Your much beloved editor is writing this from the balcony of The Balcony Cafe on Somethingorother St (even the waitress didn’t know its name) in Byron Bay. Writing it, it should be said, on my not-so-shiny-any-more laptop via The Balcony’s wireless network. I feel so swithed on like such a ponce. For the record, the breakfast was a standard big brekky with a mug of flat white (sorry Coffee Bitch). Not sure if it was the food, the climate or the fat joint for appetiser but I haven’t eaten so much at breakfast time in years.

We’ll be here till Saturday, swanning around in a six-speed corolla (do you really need that many gears?), visiting friends, family, checking out the peaches etc. and probably won’t get around to doing much on the site, though I will be sending out the Culturazi as usual tomorrow. If I can be bothered.

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