Canberra Musicians Club – Update

Some of you may have heard wind of the formation of the Canberra Musicians Club, and some may be hungry for details of: what the hell it is, what the dickens it’s for, what by crikey we have done so far and what we plan to do in the future… by gum. If so, this article is for you and, by the end, should you deign to read that far, you’ll hopefully have all your queries answered.

The most important thing for you to know is a date. The 2nd of August, 2008. The 2nd of August, 2008. Now you’ve read it twice, it should be quite firmly ingrained in your mind. And possibly inserted in your calendar, along with the words ‘Canberra Musicians Club Launch’. It’s going to be massive. It’s going to be spectacular. It’s going to be more fun than rabbits nibbling your toes (more on that later). It’s very probably going to be at the Albert Hall.

Any more details are superfluous at this stage, so just open up your calendar and put that date in there and don’t even think of doing anything else (it’s not too late to change your holiday/party/wedding plans), just make sure you’re free on that date, are cashed up, alert, happy and ready to dance/sing/play/drink/eat and be moved by the splendour of the local musical community. You will be very sorry if you miss it.

So that’s the launch, you know the date, you know you’re going to be there in some capacity or other, but what are we launching exactly? Good question. The Canberra Musicians Club is an incorporated non-profit association whose goal is, broadly, to promote local music/musicians, ultimately (but not only) by establishing and running a permanent venue/club house for the purpose of hosting musical performances as well as providing facilities for rehearsal, recording, tuition and technical training (sound engineering, staging, lighting, event management etc.).

In the meantime, ie. until we have some bricks and mortar, we intend to run the club as a mobile affair, utilising such facilities as are available/amenable, to provide a movable feast of the best and brightest that the Canberra musical community can pull together, starting with the launch at Albert Hall and continuing who knows where ie. we haven’t thought that far ahead (except for way ahead, when we have a lovely venue like your second loungeroom, a haven, a place to meet people, learn, appreciate music etc.).

So, you’re wondering how you can get involved and/or what you can do to help, I can feel it in my bones. The first best thing you can do is join the club. It’s $50 waged, $20 otherwise, for an annual subscription. What do you get for that, besides, of course, the warm inner glow that you can already feel seeping up from your toes as you imagine handing over your hard-earned to such a worthy cause? Well, you get discounted entry to Canberra Musicians Club events which, if you attended them all would pay for the membership many times over. As an example, the launch will be $30 entry for non-members, $10 for members, so the un-waged will recover their membership dues on the very first attendance.

Is that enough? Not on your nelly. Through the Club’s loose association with Loadedog, members will be eligible for stuff that non-members will miss out on, like the free tickets that we give away each week via the Culturazi email list (and they won’t even have to write a review… though they still could if they want to). And of course it’ll have a newsletter of it’s own, members being entitled to automatic inclusion in said newsletter (and Culturazi of course) of any events they wish to promote. Now there may be some more benefits, some that we’ve discussed and I’ve forgotten, others that will arise throughout the course of this inauguaral year and beyond, but already I can see you gently nodding your head and thinking ‘this is starting to make sense’.

And that’s before we even begin on the non-liquid (and by liquid, we mean financial, rather than beer, which we can’t provide for free as yet, though when we do open the club, beer’ll be cheaper than in any bar in town) benefits. Like being a part of something. Like seeing a vision and working collectively towards making that vision a reality. The individualism, materialism, greed, fear and intolerance of recent times has proven itself an empty facade (has it not?), a means towards an end that is meaningless and ultimately self destructive. For those who love music and who also desire change in the social and economic structures of this society, the Canberra Musicians Club offers a double whammy, ding dong, supreme (at this stage virtual) venue for exploring alternative models.

Which is where you come in. Like, after you’ve paid your dues and been to a show put on by the hard-working and lovely volunteers (who are already girding their loins in preparation for the launch), you might think that it’s alright to passively receive the largesse of said volunteers and cruise through your annual membership adding nix to the community. That’s fine, because your money is useful for the club in furthering their goals, putting on better shows and eventually buying all the neato equipment we’re going to fill our eventual premises with. Good on you and no-one will ever ask you what else you did to help the club get started.

But if you’ve been to a few shows, and met the principle characters, and decide that what we’re doing is good and worthwhile, and you perhaps have some special skills, resources, contacts (particularly with the gubbmint) etc. that you think could help, you can become one of our hard-working and lovely volunteers and, before you know it, you could have a life. Not that you don’t have one already, I’m sure, but, you know, adding a really fab, enriching, positive, creative side-line to your already busy life can only make things better.

So, there you go. The case is closed and the rabbits have escaped. There’s one nibbling on your toe right this instant. It feels warm and wet, slightly tickly, but the warmth, that’s the main thing. It’s creeping (the warmth, not the rabbit) up your leg now towards the place where warm inner glows dwell. Stoke it, baby, stoke that warm inner glow. Keep it going until Sunday 27th April at 3pm when you can come along to our next meeting at a nice house in Ainslie (I won’t post the address here, if you want to find it, join the Culturazi email list). There you’ll be able to become a member, be informed of all the club business and plans and throw in your own two cents for good measure. All welcome. Bring drinks if you like. See you there!

Sincerely Yours

Nigel McRae

President: Canberra Musicians Club

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