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Coffee Bitch #71. The Muffin Shop, Mossy Point

Coffee Bitch

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The Muffin Shop, Mossy Point

I’m hearing some retro funk but it’s kinda being drowned out by the Wattle Bird. Nice.

A good part of the clientele here are local grey nomads who are not currently being nomadic. However, in season it can go fully yuppy with a sea of Volvo 4wds.

This was the cafe that had to happen, and it’s been busy since it opened in the 90’s. Much loved by the locals, it’s seen as a bit posh. Previously a coffee desert, Broulee/ Mossy Point was saved.

The coffee itself is good with a stand up flavour on the smoother side. The milk was teased to perfection, best crema for a while. Good barista. It arrived under three minutes although the table service was slack, and I enjoyed my coffee amongst the remains of someone else’s meal. Gross.

The atmosphere is beach casual, with chunky timber furniture. What’s really notable about this cafe is that it is totally al fresco. All the tables are outside. It works because some are under cover.


Lamenting McGregor’s demise

Saturday morning and a fresh westerly wind competed with a crystal clear Canberra sky as CMC members and the passing public stopped briefly for an impromptu gig under the flower pot on Marcus Clarke Street. Dr Stovepipe diagnosed the situation and offered up their trademark remedy of top tapping entertainment. Joe Oppenheimer then closed out what is probably the last CMC gig in the Mcgregor Hall precinct in his uniquely individual style.

It’s a shame the hall is gone. The decision to destroy a valuable community asset and reduce a unique piece of Canberra’s history to a pile of rubbish underlines the importance of live music as our culture is consumed in the name of progress. We should not forget the good times we enjoyed in that little hall on the edge of town.

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COFFEE BITCH #70. The Coffee Club, Belconen Mall

Coffee Bitch

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The Coffee Club, Belconen Mall

Malling it. I sit down and don’t enjoy a beautifully made stale coffee. Still it is somewhat a miracle of C21 culture that I can get a coffee, in a shopping mall, after 5pm on a week day.

Possibly worse than the joy sapping coffee is the decor. A chainstore nightmare of woodgrain laminex, chrome and vynol, spray booth Finnish chairs. The lighting is particularly gross, but where these people really outdo themselves is with the price of the tired looking cakes.

All in all not the most pleasant experience but one up from McDonalds and it’s open.

COFFEE BITCH #69. Cafe Essen, Garema Place

Coffee Bitch

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Cafe Essen, Garema Place

“No point in avoiding the popular, so I thought I’d have a shot at Essen.

Though busy, the staff remain within reach, and my coffee arrives on the nose of the three minute limit. Impressive.

Even more impressive is the coffee. Incredibly full bodied, rich in flavours. Serious coffee. It is well that water is provided. Heaters outside are a bonus here.

Pretty boring, but there’s not much out of line here at all. Since opening next to Gus’ years ago, Essen has gained a strong following and is a meeting place in Canberra culture.

It is nice not to be disappointed with the coffee for once.

Chiffon #134. What a Cock


Something occurred to me the other day. It involved the election and world war two. We have not had a hung parly since then, but it was a turkey that actually gave me more than I bargained for and more than I voted for.

A smart arse said to me the other day, and I quote, have you noticed how much disarray the government is in? In fact since we have had a female prime minister, forming a government has been as easy as having an elephant breech birth at Taronga Zoo.

I felt like smashing the cunt, but I didn’t. Instead I talked about how barbaric capital punishment is these days, referring to Scott Rush and his need to appeal the death sentence imposed upon him by the Indonesian government, who are men, and then he retaliated by saying that Chapelle Corby was a woman and again I felt like smashing the cunt. But again I resisted and returned with the ace I keep in reserve for just such occasions. Aha, but the dope she is alleged to have attempted to smuggle was female I said, knowing I now had a slender lead.

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Coffee Bitch #68. Rolfs Patisserie Stall, Moruya Market

Coffee Bitch

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General Store, Moruya

Down by the river at the market can actually be quite a balmy spot on a wintery Saturday morning, a nice spot to perch on some granite with a coffee, a pause in your marketings. So it really sucks to find the coffee expensive and worse, bland. This coffee machine and patisserie stall combo is on the riverside of the markets. There is a coffee van covering the southern side of the markets. Both have queues. [Read more →]