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CC Thornley

Present: Jim Boots, John Griffiths, Sharkie

Our guest is CC Thornley of the Black Swans of Trespass.

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Recorded on Tuesday 14th Se[tember.

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Coffee Bitch #74. Restaurant 2602, Ainslie Shops

Coffee Bitch

four beans

Restaurant 2602, Ainslie Shops

The coffee would be good enough by itself but it comes with a small pile of mini M+M’s. This is the signiture presentation of the place apparently. Kitch.

There is also a pub at these shops which is good. 2602 makes a pretty good coffee. Served in under 3min (just). It is strong coffee with layers of flavours. Desirable. No water is offered but one table has an ashtray (outside).

This is actually a restarant but functions well as a cafe. You’d think a restaurant would serve water. You are at least assured of a busy view of the shops if you sit outside. What is it with dogs and Ainslie? They’re everywhere.

Chiffon #136. Alone


Today I have started back at my art slash design course and alas, for this last term I am on my own. My friend who was staying with me is now safely ensconced back in her own place. This will be a bit of an adjustment and I know there will be times when I am going to wish that everything will be different or stayed the same, there will be those times when a sense of longing for those happy and tender moments becomes almost intolerable to bear and I might consider suicide. But you get that, it goes with the territory.

Relationships they come and they go. The thing that amazes me about relationship break up parties, between quite often the bentest person in the world, your soul mate  (partner), the person you would walk five hundred miles and then fall down drunk at their door, is the way almost overnight loving relationships show their true colors and lovers become fighters  and voices get raised, possessions get destroyed, debt suddenly becomes a weapon and money ceases to be spent on the machinations for a good time but destroying whatever time you have. As I said you get that.

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The Lurkers and Peter Hicks, Merry Muse, Fri 8 Oct, 2010
by Clu

I don’t think it’s fair of me to discuss the support act, Peter Hicks – as he plays a style of folk that gives the word ‘folk’ a bad name to those of us whose musical tastes were formed in the ‘80’s Joh years in Qld, lurking between temporary night clubs in alley ways, hiding our love of melodic thrash and subversive lyrics from the Fascist Pigs… no, the Fascist Pigs weren’t a band, they were for real – so I won’t.

However, I’m very much into bands that use their stage platform to inform as many people as possible about the many environmental travesties that are constantly occurring around the country and are well ignored by the popular press. This is what The Lurkers do. The only notes I attempted to make was when they were discussing Hazelwood, one of the dirtiest coal fired power plants in the world right here in the la Trobe Valley, Oz (remember, that one that blew up a few years ago?). Initially I missed the name of it, so with a nanosecond’s pause in their information, I stood, put up my hand and asked in my whiniest, wannabe reporter’s voice what the name of it was again. I was hence forth accused of being a public servant… with ASIO!! From there started a brief but jocular repartee that illustrated their comfort in the spontaneous zone. This wasn’t welcomed by one misplacedly over-reverent folky fogey sitting nearby who even uselessly attempted to “sshhh” our fun – I would’ve decked her if she wasn’t in a wheelchair.

I behaved atypically for an ASIO employee, discarding the note-taking as their rhythms drove me to vigorously dance most of their gig, initially alone as unfortunately the Merry Muse rarely attracts youthful [yeah, ok, ok, not me personally] exuberance in the crowd. But between Sydneysiders Mithra Cox on banjo, Nicholas Mueller on double bass and Martin Cubby on guitar, they provide a full, driving sound that made to those of us whose musical tastes were formed in the Joh…etc…melodic thrash…etc, etc, quite blissfully sentimental. The harmonies were delivered finely in tune, but with the enthusiasm of a Jello Biafra, and the “hillbilly bluegrass” was definitely of a subversion of those styles, in the best of unorthodox ways – harmonious yet assertive and energetic.

The gig was rounded off disappointingly. I (possibly mistakenly) interpreted forced reverence in the faces of The Lurkers. Peter Hicks and his much-further-from-the-grave nephew, Connor on fiddle, joined The Lurkers and despite Connor’s relative animation, the choice of song was Woody Guthrie’s ‘This Land is Your Land’. Spare me. I’ll say no more in case the organiser throttles me at a b-b-q on Sunday, except to suggest checking out The Lurkers website for some amusing definitions of various forms of the word ‘lurk’: www.lurkers.com.au/

Coffee Bitch #73. Curtin Milkbar, Curtin Shops

Coffee Bitch

three and a half beans

Curtin Milkbar, Curtin Shops

Another town square. There has been a milkbar here as long as anyone can remember.

The coffee is superb. I did ask for a strong one, but, wow!
Full bean flavours that can only come from fresh beans.

Maybe I got lucky, I really wasn’t expecting this kind of quality.
You can sit inside or outside in the bustling centre of Curtin Shops.You can get a milkshake in a steel container.
However I would recommend the coffee (you won’t get water or much table service).

COFFEE BITCH #72. Kingston Grind

Coffee Bitch

four beans

Kingston Grind

Things are looking up when I’m immediately supplied with water. The coffee takes too long to get to me, however my palate is slammed with an elegant cup of fresh coffee.

I’m slightly surprised, having recently been served a $4.50 cup of witch’s piss. My faith is somewhat restored. A rich liquor with caramel tones begins to stain my teeth.

Green Square was one of the first areas to sprout cafes like pimples in the early nineties. They are supported mostly by the large numbers of unit renters in Kingston. Saturday mornings are busy. While I supped I was inspected by two magpies and a pigeon, the charm of the park square cafe.

Chiffon #135. Safety First

Hullo ,

How safe are we? I heard somewhere that ninety nine point nine per cent of the planet intends no harm to fall upon me. That may be good and well but the harm that comes may not be physical and there are plenty of social rules (etty cut or manners) that we have adopted in our modern way of living that minimise that physical harm which may befall you. We possess a judicial system which recognises that protocol and regularly imposes punishment in the form of a financial burden to pay a fine and the courts also dish out compensation in the form of financial payment to people who have been hurt (by the point o one percent?).

According to our judicial system, money must be seen as the maker or breaker to the right versus wrong thing. I recall accounts of the exploits of crooks in America such as Bonny and Clyde. They went after money with guns and people went after them with guns. That is the way of it. Money makes a good motive for someone with a gun and the exchange of bullets usually providing the climax at the end of a story.

A person’s whims, wants or their needs, dictating their behaviour.

Imagined wants, needs and or whims can also lead to emotional hurt, financial pain (which hurts), this pain can effect your social self which may hurt someone else and if all this is happening in your life, the intellect is also suffering, severely. [Read more →]