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Chiffon #111. Shaving


When did people start shaving? I have spoken to a number of people and they don’t know but they all agree, unanimously, without dissenters, one hundred per cent, that it is primitive! Sexy but icky, a bit like an erection. Something you HAVE to do something about. But steel stainless was not around when man was prehistoric (I am not saying they are civilised), unlike erections. What did they do before the shick? Write and let me know.

Moving along, what about Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Now he is right up there with the guy that invented dynamite. That’s got to tell you something. I also was flabbergasted about the Hey Hey it’s Saturday skit that started a furore amongst Americans and other countries. Yes all right it was Wednesday, hey hey! Get over it.

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Student Prince

Mikelangelo @ The Phoenix, Friday 9th Oct, 2009
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

There is never anything on at the Phoenix bar on Friday night or very rarely according to Fluffy (no relation to Daffy), a friend who I consider an in touch person. The hubbub regarding Friday night was caused due to an artist going under the name Michel Angelo (Ed – Mikelangelo), programmed to appear to appear at nine o’clock or at any time really. The sound guy chose the latter to turn up.

A rather imposing figure of a man, dressed in a black suit with a red satin shirt and a greasy rocker sort of hair thing going on, walked on to the stage and picked up his guitar, assisting the sound guy to get the levels sorted. A few minutes later and he started a rave about his interest in his appearance and deportment, his hair gel, his Croatian heritage and the juxtaposition wandering around the Balkan mountains on a donkey with a guitar presented for a cowboy.

He started singing and playing. His technique with the guitar and his fingering  on the frets was whirlwind at times (Flamenco flavoured) but ultimately he reverted (artistic licence) to and  held a three chord western (country) rhythm which allowed him to showcase his best feature – his voice.

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Real Men

Domus Adultus @ Hippo Bar, Thursday 8th Oct, 2009
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

Thursday night. Garema Place, Civic Centre, The Hippo Bar. It was yet another icicle evening as I hopped off the ride my action heroes provided and strode around the corner to the gig.

I had no idea who to expect (I have been pleasantly surprised in the past). The first performer was already performing when I walked in to a room filled with people, her people but none the less people. Jacki Nichols (Ed – Jacquie Nicole) possessed one of those voices that are held in regard in Celt cultures. It is melodic, harmonious, with the ability to waver on a high C thereby providing a vehicle for the listener to experience the emotion of her song. She was accompanied by a piano keyboard and a guitar and to tell you the truth I felt these very tools were inhibiting her obvious talent.

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Can we get more people to choose the stairs by making it fun to do?


Vietnam Letters #50

Postmark 7th May, 1970

James Street
N.S.W. 2623

(Wed) 6-5-70

My Dearest Jock,

It has been very cold here to-day, it was snowing, all morning, & even though it was snowing, continually, for about 5 or 6 hours there was nothing, more then a covering of snow on the ground, as it was a wet snow, & then after lunch it stopped for a couple of hours & then started to rain & snow all afternoon. The snow has been very widespread, they had snow in Canberra & many parts of N.S.W. & the forecast is that it is going to continue for a few days & it is forecast to snow in the northern Tablelands tomorrow too.

This will only be short as I must get to bed, as tomorrow is Ascension Thursday (a holy day of obligation), & there is 7A.M. Mass down there in the morning. We will certainly need to get rugged up in the morning. By the way, I have booked your seat on the plane from Sydney to Cooma at 3.15P.M. on the 24th. Gee it’s getting closer until we will be to-gether again & I’m getting more excited by the minute.

Well I must close for now my dear. You have all my love forever my Darling, hoping this finds you well & may God bless & protect you.

Yours always,

Sandra. xxxxxx

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Two Strats

The Alcohotlicks @ The Hippo, Wed 8th Oct, 2009
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

Last night I ventured to an evening at the Hippo Bar in town (Garema Place). Apparently it was the coldest night we have had in Canberra for ten or so years. Needless to say I dressed sacrificing fashion for practical thermal wear (something that has not caught on). I arrived just after eight thirty and found a quiet out of the way seat (the music had not started yet).

A drum kit sat and two electric guitars stood in their stands. I Looked around to see if I could see the performers preparing to go on. All I could see were patrons finding seats. There were about thirty people when I arrived and the hub bub was steadily growing. Then out of the blue two rather conservatively dressed blokes went over and picked their axes up and the drummer started hitting the symbols.

For those of you that have heard Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner on his stratocaster, you would have loved these two strats with their jazz, blues, country styles who kept the faith with some screaming note bending brilliance. These musos were enjoying the repartee this venue was providing. They were sharp.

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The Fifth

Bootleg Sessions @ the Phoenix, Mon 4th Oct, 2009
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

Last night, the fifth of October, I dropped in to the Phoenix for a take on public holiday entertainment.

