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INSATIABLE BANALITIES #107. Coolio Desgracias

Coolio Desgracias

Present: Jim Boots, John Griffiths, Sharkie, Jess

Our guest is Coolio Desgracias. Coolio launches his debut CD on Saturday night at Pimps and Pornstars.

Click Play Audio to play podcast. Click here to download

If you’d like to download the podcast, tap this URL: http://the-riotact.com/~john/insban/pod107.mp3 into iTunes or your media player or whatever.

There is a facebook fan page for people to marvel at here.

This link is for people who have podcasting software which you can find here.

Recorded on Tuesday 24th Mar, 2009. Track list and more pics after the jump

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Pimps and Pornstars @ Corroboree Park Hall

Pimps and Pornstars @ Corroboree Park Hall

I Died

I died last Friday night. My body was laid out in a makeshift morgue, in an art gallery of all places. Thirteen other corpses surrounded mine, all covered in light blue hospital sheets, a line of lifeless lumps, speed humps with toe tags and ball bags and breasts. Out of the darkness came the sounds of gathering people, glasses clinking, feet scraping, pleasantries and laughter, and then a familiar voice rang out – Silencio! An introduction, then a poem, four minutes of DH Lawrence and dread anticipation, a minor panic attack, and we were surrounded by the sounds of many shoes on parquet flooring, a chaotic percussive accompaniment to a lone cello meandering in a corner and my breath fluttering against the sheet.

One by one the covers were withdrawn, whisked away by unseen hands at our feet, giving one the sensation of being thrust upward and away to float awkwardly in a miasma of sensations, dreamy visions, a waterless sensory deprivation tank. It was difficult to keep track of my limbs. In fact my whole body, while remaining totally still, writhed and convulsed. Occasionally the reality, that I was lying naked (and alive) on the floor next to my partner and twelve other naked people, jerked back into consciousness, like when someone came and tickled my foot as they turned over my toe tag – so they could read my eulogy and connect it to my body.

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Comment @ Belconnen Gallery


DIY Double Bill and Belconnen Community Centre


Double Opening @ CCAS


Gertrude’s Diary 105 – Why, How, Who, When, Where

Not content to fill your screens with trivial inconsequentialities, I’ve decided to share with you here a list of difficult and possibly unanswerable questions that I’ve contemplated recently or in the past.

  1. Why doesn’t the electricity leak out of the powerpoint when the switch is on, and sort of soak into the carpet?
  2. How do people who use the word “fu@&” in every sentence express their extreme displeasure?  Do they say “Dash it!” or “Cripes” when they’re really upset?
  3. Who exactly did Marcus Einfeld annoy that the cronies’ network let him down so badly?
  4. When will I grow up and start behaving like a responsible adult?
  5. Where am I going to get the money to pay the rent next month?

I know you’re probably curious about my own ponderings on these questions, so read on. [Read more →]

Chiffon #92. Nobody Cares


What the fuck is happening? I admit I have gone off the boil a bit (a result of spending time elsewhere, I suppose, and, to be perfectly honest no one is particularly interested in anything I might have to say). I admit I am not getting positive feedback and why is that you might ask. Apathy or it may just be fear, ooohh….

I have a different theory but I guess you are not interested. So, just what is noteworthy and deserving of a yarn..

Who lives next door? Well once upon a time some of us may have had interesting neighbours. No that is not interesting. Certainly not me, anymore, they (neighbours) are and always have been a source of constant fretting on my part so I do not watch their comings and goings.

My friend and her world in Wagga is unbelievable so I suppose stories of double standards, struggle and rejection are really her fault…. for living there.

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Gertrude’s Diary #104 – Thank You

I know that last week I promised a list of things to argue about with your partner, but I wasn’t really serious.  I mean, what’s the point?  If your in the right mood then it’s possible to argue about pretty much everything.

Instead I thought I’d suprise you all with this little book I found when I cleaned out my bookshelf.  Published by Methuen of London for an Australian audience, it is a brilliant insight into an idealised world of early 1960’s values.  It’s also the lamest collection of printed words I’ve ever seen, but utterly hilarious nonetheless.

Front Cover

This is probably the most visually exciting page of the whole book, so enjoy it while you can.

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Vietnam Letters #27

Postmark 3rd March, 1970

25 Blacket St
ACT, 2602
(Sun) 1-3-70

My Dearest Jock,

Well here it is Sunday, another week gone by, but there are many more lonely weeks ahead of us yet. This morning when Mum and I went to Mass we took Michael with us and left the other two home with Dad, as the week before he was the only one that behaved himself and so I told the other two that they would have to stay home to-day so they may behave themselves next week. Then after mass I dressed John and Brian in their good clothes  and the boys and I went for a walk down the street to see Mrs. Townrow (it was her husband who took the parcel over to you for us). She is a very nice person and we had a great talk and she is quite excited as Dereck is coming home in about 16 days time. Did he deliver the parcel to you personally, or haven’t you met him? He is a warrant officer in Sigs. He has been shifted to Saigon just recently. She was telling me that he has always sent cigarrettes over to her, a few cartons at a time and she has never had to buy cigarrettes since he has been over there. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you could do the same thing, it would be a great saving as they are so cheap over there. I have been past her place a few times, but there never seemed to be anyone at home, so I took it that she must work, which she does. She has a daughter, Sandra, about 15 or 16 and a son Warren about 13 or 14. Poor old Susie Kelley died the other day, she was 86. [Read more →]

Domus Adultus @ Hippo

Domus Adultus @ Hippo


Amazing Brainboy, Glenroy Heights, The Bluffhearts, The Blue Ruins

Next Week (26th Mar):

Jacquie Nicole, Teddy Conrick, DJ and The Karizmakats, Cuddlefish

Simon Says @ The Street

Simon Says @ The Street

Drawing/Machine @ The Front

Drawing/Machine @ The Front

Paranoia Club @ ANUBar

Paranoia Club @ ANUBar

The Gifts of The Furies @ University House

The Gifts of The Furies @ University House