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Gertrude’s Diary #53 – Fairy Story

Once upon a time there was a funny-looking kid who behaved like a miniature grown-up. He looked askance at the other children’s earthy jokes and was the first to dob in the kids playing desk soccer. He never chewed up bits of paper and spat them through his pen. His face was permanently locked into an expression of smug rectitude, even as he told the lies that incriminated his classmates in imagined deeds of desperate mischief.

Scorned by all who knew him, except his pale and vaguely disappointed parents, his teenage years were a lonely time, filled with a bitterness he fed with envy and hatred of everything different.

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Local television station, Prime, has launched a web site which, with stunning originality, they have named iPrime. It is one of the clunkiest beasts I’ve ever had the displeasure of visiting. By clunky I mean slow to load and hard to navigate. A lumbering megapod of a site on my ‘broadband’ connection, it would be a zone of slow death for dial-ups I would think.

It’s a ‘media enriched’ site, which means you can watch lots of ad-enriched videos, mostly Prime weather and news. There are also gig guides, tv guides and horoscopes and shit. And there’s polls, like this one.

iPrime poll

I wonder if the people who never vote on internet polls amounts to zero?

One good thing on iPrime is VigilanTV, a weekly two minute segment looking at the local music scene, and I say it’s good not just because I have appeared in it a couple of times (including this most recent segment focusing on the Backyard Backanalia). The presenters are spunky, the camera work suitably ‘hand-held’, the editing choppy, it won’t be long before these guys are on real tv.

TURBOslam @ The Front

Turboslam @ The Front

Closer @ The Street Theatre

Closer @ The Street Theatre


Present: Jim Boots, Candy A, Nik, Graeme Sorrelle

Our guests are Manilla Green. Somehow we forgot to take any photos. And in the intro, Graeme calls it Pod 87. He’s wrong.

Click Play Audio to play podcast. Click here to download

If you’d like to download the podcast, you can do so from RiotACT by clicking here.

This link is for people who have podcasting software which you can find here.

Recorded on Sunday 18th Nov, 2007

Track List:

Sunday Morning. 8.33
You Know. 19:45
Mister Rad. 34:05
Lady of the Scene. 47:18
New Song. 50:27


Congratulations to Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party for not fucking it up and finally getting rid of John Howard and the odious Liberal Government that has plagued us these long eleven years. I was unfortunately unable to pay close attention on the evening itself, being fully engaged in running the Electionalia, and it was a little bit anti-climactic from that point of view. My cup didst runneth over, where I wanted to savour every drop.

Asked this morning on ABC radio for his thoughts on John Howard losing Bennelong to Maxine McKew, Paul Keating said it was an exclamation point on the end of the Howard era. I would like to personally congratulate Ms McKew on her punctuation skills. Then I would like Bob Hogg to have a mid-life crisis and elope with his secretary, whereupon I would like to offer her a shoulder to cry on and hope to ease her suffering with some tender loving care.

The Liberals are in cliched disarray. Costello was at his best in turning down the leadership. He stopped resembling the evil twin for extended periods during his press conference, such that one could have sworn it was Tim and not Peter graciously moving aside for the next generation of nitwits.

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CHIFFON #62. Labour of Luff


Hullo, and welcome back comrades. Vot dit you tink ov de election? Com see, com sagh!

I, of course, was hanging in my friends backyard with a bunch of my commie mates, you know the sort of people, artists, musicians, single mums, refugees, generally, a cross-section of the proletariat. This night she was good and I got to see some very good music, Gypsies, Oyrish musicians, dancers and fire-throwers, much like flame-throwers but not mechanical. They were humans, two girls.

And good on me I looked fucking great.

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Kate Miller Heidke @ The Greenroom

Kate Miller Heidke

with Dan Banks Band and Julia and The Deep Sea Sirens.

Festival of Ability @ Queanbeyan Park

Festival of Ability, Queanbeyan

Can’t read the small print? There’ll be local musicians including Ocean Moses and school kids, free stuff (a jumping castle, face painting, beading workshop, tandem cycling, fashion parade, drumming workshop, art and craft stalls, sports demonstrations, massages for carers and a sausage sizzle), and a special guest appearance by someone quite famous.

Coffee Bitch # 34, Panarama Cafe, Black Mountain

Coffee Bitch

Three beans

Ricardo's Cafe

On top of a mountain. Entrance by token and elevator.
There are other options.

On the right day you will enjoy your take-away coffee from one of the viewing platforms with the wind in your face, a fucking great view, having a smoke.

The coffee sucks.

Dark watery residue.

The services and facilities available are in consistent international rejuvenation.

You can walk up.

A good place to park your car if you have a problem with your mobile phone reception.

From the tower; a 360% view of one Australian nuclear target. And the feeling of freedom.

Birds Love Fighting Presents

Always @ The Front

Vote for Rudd you Bastards

Who are you going to vote for? Personally there’s no question; I desperately want Labor to win and don’t want the Liberals buggering up everything in the Senate so, with The Greens’ Kerrie Tucker a chance to oust the ACT’s Liberal Senator, Gary Humphries, it’s Labor first, Greens second (or vice versa).

And it’s tough because, from a partisan point of view, I’d prefer to see the Liberals run into the period of world hyper-inflation that looms on the horizon and destroy their absurd claims to economic supremacy once and for all. But that’s the stuff of bitterness and I am not bitter, nor partisan. Rather I am hopeful, not just that we are seeing the end of John Howard as PM, but that we stand on the verge of a new paradigm in Australian, and world, politics and we need to start work now. Or on Monday.

John Howard presents as a ‘conservative’. It must surely be one of the most tortured words in the language these days because, besides his 1950’s social values, he is no such thing. Howard is a minor Antipodean player in a world-wide program of economic reform that is a radical, yes radical, departure from much of what we have previously taken for granted as the boundaries of western social democracy.

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For Sale

Currently for sale on Domain.com, this desirable waterfront property.

Kirribilli for sale

Thanks to Random Git for the tip. And should it disappear (as it inevitably will), the property description continues after the jump.

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The Missing Issue

A small group of protesters awaited the arrival of the Prime Minister at the National Press Club this morning.

Press Club - Howard Visits
Amongst the ovinophiles and nuclearphobes were Sam McMillan and Louise Barry, along with a small contingent of Get Up organisers/volunteers, there to deliver their 69,000 strong petition calling for a planned exit-strategy for Australia in Iraq.
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The Cashews @ The Front

The Cashews @ The Front

Cashews. Rafe.