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INSATIABLE BANALITIES #57. The Cold Heart Projects

Present: John Griffiths, Jim Boots, Gertrude, Kandy A, Sharkie

Absent: No-one

Kandy A returns and three members of The Cold Heart Projects, being Andrew, Sally and Rohan, play unplugged. There’s four live recordings in the show and one track, ‘Sense of Place’, off TCHP’s forthcoming album, ‘Guide to Suburban Bliss’.

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Rat Patrol Infests Canberra

Citizens of Canberra beware, the Rat Patrol is everywhere!

But first, a digression. With global warming becoming ever more a present reality, I find it disturbing that most thinking on the issue revolves around replacing current greenhouse gas-producing power sources with equal amounts of alternative energy, with nuclear power at the forefront. While alternative, hopefully ‘clean’ power sources are obviously a necessity, our obsession with them may be part of the reason very little energy is devoted to reducing the amount of energy we consume.

There appears to be an unstated but almost universally held assumption that, whatever is done to solve the global warming problem, we in the West must maintain every aspect of our current lifestyle – the personal motorised transport (capable of reaching 100 clicks in no more than x seconds), the brilliantly lit, hopelessly energy inefficient houses…

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INSATIABLE BANALITIES #55. Are the Brave all Dead

Present: John Griffiths, Jim Boots, Gertrude, Nik the Pig, Katina Curtis

Absent: Kandy A (Northern Territory)

Are the Brave All Dead brave the podcast, ripping off four live numbers in the loungeroom, revealing that they’re good Catholic boys with catholic musical tastes and blowing the myth that rock musicians pull birds.

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