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Dubwize @ Transit Bar

Dubwize @ Transit Bar

Vietnam Letters #24

Postmark 25th February, 1970

25 Blacket St.
A.C.T. 2602

(Sun) 22-2-70

My Darling Jock,

How are things going for you over there now Dear? To-day is about the best day I have had since you left. I looked up Stoddards address in the phone book sometime ago and discovered that they live in 32 Fenton St. Downer and a few times I have driven around Downer but couldn’t find Fenton St. So after Mass to-day Dad said that he had an idea where it was so we found it and I called in to see if they would be home this afternoon so I could call around and see them and they were very pleased to see me and Bert said that he had planned to go out but he would stay home as he would love to see me and have a yarn about old times, so Dad took me around this afternoon. [Read more →]

Gertrude’s Diary 101 – Survey Course Part 1

Gertrude is 101 this year.  What a coincidence!   To celebrate this synchronicity of events, I’m releasing this following review of all my diary entries so far.

  1. Gertrude can see Black Mountain tower from her house.
  2. Gertrude’s shed is full of other people’s crap.
  3. Gertrude once went to a school reunion and made jokes that her old classmates still didn’t get.
  4. Gertrude is sometimes perplexed by modern technology.
  5. Gertrude does not like football, nor any form of televised sport.
  6. Gertrude thinks advertising and marketing are laughable professions.
  7. Gertrude likes Canberra.
  8. Gertrude doesn’t like traffic and is sometimes nostalgic.
  9. Gertrude sometimes prattles on and on about nothing at all.
  10. Gertrude thinks Jenolan Caves are neat.
  11. Gertrude got pissed at the Polish Club.
  12. Gertrude does not like government campaigns that promote fear and xenophobia.
  13. Gertrude has on at least one occasion gotten her nose out of joint over nothing at all and is known to be sentimental about the Australian Labor movement.
  14. Gertrude thinks that Summernats is culturally insensitive and an act of environmental vandalism.
  15. Gertrude fell in Lake Burley Griffin on Christmas Day, and had to eat her lunch on Springbank Island wearing her undies and a borrowed shirt.
  16. [

Vietnam Letters #23

Postmark 19th February, 1970

Myack St.


Dear Jock,

Well I have eventually got around to writing. Received your letter about 3 or 4 weeks ago and pleased to hear from you. I have been kept rather busy hay carting for Ellis wood for myself and now back on the farm and next week to stick into the crutching. I done a week over at Frying Pan gasing rabbits, Charles bought one of those little smoker engines that runs on zoom and diesel she really sends the bunnies out of the burrows. Of course with the help of Big Nick and Soot I thinned a few out. Done 3 weeks with Ellis carting hay that’s when the $ were rolling in 15/- an hour and 14 to 15 hours a day. I suppose you are putting a few bucks together over there saved past $1000 yet. Have you been posted to a unit yet? That’s when you be able to mow a few of those V.C. down and earn yourself a couple of stripes. [Read more →]

Vic Bushfire Appeal @ Canberra Theatre

Vic Bushfire Appeal

Erebis @ The Front

Erebis @ Front

INSATIABLE BANALITIES #105. Professor Anarchy

Prof Anarchy

Present: Jim Boots, John Griffiths, Sharkie, Raquel, Joe and George the dog

Our guest is Professor Anarchy who hails from the US and does hip hop but is not a wigger.

Click Play Audio to play podcast. Click here to download

If you’d like to download the podcast, tap this URL: http://the-riotact.com/~john/insban/pod105.mp3 into iTunes or your media player or whatever.

There is a facebook fan page for people to marvel at here.

This link is for people who have podcasting software which you can find here.

Recorded on Tuesday 3rd Feb, 2009. Track list and more pics after the jump

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Chiffon #90. After the Reign


Yes! Well here we are a brand new year  and dare I say it will be damn fine in oh nein the year of no.

Can I borrow some money?


can I have?


can I work?


can I help?


can I stop polluting?


can I be friends to mankind?


[

Woohoo Revue @ Transit Bar

Woohoo Revue @ Transit Bar

The Last Cashews Guerilla Gig – pics

Like a couple of naughty school children, The Cashews have now been separated from each other, not to opposite sides of the classroom but to opposite ends of the eastern seaboard. Their last naughty act was a final guerilla gig which, fittingly, they performed on top of Mount Ainslie, the site of their first ever such show. Joined by Hashemoto and around 50 friends and fans, it was a lovely evening of song, silliness and sadness as the sun set on an unforgettable era of local music.

Cashews on the Mountain

Fringe 09: Pics

Fringe 09 is over and, despite a little of of a brouhaha about ‘unsuitable content and nudity‘, nobody got hurt (although I did hear a rumour someone’s foot got cut off paddling in the fountain), lots of people had a lot of fun (including me, paddling in the fountain amongst other things) and the unseasonable cold snap wasn’t enough to stop a decent amount of lovely man and woman flesh being on show. I think it unlikely any young minds were despoiled. More probably they were amazed to see how good and entertaining and fun the (mostly) local arts scene can be. Pictures, click below.

Fringe 09 Pics

Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal @ Boomanulla Oval

REd Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal @ Boomanulla Oval

Gertrude’s Diary #100 – Delusions of Grandeur

I know it’s going to come as a bit of a shock, but it’s my duty to inform you that in honour of my 100th diary entry, the leaders of the world’s peoples have all decided to make me the boss of everything.  It started with Kevin – who’s quite frankly cheesed off by what a mess he’s inherited from Howard – and it just snowballed from there.  Even the most obscure splinter groups have agreed to give me total executive power.  I was as surprised as anyone, especially since I still haven’t yet overcome the various behavioural disorders I suffer from.  I know a lot of people are going to complain about it, but all I can say is it wasn’t my decision and these aren’t people you want to fuck with. So, given the circumstances, I’ve cobbled together the following manifesto – mostly on the back of paper napkins and beer-soaked music flyers.  I’m working on an international anthem too, but so far I haven’t got any further than, “That climate change ain’t gonna stop, unless we all walk to the shop”.

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Kane Welch Kaplin @ Folkus Room

By Severin

Kane Welch Kaplin (Keiran Kane, Kevin Welch, Fats Kaplin) @ new Folkus Room; Sunday 15th Feb

Pete Hayes introduced me to Nashville based Keiran and Kevin via the CD they recorded live in Melbourne and they’ve been amongst my most-favourites for a couple of years now. So I was very bouncy-thrilled to get to see them last night right here in my home town.  It was truly spooky for me, not having seen any photos before I went, Keiran looked as I’d imagined from his voice, & it was exactly like they had climbed straight out of my CD and onto the stage just with even classier songs and arrangements, and Fats on fiddle and guitar. Musicianship to die for.  Happy happy joy joy.

Just to orient you, the promotional description of the style is “This remarkable group melds folk, country, & blues when singing & playing string instruments with a jazz musician’s spontaneity & freedom. – As songwriters, performers, innovators and founders of the influential Dead Reckoning record label, Kieran Kane and Kevin Welch have made a career of letting the song lead the way. In the process, they midwifed a new genre of American roots music, blazing a trail for other artists to explore and develop. Yet their modus operandi remains the same to craft and compose with no goal other than to let the song realise itself….. The sound is simultaneously sparse and towering, at times echoing the plaintive modal sound of traditional Appalachian balladry while rich with Kane’s and Welch’s uniquely contemporary sense of poetry.”

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Cube 3 @ Teatro Vivaldi