Chiffon #72. You Get That



I have been overwhelmed with a sense of remorse as it has finally dawned upon me how ungrateful I am, I have much to own. I apologize for any hurt, anguish, loss of face that I in my ivory tower have inadvertently and unthinkingly bestowed upon any one (and maybe more) individuals. Please accept my apology and know that it will never ever happen again, your honour!


You get that!

Sacra blur! What is with this stupid running of the flame, another dose of bullshit and paradoxes and, apart from anything else, it shows how fickle and self serving the big machine (big business) capitalism, oh and the Olympics (a big business) really is.

The Olympic torch relay was first introduced by gobbles at the nineteen thirty six Berlin games as a way of letting the rest of the world know that Poland was going to be occupied and the world would go to war, millions would die, six million odd Jews were going to be gassed, if Germany did not bring back gold, gold, gold! America, in particular a man by the name of Jessie Owens, an American negro, featured at those games, winning four gold medals in track and field before returning to the US where he resumed his career of downtrodden second class citizen and alcoholic.

All credit to the Chinese government for attempting to make this torch relay as authentic as the first and good on the Aussie swim team to go after gold in Thorpie’s honor.

I, as well as myself, have decided to boycott the Chinese Olympic Games opening ceremony. We will not be attending, in fact we are not even watching it on the television and it has been mooted that we ban exercising throughout the duration of the games.

As far as the Torch relay goes I would like to think that Mr. John Stanhope can let Beijing know we can exert a bit of power of our own, and to that end I would like to see a total fire ban, banning all open flames on the twenty fourth, as a way of supporting the daily lamb and the issues of human rights abuse.

I would like you all to think about that song Wind of Change and have a look at the china plates mounting on the sink and, as you fill with the frustration usually reserved for kitchen hands in eateries, quickly think about the Great Wall of China and then, just as quickly, visualize the music clip to the song Winds of Change (see below), the wall of china plates, the Great Wall of China, Tibet, human rights, the dishes on the sink, liberate yourself from the shackles of china, smash those plates and/or just throw them out.

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