Lucie Thorne (& band) supported by the Cashews.

by Severin”

(after I wrote this I read the other review on loadedog about the concert ” godammit, how come I had different ears on that night? ” Nicki, I was there on m’tod too, we should”ve sat together and I sure wish I”d had what you were having, sounds excellent, and I feel boring and irritable by comparison “sigh- PS the Cashews as snow peas is marvelous. Severin)

‘Twas a frosty Canberra night queuing outside Corroborree Park Hall ” chilled the bones – but as usual the warmth and camaraderie of other Canberra live singer-songwriter-admirers soothed all.

I am a Cashews regular and new to Lucie Thorne (who came highly recommended) and that pretty much made me an atypical member of those present that night. This crew knew and loved Lucie and most of the songs pretty well, and also they were charmed, surprised and delighted by the Cashews.

Alison and Pete coin themselves the “acoustic nuts” , and they gave us a confident playful set mostly made up of their loving local songs including favourites Sullivans Creek, The Cotter River and Tuggeranong Parkway. The Things You Do and Found were particularly loudly clapped. We were all pretty smiley and full of the joys of life by the break and I imagine the Cashews gained a whole new group of sign-ups to their mailing list that night.

Lucie Thorne and Heath Cullen have been touring, and for this gig they were joined by their other band members Robyn on bass and David on drums. They”re Bega Valley folk and clearly enjoy playing together when they can. As I said, this crowd knew their Lucie, she”s a welcome regular on the folk/pop/rock circuit, and the loyal audience may explain why she mostly didn”t introduce the names of songs.

I really wanted to like this gig more than I did. (I do so prefer being enthusiastic). I imagine some of the songs could grow on me ” maybe it’s one of those times where I”m going to enjoy the CDs more than the live performance. The first half of the set felt a bit tired at times and “rote”, perhaps too many tour gigs? It seemed to me Lucie began to engage with the audience and the music more when the band tried out a new one – Small Town Saturday Dance – I liked it a lot. She seemed to more deeply enter into and feel the songs Long Time Going and Alice, and that made it more satisfying for me.

I have been scouring my vocab for a way of describing Lucie”s voice without resorting to google ” deepish, full, supple, not gravelly or smoky – can voices be, well, stippled? Or granular? There”s a kind of dissonance for me in her performing style that I found hard to get used to ” As a singer her voice tone is often intimate, warm, insinuating sexuality or sensuality, but Lucie”s on-stage personality didn”t seem to match or develop the sensual intent.

However, regardless of my personal agit, a big percentage of the audience could”ve called “Encore” all night. They were riveted, they wanted her back catalogue and they got what they came for and left happy as far as I could tell. I considered writing their review and not my own but this is the one you”ve got! (honest criticism always welcome – Ed)

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