Electionalia Pics

Late, these are, because the person who took ’em, the charming Pling (who has graciously allowed them to be posted here – thanks mate), delivered them just a week or so ago. It then took me till now to remember how to”bejigger the folder so the gallery would work. So that’s why the hell I’m posting now these photos,”from way back in November 2007, of”the infamous Electionalia, a combined Backanalia/Election Party. It proved to be”a fabulous way to send off John Howard and co. Gee it seems like a long time ago now…

Electionalia pics

PS. One thing I like about these Simpleviewer galleries is, once all the large-sized”images have loaded, and after you’ve clicked on one of the thumbnails, you can scroll through just by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.”If you”do it really fast it looks sorta cool.

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