It”s Kandy A, Gertrude, Johnboy, Jim Boots and Katina in residence, with special guest Hugo Kelly from Crikey, our only guest ever to have a Wikipedia entry. Unfortunately (or not, as the case may be), Hugo left Crikey a few days after recording this show (more details here), evidence of a IB curse perhaps?

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We discuss Crikey”s history, their giant Jeff-killing past, the new owners, etc. along with pissing in the garden, Kandy A”s illustrious career in the newspaper trade and, at length, the leadership woes of the Australian Labor Party.

Claims to fame are brought up. Amongst us we have met, been a family member with, gone to school with or dacked an extraordinary range of famous and high powered people, none of which has ever done us the slightest good.

We end on the bright notes (or gloomy predictions) of a never-ending John Howard prime ministership and a looming war between the US and China. Saints preserve us.

All the music in the show is by some band Johnboy found on iTunes. They’re called the Plastic Constellations and they’re kick ass.

Track list

Phoenix and the Fault Line. 8:19
Ghost in the House. 18:06
Sancho Panza. 30:45
Bring What You Bring. 46:14

Hugo Kelly

Kandy A, Gertrude and Katina

Gertrude’s shirt

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