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Coffee Bitch #28. Kingston National Bakery 28/09/07

Coffee Bitch

Four beans

Kingston National Bakery

The really important thing here is that this bakery cafe is open for dawn coffee.

I can attest to that, being so grateful one particular morning to discover this oasis in the early bird coffee desert.

I was stunned.

It’s a start, though the 24hr cafe’ espresso is a reality in Sydney and Melbourne, not here yet. As far as I know.

No ashtrays, no water, no bananas.

But thankyou very, very, much, for the early start.

Tom Woodward: Drinking the Dregs.

Another addition to our local music video collection, this one hot off the press from Tom Woodward. Filmed at the legendary Masquerade Ball at Albert Hall, it features lots of dark, blurry images of people in masks and bosom-enhancing bustier-type things.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/Cb12Mw_CehY" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Squeegie Man R.I.P.

Loadedog has received an unconfirmed report that local ‘Squeegie Man’ and former independent candidate for the Senate, Dave (The Jew) Edwards, has committed suicide just short of a Federal Election that he was expected by some to contest. Edwards was apparently found hanging in his residence by a friend.

Edwards’ ‘patch’ was the corner of Northbourne Ave and Ipima Street, Braddon. There, in a distinctive fedora, he washed car windscreens for gold coins, an unusual springboard to a political campaign that produced, predictably, a negligible result at the ballot box.

A brief web search has elicited little of Edwards’ policies, but if this is anything to go by, it seems he may have appealed to right wing nutjobs, of whom there are apparently at least 885 in Canberra.

This should be good news for Samuel Gordon-Stewart who is destined to be a lightning rod for nutjobs of one variety or another and who has just announced his candidature for the Senate. Samuel, a teenage blogger whose main interest is talk radio, stands poised to inherit Edwards’ demographic. We wish him well.

Gertrude #45 – Skywalkers

Gertrude's Diary

I’ve just been AIMing my niece.” She’s a lovely young woman:” Beautiful, bright, kind, hard-working.” Doesn’t”indulge in any of the vices that have on”occasion brought her aunt undone” (that’s drinking and smoking, by the way, not drug-dealing and standover).” She is also wise in matters of love, for she has found herself a husband of equal merits, a man of surpassing geniality.” For the sake of brevity in this post, I’ll call my niece B1 and her husband B2.

Of course, in the more robust areas of our Australian culture, we often employ a special word for people like this.” That word is ‘dork’.” I’ve probably worn it myself a few times, come to think of it.” But my point is that B1 has never been deterred by such villification.” As a kiddie, this meant reading the encyclopedia and memorizing all the dialogue (and I mean ALL the dialogue) from Star Wars.” I think this may have nurtured in her a remarkable capacity for sincerity, because as well as her other talents she is one of the most genuine people I know.

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Still Motion @ The Front

Still Motion @ the Front

Soup Kitchen Review #1

This series of soup kitchen reviews begins at “The Blue Door Drop-in Centre” situated at Ainslie Village. Located only a stone’s throw away from Limestone Avenue, one is immediately greeted by an overwhelming sense of tranquility upon entering the village.

I wandered slowly toward “The Blue Door Drop-in Centre” where I was welcomed by several patrons relaxing casually on the verandah. After I made my way inside I sat down for what I hoped to be a delicious meal.

No table service here, instead food is lined along the wall allowing patrons to choose for themselves. For my lunch I decided on soup and bread; admittedly they were the only things available but nevertheless they both looked very inviting. Soup was served in a polystyrene cup with bread laid out beside it. The soup was surprisingly warm even though I had arrived toward the end of lunch. Delicious and chunky were two thoughts that sprang to mind when dipping my buttered bread into my soup that was littered with fragrant and tasty chunks of meat.

It”s hard to go wrong with instant tea and coffee and “The Blue Drop-in Centre” is no different. The coffee was hot and sweet, which is good enough for me.

Also located at Ainslie Village is “The Lodge” which is where most of “The Blue Door Drop in Centres” patrons come from. Funded by the ACT mental health services through ACT health and community care, their aim is to provide long term residential support to males over 18 years of age who suffer from dual diagnosis including mental health and drug and alcohol issues.

The drop in centre is open for lunch everyday from 9am -2pm Monday ” Friday and 12pm ” 3pm on Saturday

Crazy World Leader League Tables

Fans of George Bush will be relieved that his position atop the Crazy World Leader League Table (CWLLT) remains intact despite a strong push to promote Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the top position. Bush’s continued ascendancy was assured, a CWLLT Inc. spokesperson advised, ‘because it takes more than just crazy talk to win this thing.’

Actions speak louder than words it seems, as far as the CWLLT is concerned, and George Bush’s exemplary record of waging futile wars, of dismantling his own government and reducing the US to an economic basket-case while exhibiting all the signs of psychotic narcissistic megalomaniacal dimwittedness remains a world beating combination.

Ahmadinejad’s claims suffered from his erratic form in recent appearances, culminating in a typically controversial but patchy campaign pitch at the University of Columbia recently, during which he occasionally sailed into dangerously lucid territory before veering off into more promising material, questioning the Holocaust and claiming that Iran has no gays.

‘Many people conflate President Ahmadinejad with Iran’s entire modern history,’ the spokesperson said. ‘The fact is he’s only been in power for two years and has a” lot of catching up to do.’ Neither of the leaders were available for comment.

