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Fifth Anniversary of the Backyard Backanalia

Would it rain? Perhaps everyone was heading to Majors Creek who decided to host their festival on the same weekend. Still it was summer(ish) and the moon was full although a little late in rising and the time had arrived for another fabulous Backyard Backanalia.

Warming our cockles and tickling our underbellies began with a surprise blackboard appearance by Beth’n’Ben who seemingly go from strength to strength. Maybe it was the matching jeans, vests and sunglasses or maybe it was the plastic carnations that graced Ben’s manly frame, whatever it was the dynamic duo managed to fire up the appreciably large early crowd and set the stage for another musical feast.

And what a feast it was! Rachel Armstrong blew everyone away with her poise and music. Sidney Creswick, recent ACT winners of the campus band comp partied with the younger set and the lettuces in the garden. Owen Campbell, after months overseas, popped in to give us a taste of his brilliant slide guitar and rasping blues while men with ridiculous hats and even more silly capes, Nozl, closed out the louder part of the evening.

The entrees and main courses greedily consumed, it was time for dessert. Despite having to lug her piano by bicycle all the way back from Majors Creek, Bec Taylor managed to get back in time for Hashemoto who enchanted us with another vintage performance.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Baccy without The Cashews. Playing from the balcony they tossed around another helping of nutty goodness aided by an impromptu table dance from Dr Jim Boots.

As the moon got higher the party wound on. The faithful gathered around the fire basking in the afterglow of yet another awesome Backyard Backanalia. Who knows if it really was the last, but it was sublime.

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