Summary by Kandy A: Jimboots, Johnboy, Gertrude and Kandy A are joined by Potsy and Damian of local Canberra outfit, Hashemoto, and their charming Maton valve amp (in lieu of the rest of the band, who are either lazy or in parts unknown. or Brisbane.)

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Messers Webber and Flannagan have a musical history extending back into the 80s, including most recently TrouserTrouser. Which is a strange band name given Potsy hasn’t worn trousers for some time (No Pants Potsy!) (possibly thence the change of name?). Track: Sunday

Stephen (Pottsy) Webber and Damian Hanagan

The Hashemoto boys discuss their songwriting sore points, and a bit about their performing past: disco revival on rollerskates anyone?

Track: Sun Comes In.

Damian cites the genesis of his musical career as singing ‘im going to runter you’ over and over. Despite their fave ever gig together being performed without amps, precariously at the pot-belly bar in Belconnen, the lads abhor the ‘acoustic’ tag, and the life that goes with it.

Johnboy, Kandy A and Gertrude

We discuss the nudist who enflames himself whilst trying to exterminate a spider, but this turns into another Jimboots nudie rant. (surprise, or the complete lack of it) Track:Some Good Thing. Track: Footsteps

For some banal reason we discuss Nth Carolina Doms & Subs. (Johnboy seems to know a bit too much about all this…) castration without malice, truth, crime or fiction?

Track: Tamborine Bay. Track: The Enemy.

All tracks during this podcast written by Stephen (Pottsy) Webber and Damian Flanagan and recorded live in the Insatiable Banalities studio.

Track List:

Sunday. 14:39

Sun Comes In. 29:11

Some Good Thing. 43:26

Footsteps. 47:37

Tambourine Bay. 58:55

The Enemy. 62:30

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