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My Alternate Happy Universe

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has confounded left and right wing critics alike by coming out in strong support of Wikileaks and its Australian editor in chief, Julian Assange. ‘Our legal advice is that Wikileaks has broken no laws of Australia or the United States’, she said, and further that ‘Australia and the Labor government have nothing to fear from, and in fact welcome, an emerging era of openness in government’. Her statements echo those of US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who said earlier today that Wikileaks ‘was merely practising journalism as it was meant to be practised’. ‘A free press’, she said, ‘is fundamental to the workings of a sound democracy’.

US President Obama, who was widely expected to project muscular disapproval of recent leaks, set the surprising tone yesterday, arguing that, while some of the leaks were clearly embarrassing for the government, the US would not be ‘shooting the messenger’ and would instead focus on repairing damaged relationships and forging more honest and open dialogue in international relations.

Australia’s Attorney General, Robert McClelland, issued a statement this afternoon advising Assange will receive full consular support with regard to Sweden’s prosecution of charges of sexual misconduct against him and that the Australian government has no intention of prosecuting Assange itself. ‘He’d have to have done something illegal’, he said, adding that ‘personally he was very proud of Assange,’ and that he ‘was sick of governments treating their citizens like children’. Regarding the Swedish charges, he said it was a travesty that Assange’s name had been blackened by the media’s reporting of supposed ‘rape’ charges. ‘The charges don’t appear to be for rape at all’, he said, ‘but rather “sex by surprise”, which I’m sure most Australian men would consider a regular part of the arsenal’. He later apologised for his ‘insensitive and stupid’ remarks.

Bestiality, Cocks, Vaginoplasty

This week’s episode of Rake (ABC, 8.30pm Thursday) dealt with the taboo issue of bestiality and rather improbably climaxed with a not guilty verdict for an esteemed doctor caught on tape having sex with his wife and the family rottie. No doubt there will be much gnashing of dentured jaws throughout the nation, and possibly that was the intention, but the reason I bring it up is because of the ploy by the defence, played suitably rakishly by Richard Roxburgh, to repeatedly replay the dvd of the sex scene to the jury, theorising that after watching it 50 times himself, his reaction had evolved from shock, horror and disgust to benign amusement, as, hopefully, would the jury’s.

I was reminded of a recent experience of mine whereby, having formerly rarely ever seen a male fondling his own penis, I have now possibly seen enough for a lifetime, and just in the last week. I am referring, of course, to some spare time spent on Chatroulette or its derivatives, the which I do, to paraphrase the old Playboy adage, just to have an interesting video chat with diverse people from around the globe. The which I have done, but bizarrely interspersed by much of what I now term ‘trawling through the cocks’, next, next, nexting through an initially disturbing cavalcade of men, variously arranged, but in general with their camera focused on their organ of reproduction, which they generally fondle vigorously.

What these men are thinking, how they are already clearly aroused when one assumes they must have been trawling the same cock menu prior to meeting up with one, is hard to fathom? One might think they were gay, but occasional attempts to enquire as to their motives largely result in terse entreaties such as ‘show boobs’ (to clear up any confusion, I am sometimes joined in chatting by my female partner) or ‘have sex’, seemingly ruling homosexuality out. [Read more →]