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Mother Jack @ Smith’s

Mother Jack @ Smith’s, 15th Dec, 2015
by James Kent

After a self-imposed sojourn from the glitz and glamour of the music review industry I should have known it was only a matter of time before she lured me back with her siren song. In this particular instance though, the siren was Mother Jack conducting a pre-set sound check, and I steered myself to the nearest couch (which was decidedly unrocky) so that I could write a Homerically epic review. First though, Fossil Rabbit hippity-hopped his way onto the stage for a short set of atmospheric guitar looping. Now, reviewing instrumental atmospherics and not sounding like a twat is rather difficult, but if soaring loops and musical journeys in a similar vein to Ruben Ingall or The Books is your thing, then Fossil Rabbit is your guy.

After a somewhat intriguing sound check I was looking forward to Mother Jack; and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Clearly influenced by the likes of Björk and Emiliana Torrini, Mother Jack practically ooze Scandinavian cool, with vocal gymnastics that would put Björk to shame and a unique mix of loops and vocal effects creating a remarkably full sound for two musicians and a loop pedal well worth a download.