The first performer, a soloist, a man with a guitar. To be honest I did not catch this performer’s entire act (or his name, Drew Walky – Ed). What I did see was acceptable; well delivered, witty and skillful are all apt descriptions. There was a fair crowd, not capacity, but sizable and attentive. An entertaining set that did well to get the emphasis off the mundane Monday world we all live in.

There seem to be a longer wait than usual for the next act so I mingled to gauge the mood of the audience.I noticed two drunken individuals who could fit the description of two of the thugs that attacked individuals at the C.M.C. birthday celebration. I would not be surprised. I removed myself from their eye contact and hoped I was dreaming.

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Chiffon #110. She It


Well; it seems the party she is over. My many readers had just better suck it up. I am not happy. I am what you call a bit depressed ever since I tried to just be me. I am reminded by too many other people how lucky I am to be me, in fact some people are very jealous of moi.

This is understandable but it is just as understandable if I am getting sick from having to continually, night after night, day after day, be for everybody else. I am sour with grapes. It is not fair for you to have me give away so much that I am broken. Oh well! One day.

Today October the third or fourth (it just does not matter) is raining like the cats and dogs (not really) but she is still wet. I suppose that life for many is not good. Things they happen and the shit she is a product of things happening. It is hard (for some) not to be the fan. Of course when the shit hits the fan, she is not a pretty sight, even if it is a little bit of shit.

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Gertrude’s Diary #129 – Health Hazards

I read a lot of books. People say to me, “You’re the most well-read person I know,” which might be meant sincerely and admiringly but which is also a way of saying, “Gee, Gertrude, you must spend a lot of time sitting around on your arse turning pages” which I would have to admit is quite true. But I also read while walking along the street, while stirring things in saucepans and sometimes while I’m eating, so there is some multi-tasking going on. Not that I want to sound defensive about it or anything. It’s not as if it’s a problem…

Okay, I admit it! I’m a bibliophile. I have a powerful and baffling addiction to the printed word. I need a support group. A sponsor. An extensive stay in rehab. I need help.

No, I don’t really need help. I was just creating a bit of drama there. Words can do that, that’s what so addictive about them. People talk about getting ‘out of their head’ on mind altering substances but what better way of getting out of your head than into someone else’s by the simple medium of reading?

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Vietnam Letters #49

Postmark 3rd May, 1970

3rd May 1970

My Dearest Sandra,

Well dear here it is another month, and a few days closer to getting home to be with you for a few lovely days which I am looking very much forward to. We are furtherest out of Nui Dat than we have ever been before, in the middle of a great rubber plantation. It has been raining every day lately so you can imanage how we look covered in red mud. We are wet most of the time, if not with water with sweat, for once the rain stops it gets very hot. We have been out for five or six days now and haven’t seen a thing, good. May be able to get this letter posted to-day as a Captain is going out to the Dat and may take our mail out for us. Got three letters from you the other day, it’s great to hear from you dear, you have no idear what it’s like to hear from you whilst I am over here. A chopper came in and bought our mail in but we couldn’t get any out on it as it wasn’t going back to the Dat. Sandra I hope you have a pleasant mother’s day next Sunday and that the boys behave them selfs for you. I only wish I could be home there with you. I love you.

Has the woman, Mrs. Bay’s in Brisbane sent the slides down to you yet her husband is here with me and he wanted some copies of them. It is now 9AM and it’s a bute morning very warm and sunny a chance for us to dry out. Did Uncle Tom end up buying Bert’s place or not. Has the parcel I sent with the spirits in it arrived home yet. Sandra I am just busting to see you again. I love you and want to love you more and more, I going to be great for us to be to-gether again.

Sandra I love you, must finish up to get this letter posted out.

I love you and always will forever.

Yours always. Love forever. xxx.


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Chiffon #109. Caged Dog


As you don’t know I will tell you. I am having my puppy dog staying with me in my apartments and it is so much fun. She is not a demanding dog but I think she has issues.

The other day we all decided (I decided not the dog) that we would go and have a look at Floriade (sounds like a stamina drink for florists). This involved a walk, something the dog likes a little bit more than me.

We left at eleven thirty and I stopped by the T.A.F.E. cafeteria to purchase one of those cheaper style student sandwiches and a small drink. The dog had already eaten. I left the dog with her handler which is not normally me. The dog has been reared by my very good friend Petal Head Love Rock (not her real name).

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Last Wednesday

The Last Wednesday @ The Hippo feat. Fire on the Hill
Bic Parker, Special Correspondent

Last night at the Hippo Bar in Garema Place a bunch of lads gathered with one thing on their minds; having fun. I arrived just before nine and the band had not begun. I was a bit surprised to find seating was almost gone. The band started and a refreshing wind blew over the room.

Polished. Sharp, were words I heard describe what people were hearing. Fire on the Hill are not new. They have been around for the last four years that I am aware of. It is testament to what the combination of music, environment and sound can achieve and full credit to the organisers for presenting this performance.

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