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Lifting Lily

Chiffon #122. Oil Ain’t Oils

Ullo, Ullo, Ullo.

You know I am a little bit annoyed with the latest kerfuffle occurring in the Gulf of Mexico, or off the Florida coast, but anyway that part of the world that just happens to be connected to every other part of the world by the oceans.

Once again the British name is connected with yet another fuck up which is threatening the well being of the planet.

The last thing I was aware of which unsettled everyone was the leaking of sensitive information, a wonderful story for lovers of Guy Faulkes and it actually happened. The thing that really tickles me is that there were not one but four [or five -Ed] individuals who occupied senior positions in the government, such as Foreign Ambassador to personal art acquirer for the Queen and her many residences, none the less. I guess to England it would have been more desirable to keep it in house however pictures were beamed around the world by the news agency TASS, AAP, Reuters, etc.  showing these individuals reviewing Russian troops dressed as Russian generals, apparently they all got away through the backdoor of a fish and chip shop. But hey, don’t believe me go and have a look. I know my Editor will [I did, it’s the usual Chiffon mangling of the facts – Ed].

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Heath Cullen CD Launch – Anonymous Review

Heath Cullen and the 45 CD Launch @ McGregor Hall, Sat 22nd May, 2010, with Chanel Cole, Fire on the Hill and Jackie Marshall.
by anon.

8pm on a chilly Saturday night and McGregor Hall was slowly filling with souls braving the weather, while outside even braver souls warmed themselves, inside and out, with lit objects, large and small.

The divine voice of Chanel Cole began the evening, as she sweetly sung a collection of self-confessed sad songs. Any nervous quiver evident in the unease she felt from performing her originals was sweetened by her charm and wistfully naive piano.

Next up was that fire on the hill who brought harmonies to the jeff-buckly-esque rock of a four-piece outfit ahead of their time.

Heath Cullen and the 45 brought the dancing girls out. After an intimate start, they moved from gentle melodic acoustic through to an epic moody centre to a joyful tuneful end. So many guitars could never be enough, and the diverse musical experience of the set made for an engaging journey.

Finally the thoroughly rollicking, wild, divine, unpredictable and volatile passion of Jackie Marshall provided a suitably rocking finale.  Aided once more by the 45, it was rock and roll for the thinking woman or man.

Mikelangelo & TheTin Star Review

Mikelangelo and the Tin Star @ McGregor Hall, Friday 14th May, with Fire on the Hill
by M

Can’t believe I hadn’t yet ventured into McGregor Hall for a CMC gig, or any gig for that matter. I like the uncomplicated nature of the place…

Got to see some people I missed, and to see Fire On The Hill, one of Canberra’s best bands.

Aaron and the boys hadn’t played for several months, and it was good to hear them again. There where strange things afoot with the P/A, though Fire On The Hill soldiered on with the grace and poise of contented souls.

The P/A issue made it difficult to hear the lyrics, but what are you gonna do? Complain like a spoilt child about, and without any regard for, those endeavouring to find the fault until they make you happy?

Well, it seemed appropriate for Mikelangelo and The Tin Star, well actually just Mikelangelo. He carried on with needless disrespect, and put down the very people who were there to support him. It was ugly unnecessary stuff. Maybe he was trying to be humerous? Ok, he was a little, when he apologised falsely for being a c***, but the crux of it was just nasty, unnecessary, and a poor example for anyone who might find themselves at the whim of their emotions while unable to be in control of a situation.

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Chiffon # 121. Sail Away Onya

Ullo, Ullo, Ullo.

You know! I am all for celebrating the feat achieved by Jessica Watson, after all, how nice it would be if every fifteen or sixteen year old could be smart enough to manufacture a way to be a millionaire when they’re were sixteen and keep living independently of mum and dad. But, hang on, just one minute, are not children, for that is what they are, children, yes, good on her for achieving what she achieved but let’s face it, everyone on the whole and the tone of news reports at the time were cynical and questioning of the parents etcetera etcetera and then, when she floats, I mean dawdles, into Sydney Harbour, she was greeted by all the media, helicopters, all of them, shitloads of weekend sailors, millions of staunch supporters and kev our Prime Minister who followed her every bob… [Read more →]

Chiffon #120. On the Face of it

Ullo, Ullo, Ullo.

Suspicions  have been aroused by the headdress body costume called a berka which can but shouldn’t arouse anger and vocal fervour. Recently they legislated to ban the berka in France and they keep asking us in Australia, usually through phone polls, to do the same. What is it that promotes normally laid back Aussies to join the ranks of the paranoid? Why would you need to have more transparency because of a religious belief being practiced in a multicultural country such as ours by immigrants encouraged to come here and live in our apparently tolerant country?

The answer probably boils down to trust, or lack of it. Curiosity might be another reason to take a peek. It is a bit like wondering what a Scotsman wears under his kilt, or is it? Could it be fear? Fear of not knowing whether they are concealing a firearm under their dress, fear that an army might suddenly emerge and go boo?

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Heath Cullen CD Launch

with Jackie Marshall, Fire on the Hill and Chanel Cole

Gig Review – Tin Star

Mikelangelo and The Tin Star @ McGregor Hall, Friday 14th May, 2010
with Fire on the Hill

Good morning,

A review of the gig last Friday night.

Fire on the Hill.

I have heard these guys before,
smooth and groovy with a bluesy feel,
1st song ‘Evening news’,
light guitar licks,
great vocal harmonies, and slide guitar.
The music had a swing to it !
Feedback and some harmonies like from the 70.s

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A Show to Make you Smile

Chiffon #119. A Day Orf!

Ullo, Ullo, Ullo.

Anzac Day has successfully come and gone. This year it fell on a Sunday and Australia had a holly on the Monday.

When I was young I was dutifully dragged off to the march (my Grandfather served defending Darwin from the Japanese during the war). There seemed no doubt that there was a day off, as the diggers who marched in those days would then spend the rest of the day reliving their past experiences and playing two up and getting a bit blotto. The addition of alcohol can animate and over-accentuate all that is bad and abhorrent about war, resulting in drunkenness of the worst kind – violent, depressed.

The rest of Australia seems to have taken an interest in these  activities to the extent they organised and enjoy that day, but is going to the dawn service the same as going over the top or being on the beach dodging Johny Turk’s bullets? [Read more →]

Chiffon #118. Smoko


Well, well. Smokes are going up in price again and did you realize that buying cigarettes in bulk is cheaper. No it’s not I said. The argument or debate  continued. Obviously one of the contributors to this conversational interlude was not looking forward to the prospect of perhaps not having the edge over the government strategy to raise five billion dollars to compensate for the failure of the carbon trading scheme or  repair the health systymn, which is full of unhealthy people who seem to have clogged up the hospitals and waiting rooms of general practitioners. Tisk. Tisk. Tisk.

Who cares whether cigarettes go up? The governments don’t like tobacco smoke. in fact it does not matter what you smoke, it is sure to upset some quarter of the population. It is obvious that there was going to be a tax on breathing out bad air. [Read more →]