Lucie Thorne, The Cashews: A Review

Corroboree Park Hall, Sunday 20th April, 2007

by Nicki Maher

Thanks heaps for the free ticket. This hall is such a great venue. It’s so, I dont know, hall-y.. reminds me of Girl Guides and that 2xx benefit we had here. People are eating and drinking, talking… I can’t see anyone I know and I’m too shy (and the rest).. and I’m REALLY HANGING OUT for the music to start.. It’s a full moon in scorpio.. and I went outside to wait and walk a bit cos I was feeling a little fidgety and even thought for a second about leaving BUT THEN the music started and lovingly drew me back inside..

The Cashews @ Corinbank

The Cashews @ Corinbank hear THE CASHEWS.. a delicious entree, slow, dreamy, so sweet, fresh and tender harmony, like snow peas, so local, it’s like going for a drive to your favourite place, so much of the ACT psyche, very spicy strumming and rock god/goddess moves, like a childhood memory, ooh so moving….. their voices are almost too soothing… Alison’s tuggeranong parkway song was just beautiful .. take me home bush captial road, the lyrics just ring so true. I’ve found some delectable local produce!!!!

And then the main course, Lucie’s voice is rich and velvety, bluesy, so moody, earthy, sensual, trippy, gutsy, sexy, groovy, sad, deep and sweet.. immaculate songwriting.. I’m going to have to buy a cd to read all the lyrics in depth, I love the guitars, I love the singing, I love the sound. It’s big and loud and even a bit heavy. The harmonies are so um.. heartfelt. Is that a cliche? Well it’s true. The songs end and it’s like we are waiting for every last tiny drop of song to come before we applaud.. with much gusto.. there’s around 50 lucky punters here tonight and one of them was me!! HOORAY FOR LOVELY LOCAL FOLK!

Lucie Thorne @ Corinbank

Lucie Thorne @ Corinbank

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