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Pete Woodley CD Launch – A Review

Peter Woodley CD launch
29th June, Merry Muse @ Turner Bowls Club
by Simon Milman

Another frosty ass Canberra evening provided the perfect weather for a concert of mostly Irish music from flute player Peter Woodley. Peter appeared in various configurations throughout the night, displaying his mastery of the wooden flute and various whistles.

Kate Burke and Pete Wild kicked things off with a short set featuring Kate’s wonderful voice and guitar playing and Pete’s original songs about Candelo. Then Kate played a set of Irish tunes with Peter Woodley and fiddler Sue Hobson, including an original.

From where I was sitting one could smell the trough lollies and the place was a tad chilly as the heaters were not switched on. But I’m no shrinking violet peeps. Where however, I ask thou, was the cheese wheel? A bowlo without a cheese wheel is a sad thing. But a couple of schooners of Tooheys old and I forgot about the cheese and the somewhat lacklustre sound.

Next we had Hoddle – Jaqui and Kevin Bradley with Pete Woodley and Mick Thompson, who presented a very tight set of Irish tunes and one Australian number. There was some great interplay between Jaqui’s fiddle and Peter’s flute and some nice talking bodhran from Mick. Then after a longish break there was a second set from Hoddle, with some double bass and facial hair from Matty Nightingale.

The evening ended with a mix of duos and trios featuring Woodley, including a duo with Mick’s bodhran. Finally I could make sense of Irish music with just flute and drum. A great evening of Irish music, my only criticism would be that it was a bit slow moving and could have been programmed better.