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Exhibition @ CCAS


Backyard Backanalia Goes Nuts

Backyard Backanalia

The above picture is a view of the Backyard Backanalia, taken from ‘The Gallows’, during Earth Hour. We didn’t turn out all the lights as you can see, safety being a factor, but the majority of lighting was extinguished for approximately an hour at approximately 8pm as the crowd, at that stage numbering around 250, was entertained by Andi and George and crew in an acoustic drum jam.

The official door count at the end was 310 but the Ladies (and child) of the Door advise this was an underestimation (it’s difficult to remember to do a tick for every single entry), not to mention that kids weren’t counted, nor band members, nor a motley assortment of freeloaders who have mastered the art of sweet-talking.

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The Veebees ‘Get it in ya’. A Review

by Kandy A

The VEEBEES have released a new album, sort of.

Employing their new, unfathomable marketing tactic of putting out their 1st 2 cds on one cd, making their new cd their old cds, not to be confused with their newsest cd (“crack us anotha”2007) which is now also their old cd.

Also, this is the old Veebees lineup – before Simo left Tommo and Glenno, and Glenno and Tommo got Davo and Norro.

Now seems an appropriate time to point out that both “Get it in ya” (2001) and “Fair dinkum rock ‘n’ roll” (2001) which are put together on the new release are mastered by Kimmo (Kimmo Vennonen, of KV Productions – Ed). There is a bonus track (“no worries”) engineered by Gordo.

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Corrina Steel @ Collector Wines

Corrina Steel

The Amazing Haunted Attics EP Giveaway

Haunted Attics EP

I feel I was a bit remiss in not making a hoo ha in yesterday’s edition of Culturazi about the imminent release of Haunted Attics’ self-titled EP, set to be launched as part of next Thursday’s Live from the Underground at Transit Bar. What can I say? I was drunk, it was late and I had to go to work early in the morning so didn’t really proof it that well.

Anyway, I’m going to somewhat amend the oversight by mentioning it here. The main thing I want to say is that I have five copies of the EP here in my hot little desk shelf unit, the which the band gave us to do with as we will. Which is to give them away to people. But not without the usual strings attached, ie. you have to write down some of your thoughts about the album for everyone here to read. Or at the very least give me a back rub.

Those not acquainted with Haunted Attics might like to de-unacquaint themselves via Podcast #19 of Insatiable Banalities from way back in 2005 when the boys were known as The Lavans (a much better name I reckon, but whatever). Or from their myspace. We’re fans of their music and think the EP’s great (only criticism, too short), but we don’t want to review it, prefering to let you, our dear readers, do it for us.

Email us at youshouldknowtheemailaddy@loadedog.com and we will get you a copy somehow.

Indyfest 8 March 2008 ” Review

by Kerri

What great weather to have for the day, the sun was shining down hard which was to set the day off well. At 11am the bands started outside, there were about 8 or so people near the front of the stage listening to what Razzi had to offer. Razzi had a soft sound to start the day off. The beginning of their set was a bit of stuffing about, but got their act together.



Then came the heavier stuff ” Thomy + The Tank Engines even though admitting to being hungover, they put on a great set. One of their tunes “Deep Down Paradise” stuck out. It was about being born and bred in Canberra, definitely something different to be singing about, these guys sure can play. With each band that came on more of a crowd gathered at the outside stage.

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Hey Music Heads!

Don’t forget your Gertifieds!” Join a choir, sell that dusty old glockenspiel, buy a new drum set.” It’s free,”it’s local, it’s the only classifieds you’ll ever need.

Disclaimer:” it’s probably not the only classifieds you’ll ever need and we don’t really want any”glockenspiels, thanks.”

Weereewa Festival @ Lake George

Weereewa Festival @ Lake George

Diversity @ The Artists Shed

Diversity @ The Artist's Shed

Gertrude’s Diary #68 – My Weakend

Gertrude's Diary

Hello dear readers. I just spent an enjoyable long weekend unable to summon enough energy to do more than move occasionally from the bed to the lounge and back again. I’m not sure if the cause was physical, emotional or spiritual. It could very well have been a sympathetic response to the celebration of death and rebirth that is associated with the Christian festival of Easter. Next year I’ll probably get stigmata.

On the third day I rose again and made lanterns. You’ll see them if you’re at the next Backanalia. The candle manufacturers must be really looking forward to this weekend. Oh. Was that a bit cynical of me?

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Chaise Longue @ CCAS Manuka

Chaise Longue @ The Tin Sheds

Fourplay @ The Street Theatre

Fourplay @ The Street Theatre

Australia’s Heart of Darkness

Our brave Leader of the Opposition, who can simply enjoy his time in the limelight knowing full well that nothing he does or says will be of any consequence, came out with a pearler this week. Aboriginal women in remote communities shouldn’t have access to the baby bonus as cash because of the terrible damage it does to their communities. “When you have four or five thousand dollars turn up into an impoverished community which is dysfunctional in every way, shape and form, it has a devastating impact,” he said. Unlike the positive impact it has had on sales of electrical items in non-Aboriginal society, which is not dysfunctional in any way.

The baby bonus, he said, should instead be put into an education fund for the children, presumably so they can attend a nearby private school. Let us ignore that everyone else in the country is entitled to spend the bonus how they wish, it being purely an encouragement to breed rather than any blunt attempt to improve the outcomes for the babies it accompanies. Remote area Aborigines, it seems, don’t need any encouragement to breed.

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Caught in the ACT Showcase @ The Greenroom

Caught in the ACT Showcase

Red Tram Blue, Little Smoke, Angels are Architects, Bridge Between and Tim Maloney. 8.30pm, $5

Coffee Bitch #45. Kandos

Coffee Bitch

three and a half beans


It’s a little pathetic imagining the Hanging Gardens of Babylon with air-con vents roaring like jet engines. All day.

However I would like to mention an architectural/town planning phenomena with the existence of this hole in the wall espresso place. In fact the placement of the coffee cupboard is itself worth comment. Sitting squarely between two wall-mounted ashtrays of the stainless steal variety makes no bones about it.

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