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