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The Woohoo Revue @ The Polo

The Woohoo Revue @ The Polish Club, Thursday 18th October, 2012 with Nyash
Review by Jeremy Woodhill

Thursday at the Polo provided some Afrobeat grooves with Nyash producing some Fela Kuti covers (Nigerian multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, and pioneer of Afrobeat music) with a typically James Brown line up using dual rhythm guitars and a three-piece horn section. The alto sax had to work hard to be heard – sandwiched between the big sounds of a bari-sax & trombone combo but for their second gig the sounds were pretty good. Drums, aux percussion and electric bass provided a driving rhythm section. When the horn section blew the tune head-lines it sounds like a happening machine but often the music did drift into more of a “player’s band” with long winded solos and some loose grooves around the melodies leaving the listener wondering where it was all going and whether to dance or sit and watch. There were some novel sounds including Japanese rock pop and a Polish ska tune, which was v-cool.

Woohoo Revue gave their usual polished Balkan/gypsy/swing/jazz style performance.  Sporting a (temporarily) one-arm drummer no less (with a broken wrist), who sounded better than most (perhaps he’s been watching Def Leopard!) tackling some impressive drum solos single-handed! A typically folky driving rhythm guitarist sporting a top hat and a beautiful 12-string guitar provided a coherent foundation for the wild melodies of the three-piece melody section comprised of a violin, trumpet and alto sax player. Backed by a female bassist in the rhythm section who sported a fashion style typical of Bowie, Prince and Jackson with fingerless lace gloves the group had a crisp wild-gypsy sound. The violin was really well mic’ed providing a nice clean sound that cut through – not to mention her burlesque gipsy creepy-good violin persona that was a highlight of the band. The wild melodies played in unison made the mind swim and was an impressive spectacle to behold. With elaborate intros on sax and complex and speedy solos by all three including some brilliant trumpet solos and a strong connection to the violinist who’s virtuoso encore violin solo while walking through the crowd, topped off a great performance and great night-out at the Polo once again.