Haunted Attics 6 track self titled EP

by Kandy A

Sorry about the delay in sending this in, would’ve been good to have it in before the cd launch at Transit bar about a month ago. I’ll make up for it by posting half a page worth of simpering praise for these young talents.

Haunted Attics' selftitles cd

Formerly the Lavans, the HA’s understand pop music, and these 6 tracks are full of classic pop hooks that made listening to it over and over a pleasure. Rich innovation, emotive vocals and the depth that comes from having a 5-piece rounds out these songs, many of which show the lendings from bygone eras of pop brought to the fore.

“WE EAT YOUNG SOULS” is I’m guessing what would be called the first single off this EP if such things still existed, and it’s a cracker: I can’t help but describe this as ‘Emo feel good’, darkness projected through undeniable pop sensibilities including some “la-ooh-oo-ooh-ooh oo-oo-oo-ooh’s” and “la la-la la la’s”. It’ll have the jnr goth boys and girls up and dancing, ruining their clown makeup with smiling, grinning and singing along to great lyrics like, “we prey on the living just to silence our pain”.

“WOLVES” gets lost for me, between my favourites of tracks 1 and 3, its almost 60s, fuzzed out guitar, and plenty of Hammond, and about half way through explodes into virtuosic keyboards, more fuzz than an islanders barbershop, before another tempo change to soar off to another age and ease perfectly into track 3, “GODDESS OF LOVE”. The boys can sing, and don’t mind donning the tight pants to get to some high range vocal work, this is my fave, probably the simplest song on the EP, but still multilayers of music, more than anything, Goddess of Love speaks to the great things the HAs are capable of, a great pop ditty for any era.

“MORMONS AT THE MALL” besieged by missionaries, some sophisticated songwriting runs through this effect ridden track, including if I’m not mistaken, the crackle of a vinyl past. Tap along for four and a half minutes, but you’ll have to work out this little story yourself, the telling of a soul realising its own failings might be what it’s all about, or, I concede, not.

“THE HOWLING YOUTH OF ALISOUN BAUDELAIRE”. This fucking gallops along after the last, actually the last two songs on this EP are the rocking-est just in case you were wondering what the Haunted Attics are about, they do a good side of screeching guitar power chords between verses here, this track can stand as a testament to the lads’ ability to rock (you can vote for this and weeatyoungsouls at JJJ unearthed).

“ORIENTAL GIRL” somehow successfully conjures bee-hive haired go-go Geisha girls, the chorus bursts with retro sounding rock, cross cultural appreciation of time AND ethnicity.

20 minutes all up this EP is well produced, smart and has more than a little for everybody, well, I like it, anyway, and is no doubt available from live shows. More details no doubt available from www.hauntedatticsmusic.com.

Sayonara baby.

Kandy A

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