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Present: John Griffiths, Jim Boots, Gertrude, Kandy A, Sharkie, Tony

Podcast #60 is graced by the rootsy-blues with raga influence of Grass Trees, being Manas (vox), Ross (guitar) and Scott (drums. There’s six tracks recorded live in the pod plus the usual bollocks.

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Present: John Griffiths, Jim Boots, Gertrude, Kandy A, Sharkie

This show’s musical guests are GiLF (Cas, Kelly, Louise, Lauren, Laura and their manager, Sally), Canberra’s ‘premiere all-girl rock and roots band’ who play a couple of live tracks in the pod, a few more off their demo CD, and discuss, amongst other things, the joys and travails of women playing rock and roll in a male-dominated industry.

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Present: John Griffiths, Jim Boots, Gertrude, Kandy A, Sally and Zoe

Quagmire stop in to the pod before rushing off to play a Halloween gig at Toast. This explains the presence of Zoe (make-up) and Sally (support), Zoe applying a macabre veneer to the faces of Jules, Ben, Jason and Andrew while they endure the Insatiable Banalities grilling.

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Downtown Duty Free Man and the Home Brand Knight

Opening the front door the other night, 31st October to be exact, we were confronted by an alarming sight. You know the neighbourhood’s going to pot when armed villains come to the door in broad porch light and extort food.

We snuck a peek in their goody bag and were surprised to see a bottle of beer in there. Being entirely out of lollies, we offered them a beer as well. They seemed placated.

Gertrude’s Diary #26 – Goats

Gertrude's Diary

Sometimes I wish I didn”t need to sleep. I like sleeping, but it does consume a fair bit of time. During the week, I like to eat early, go to bed early, and wake up just before sunrise. That”s a sleep. Plus, you can get things done in the morning before other people wake up wanting breakfast, or clothes ironed, or lunches packed, drink bottles found. “Where”s your hat? What have you done with your school bag? No, you can”t take your jewellery box to school”. And so on.

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