Dan Banks @ The Hippo

Dan Banks @ Hippo

It’s Time for a New Song

In 1972, after many torpid years of Liberal government, the Labor Party, under their charismatic leader Gough Whitlam, won government following an election campaign full of razzle dazzle, star power and a song – ‘It’s Time’.

In 2007, again after many torpid years of Liberal government, many feel like it is time once again for Labor to have a go at the reins, no matter how palely they resemble their forebears. Kevin Rudd is certainly no Gough Whitlam, but the little fella with the primly pursed lips seems to be in with a chance and around the nation can be heard the quiet refrain of the true believers – ‘don’t fuck it up’.

‘What we need,’ numerous people have murmured to me, ‘is a song.’ And not that bloody song. Something like ‘It’s Time’, easy to sing along to, condensing the themes of these dark days of wars; on terrorism, workers rights, democratic freedoms and the like, into a passionate refrain. I’d suggest a competition to find a worthy piece, but I don’t think anyone would enter, and besides, they’d be hard put to beat this unsolicited candidate from local Dylanesque singer-songwriter, Sanjiva de Silva, titled ‘Not in my Name’ (also includes verses by Alison Procter).

Not in my Name

Then again, some might think it’s a bit negative. And a bit long. Well, at 6:20 possibly a lot long, but a shorter version could be made. Anyway, listen, share, discuss, but remember, if you’re going to be critical, there’s always the option of penning something yourself. Loadedog offers to do a basic recording of any entries that may be submitted.

As a matter of interest, Sanji recorded a version of this song a couple of years ago in the podcast. Some may prefer this more raw version, which includes the Podcast Chorus of drunken backing singers.

Not in my Name 2

Gertrude #44 – Housefly

Gertrude's Diary

We all know that houseflies are filthy, dirty little creatures.” That’s why this post contains swearing and adult themes.

Day One
Phew!” Am I glad to be out of that pupa case.” It was really, really cramped in there!

These wings are great.” Wheeeee!” bzzzzzz.” I love them.” Zoom zoom zoom.

Hey!” Why are those guys sitting in mid air like that? Hey guysBANG.” Mmm.” Something stopped me.” I can see through it!” There must be a hole here somewhere…

Day Two
Still looking.

Day Three
Don’t go near the corners!” There’s sticky stuff there and I just saw a hairy eight-legged creature come out and eat one of the guys.” It’s a fucken freak show!

Day Four
I’ve got it.” I’m gunna”fly really hard at this thing and see if I can get through.” bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Barrel of Monkeys – Physical

Adding to our small and slowly growing collection of local bands’ music videos, this track from Barrel of Monkeys, their cover of Olivia Newton John’s version of the song ‘Physical’.

[kml_flashembed movie="

Adopt a Club

Peter Holmes a Court is to be applauded for his anti-pokie stance for the Rabbitohs Leagues Club. I think many in clubland are probably sick to the stomach at the enormous gaping maw that sucks in profits and spews out human wrecks, such have the once fairly innocuous clubs become. Has Holmes a Court merely had the guts to go where others would follow if it didn’t mean tearing up their bottom line and flushing it?

I don’t know if any of you go to clubs at all, but I’ve been to a few recently and the impression one gets is of a new age church, devoid of spiritual value, but rich in ritual (and bleeping noises), a soothing cocoon of mediocrity with a tithing system that is designed to relieve you of not ten but ninety percent of your income. It’s a good place to get fat too apparently. Food is definitely cheap and plentiful.

We can not ignore that Homes a Court has the hefty assistance of a heavyweight Aussie Hollywood star behind his enterprise and it is here that reality intrudes a little into an otherwise hopeful development. Holmes a Court advises that pokie income will be replaced by sponsorship money, which has no doubt been rolling in once the star power garnered all that free press for the ailing Rodents. Attributing it all to the squeaky clean family friendly image of the team and club is like John Howard attributing the economic boom to workplace reforms.

[

Security a Sham

During Loadedog’s brief absence from the airwaves, one of the events that we sorely missed commenting upon was the Chaser guys’ visit to APEC. The subject of much mirth and the cause of much embarrassment for the police, as well as garnering enormous ratings for the ABC, it seems the deeper ramifications of the stunt have been somewhat ignored.

The Liberals have traded on their supposed strength in ‘security’ as the party willing to take the measures required to keep us safe, from terrorists and any other threats they can intelligence up. In doing so they have followed the US model of greatly expanding the powers of the cops and spooks, ignoring long standing conventions of war and imprisonment, and making prolonged war on countries presenting no tangible threat to our safety.

It’d be nice to think that, however bad international relations become, our country could protect itself from real terrorists by such measures, but the fact is we can’t and the Chaser stunt makes this stunningly clear.

[

Brave New Venue

In the ever-fluctuating fortunes of the local live music scene, it’s a good day when we can announce the opening of a new venue, so it’s with pleasure and some trepidation that we note a brave new venture by the former co-ordinator of the Merry Muse Club, Bill Arnett (a.k.a. the Big Fat Fairy).

Bill explains:

The Folkus Room will be operating out of rooms at the Serbian Cultural Centre & Club, 5 Heard Street Mawson ACT. The venue was chosen after again considering several options. Mawson is no more than 30 minutes drive from anywhere in Canberra and is a transport hub for those who do buses. It is handy to all major arterials and is very close to the geographical centre of Canberra. It also serves southside patrons who have been deprived of a quality live music venue for many years.

[

Bush Visits Iraq

Bush and Soldiers

President Bush, during his recent visit to Iraq, posed with US soldiers including America’s sole two-headed enlistee(s), Ptes. Lindy and Mindy May.