Chiffon #73. Lamb Vs. Turkey



And zack day she is still with us and once again it is changing.

I was listening to this retired (I live in Yarralumla, eh what!) brigadier general speaking on behalf of the (stand up if you can) R. S. L. who is objecting to hot air balloons (a truly beautiful and exciting event). He maintains that it would be disrespectful, but to whom I wonder? They had hot air balloons in the war, why can’t they be included, more likely he realizes that nobody would be watching the ceremony, as they would all be busy looking up.

It would be nice if we could co-ordinate the march as well as the ‘ho limpic flem’. Just think, the world symbol of peace and hope marching with the very machine responsible for killing so many in the name of peace and hope ” one day.

Someone asked me why authorities still maintain the march in April. And I explained that it is the only way the Aussies can rub it in to the Poms, who are actually to blame for everything except south harmaireeka which is the fault of the good ole ewe ess, eh!

The Aussies are the poor mugs who had to get involved because the man mother put in charge lost the English navy in the Dardanelles. Then this man, Winston, asked us for help, and the man he put in charge, to sail us to where they need a hand, said no worries, a walk in the park really, tally ho and all that and proceeded to drop everyone off on the wrong bloody beach and then pissed off. So really, when you think about it, this is a demonstration, an opportunity to let the English know how cranky we are with them; I think that this is far more direct than the cricket matches.

Although! once designed to make the Poms feel guilty, the day has lost its effectiveness because of the well intentioned (think they ) know-it-alls, sticking their noses in and sprouting on about chivalry and telling their war stories when really they were sucked in, chewed up and spat back out.

I think we have our head in the clouds about this nostalgic catastrophe.

Chiffon xxx

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